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What is app discovery traffic?

I googled and googled but could not find a website that answers that simple question from an affiliate marketers standpoint.   Many CPA networks don’t accept app discovery traffic, its part of offer restriction.

So, what is app discovery traffic?   In short: It is traffic from discovery apps like FreeAppaDay, App-o-Day, MagicSolver, Appsfire, and other similar ones.

Exoclick Readers Digest Version / Coles Notes Version

Exoclick Notes:
CPM or CPC – How campaigns are served/rotated on Exo

With CPC campaigns, our system performs an automatic optimization: it sends more traffic to banners with higher CTR.

With CPM campaigns, the systems sends the same traffic share to all the banners.


Strategy: Calculate what CPC was on 0.30 CPM if CTR was really shitty, and bid that to collect data fast in first spot?
Frequency Cap Explained:

There are two major strategies:
1/ Focus on top impressions: set a small frequency capping (1 to 3) and a high CPM bid to get on top of the rotation of campaigns.
Advantages: Traffic performances are higher, very targeted traffic.
Drawbacks: Small volume and tough competition drives prices up.

2/ Reach middle or remnant inventory: set a bigger frequency capping (4 to unlimited) and an average or minimum CPM bid.
Advantages: Less competition, affordable prices. You get conversions on quantity over quality.
Drawbacks: Traffic performance is lower. High traffic volume means more work of optimization.


Note: Be careful when setting a high Frequency capping since you will spend your daily budget very quickly and can even exceed it.

Remember that an advertising message is normally displayed more than once as we know that the effectiveness of the message is based on repetition. By testing different type of campaigns and by playing with the cappings you’ll be able to fine tune your campaign to find the right exposure bringing higher profits.


How to get the most traffic from a placement:

Campaigns are ranked following their bids. Good traffic is usually more expensive because more buyers are competing.
1) Secure the first impression with a high Smart CPM bid and a low frequency capping (1 or 2 impressions / user / 24h).
2) Target the middle of the rotation with a medium bid and a medium frequency capping (3 to 5).
3) Get remnant inventory with the lowest price and no frequency capping.


How To Find Placements Using What Runs Where (WRW)

Quick update,   no sexy imagery here.

How To Find Placements Using What Runs Where (WRW)

1) type in the offer URL – lets say
2) look at traffic sources, sort by duration (how long the ad ran) – and then take out the top 10 where duration is at least 30 days, and prevelance is above 10
3) after you have this list, click By Publisher tab on top – and look at what ads ran on the site
4) make note of the top ads that ran the longest, and open them — on the page, scroll down and look at the other places they ran these ads on
5) write down the top 10 ones that have middle prevelance/duration score
6) now make a giant list sorted by traffic network, and these are the placements to try..




Time is Money – Feedly it! – Another great way to be Organized like a BOSS

Another great way to be Organized like a BOSS 🙂

WeFeedly all have our favorites websites that we crave and must check each and everyday.  Some of us remembers them off the top of our heads; while others keep extensive bookmarks organized that they check each and everyday.   I was a mix of the two until I found a better way to get the latest news and blog updates all in one place.

Long behold, Feedly the super time saving solution I’ve been needing – a top RSS reader.  Feedly lets you add the links of all of your favorite blogs, news resources and websites in one, and sort them into categories.   It’s like editing your very own newspaper showing only content you are interested in.  

No longer do you need to waste time checking every blog one by one – now you just open up Feedly on your Android or iPhone device and all the latest updates are right there, sorted by date or category.    


Download from App Store

Do you have what it takes to be apart of the 2% that make money online?

Happy Sunday!   Here I am working on doing competitive research and due dilligence on a couple of new hot offers that I’m about to setup.  What are you doing on this lovely Sunday?

The Cold Hearted Truth: Less than 2% of people who try making money online end up making money online.    I am not pulling this out of my ass,  it is a fact even the best super affiliates like Shoemoney can confirm right on his full disclosure page.   Here he is saying and I quite ” I would say less than 2% of people who try to make money online actually make anything.” -Jeremy Schoemaker

PerserveranceSo what does it take to be apart of this 2%?  Commitment, putting what you learn into practice, and doing, and when you fall getting back up and doing it again.

Don’t just read, read, and read.  Start taking what you read, learned and trying and testing.   Yes you will fall, and lose money and waste time trying – but if you never try you will never know; and you will never make it.   Rome wasn’t built in a day, and making money online isn’t a push button system only.  Whoever tells you its easy is lying and trying to make money of your ignorance 😉

Trust me, I know 😉  I’m living the dream for 9 years now;  it was exactly in 2005 that I quit my job over at YellowPages and started to make bank online.