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A Post for My Readers That Have Employees Like I do

What the Boss Doesn’t Understand About Job Security

It shouldn’t come as a shock that workers crave job security.

But that idea hasn’t registered with employers, according to benefits consultancy Towers Watson.

A pair of new surveys released Tuesday by the firm – one of 32,000 workers worldwide and another of 1,637 human resources executives – found that employees rate job security as a critical factor when deciding whether to accept a new position or stay with their current employer. Yet for employers asked to consider the most important drivers of retention and hiring, that factor either comes dead last in a list of seven or doesn’t register at all.

On the relative importance of most other employee attraction and retention incentives – from salary to career advancement opportunities to an organization’s reputation – employers and workers share similar views.

“It makes sense in terms of what’s been going on in labor markets around the world for the past five or six years” that individuals want some relief from anxieties about layoffs and downsizing, said Towers Watson managing director Laura Sejen.

So why aren’t executives getting the message?

Attraction Drivers Employee
Base pay/salary 1 2
Job security 2 7
Career advancement
3 1
Learning and development
4 6
Challenging work 5 3
Organization’s reputation
as a good employer
6 4
Vacation/paid time off 7
Organization’s mission/vision/ values  –  5

Source: Towers Watson

The charitable explanation, she said, is that employers simply can’t or don’t offer long-term job guarantees anymore. That was once a relatively common, though implicit, aspect of the traditional employment relationship; now some executives like LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman are pushing for a model based on fixed-length “tours of duty.”

In addition, said Sejen, employers may assume workers have greater mobility than they either do or feel they do. After all, Towers Watson also found that 35% of the companies surveyed are experiencing rising turnover, and the latest government figures also show that workers are getting restless. In May 2014, 2.5 million Americans quit their jobs, up from 2.2 million a year earlier, suggesting that workers are finding more opportunities and feeling more confident about jumping ship.

And a third possible reason, she added, is that job security is more abstract than items such as salary and paid time off. “But that’s doesn’t let companies off the hook in terms of ways to give employees the sense that there is job security,” Sejen said. They may not be able to offer job guarantees, she added, but they can communicate a company’s financial state, along with its strategy and vision. “Those things can indirectly translate into more feelings of security on the job.”

However, especially at a time of intense merger activity and short-term profit-hunting, workers have learned the hard way that a company’s quarterly profits or long-term prospects are not always an indication of whether individual jobs will last.

Retention Drivers Employee
Base pay/salary 1 1
Career advancement
2 2
Trust/confidence in
senior leadership
Job security 4
Length of commute 5
Relationship with
6 3
Manage/limit work-related
7 4
Learning and development
Challenging work 7
Short-term incentives 6

Source: Towers Watson

This is a reposted article from here, I didn’t write it – but its a good one.

ExoClick Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API


ExoClick Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API

Tokens Description
{campaign_id} ID of the campaign.
{variation_id} ID of the variation. (Banner or landing page)
{src_hostname} Domain name where the ad is displayed.
{site_id} ID of the site where the ad is displayed.
{zone_id} ID of the ad zone where the ad is displayed.
{category_id} ID of the category detected.
{country} 3-char country code of the visitor.
{time} Timestamp, used as a cache buster.

for Voluum, CPVLab, ImobiTrax,Prosper202,STM Mobile Tracker,etc.

MobPartner Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API


MobPartner Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API

Tokens Description
[=MOBTAG=] Reference ID specified by MobPartner to reconcile with their own system
[=DEVICEID=] The UDID of the Android device as device_id
[=ANDROIDID=] The parameter for Android ID as android_id
[=MACADDRESS=] The MAC address of the Android phone’s wifi adapter as mac_address
[=ODIN=] The ODIN of the Android device as odin
[=PUBLISHERID=] MobPartner’s publisher ID as sub_publisher
[=SERVICEID=] MobPartner’s service ID as sub_site
[=CAMPAIGNID=] Campaign name or ID as sub_campaign
[=ACTIONID=] The action ID as sub_adgroup
[=CREATIVEID=] Ad name or ID as sub_ad

for Voluum, CPVLab, ImobiTrax,Prosper202,STM Mobile Tracker,etc.

iAmAttila’s Mobile Popunder Traffic Sources Guide with Tracking Tokens for Voluum!

I received a lot of emails from people asking about what are the best mobile popunder traffic sources for media buys. Well, I compiled this list below as my answer to that popular question. In addition to just giving you the URL and name of the traffic source, I decided to give you my very own personal take on each, and also provide you the tracking tokens you need for Voluum [get an account here if you don’t already have one!] and other third party trackers, but trust me when I say – Voluum is the grand daddy, most bad ass tracker out there that really craps on all others. Why? if you are really interested leave a comment saying you want to know, and I’ll explain.

Anyway, here are the 3 popunder traffic sources I use all the time that work great for mobile game & app installs because you can get a TON of visits for less than 1 cent a click! Golden nugget HINT: Use some consumer psychology to increase your ROI when running on these 😉

PopAds –

Quick Overview: International Popunder traffic available on both adult and on non (separated by categories).   Most of their traffic is North & South America, Western Europe and India.   They don’t have much traffic in Africa,  Some LATAM countries,  ex Soviet states,  Eastern Europe.
Minimum Deposit: $10
Sign Up Process:
Only email verification is required.
Payment Methods Accepted:  Paypal, AlertPay, Credit Card, Wire
Targeting options available:   Country, Language, Population,   Keywords, Categories,  OS, Browser Type,  Screen Resolutions,   Connection Speed,  Connection Type,  Day Parting,  Zone Targeting/Exclusion Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Macros/Scripts 

  • [WEBSITEID] – ID of the website that was source of the popunder,
  • [KEYWORD] – keyword that was used for keyword targeting,
  • [CATEGORYID] – ID of category that was used for targeting,
  • [COUNTRY] – country of the visitor.

NOTE: After deposit is made there is few hours delay before it is credited into the account!


PopCash –

Quick Overview:   PopCash is very similar to PopAds, it however has less targeting options available.  They don’t have information available on their traffic statistics and they also don’t let you target by device type only by OS, which is pretty bad if for example you are only wanting to target iPhone but not Ipod/Ipads.

Minimum Deposit: $5
Sign Up Process: 
Only email verification is required.
Payment Methods Accepted:  Paypal, Paxum
Targeting options available:    Country,  Category,  Operating System

PopCash Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Macros/Scripts

  • %siteid%  – Site ID
  • %cc% – Country Code

NOTE: After deposit is made there is up to 24 hours delay before it is credited into the account!

Plugrush (Adult Only) –

Quick Overview:   Plugrush is one of the biggest sources for adult traffic, and much of it comes from blogs and high quality sites.  Many people had great luck converting offers in the dating niche on plug rush (I included).   They have a very good user interface, awesome support (I met the guys in person a few times), and very good rates and can drive volume.    They allow many other kinds of advertising, but in this thread I am only covering their Mobile Popunder features.

Minimum Deposit: $10
Payment Methods Accepted:  Paxum, Redpass, Wire Transfer
Targeting options available:    Traffic Sources (Babelogs, Blogs, TGP, MGP, Dumps, Tubes), Country, Mobile OS (with Device type),

Plugrush Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Macros/Scripts

  • {$id} – a unique ID of the traffic source/website
  • {$cc} – two letter country code of the visitor
  • {$category} – the category of the traffic source/website
  • {$domain} – the domain of the traffic source/website
  • {$trafficsource} – type of the traffic source (babelog, blog, dump, mgp, tgp or tube)
  • {$ad_id} – a unique ID of your ad (works on PlugTraffic only)
  • {$ad_ref} – your internal ad reference (works on PlugTraffic only)

The Dynamic Tracking Tokens mentioned for each popunder traffic source can be used with 3rd party trackers like Voluum, Prosper202, CPVLab, STM Mobile Tracker, MobAFFTracker and Imobitrax

PS:  These work best with landers, do not direct link on popunder traffic sources!   Be sure to read my post about angles right here to get some ideas on what kind of landers to test.      If you need landers made check out bannerslanders

Here’s a funny email I received last night from a reader

Just saw it this morning when I woke up…thought i’d answer it publicly because I am worried people will get the wrong idea about voluum, the best tracker out there

btw: i censored the names of the 2 affiliate blogs he mentions out of respect.

Hey man,

thx for your awesome blog.. it is one of my favorites right.. i noticed something, and thought i’d ask you… you’ve been writing about voluum for a long time, and i’ve started using it because of you recommend… but yesterday i got emails from ********** and ********* promoting volume all of the sudden… why didn’t they promote it before?



Hey Tony, the reason why so many guys are recommending voluum all of the sudden is because Voluum just launched their affiliate program, so now these bloggers are going to get paid a commission if you sign up through their site.

Lets be real,  this is the world of affiliate marketing and most affiliate marketers don’t do anything for free,  I am different and share a whole lot of stuff and don’t ask anything in return because I simply like to do that…  anyway,  they didn’t promote it publicly before because they didn’t have a reason to – now that they get paid,  they will push it hard.

Don’t worry thought, Voluum is still the #1 tracker out there no matter what you read, and I got all the really old posts here on my blog to prove that (wayyyy before they ever came out with an affiliate program) so my info is 100% unbiased.

FYI: Now that they have an affiliate program, I will use it too.  Why not right?  But I mean still the facts stand, I started telling all my readers about it wayy back, because yes it really rocks.

If you don’t have a voluum account yet, click here to get one!

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Last week I sent out a request for help to my mailing list and the response has been AMAZING! Thank you, you make blogging fun!

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