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From zero to $XXXX / day in three months – success story from an IamAttila reader

Here’s a guest post by a guy named Kevin, he’s a young but hella smart dude I met in London.  His work caught my eye on STM, but meeting him in person proved he means business.      He got to 1k/day pretty damn fast, and I decided it’d be great to have him share his story here with you and some kick ass tips on how he did it. Enjoy!


KevinHey everyone! I’m Kevin, 19 years old and originally from Germany. After finishing high school in 2014, I decided to screw college and instead moved to Sydney.

I’d had enough of school, learning mostly useless boring stuff, and certainly wanted something else than 9-5 for my future. After some time and two failed business attempts, I heard about Affiliate Marketing. Even though I thought it was overpriced, I decided to give the famous STM forum a shot. I could not have been more wrong – it was more than worth the money, and would end up changing my life within the next couple of months.

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How to Find Top Competitors Using SimilarWeb for Your Search Campaign.

This is a really handy feature of SimilarWeb that I use when building out keyword lists of competitors for my search campaigns on adwords.

This is how you go about building out a really good list of competitor names/URLs.

1. Go to google, type in your niche that you are promoting. Let’s say mortgage brokers.
2. Take a couple of mortgage brokers from the first page, and write them in excel.
3. Go into similar web and click on Competitors > Similar Sites
4. Click the Download Icon, so you grab the spreadsheet
5. Select All + Copy the URLs from Column A into your clip board
6. Go here and paste the links in, press Open checked links!!
7. Now go through using CONTROL/CMD+TAB through the tabs, taking out the relevant competitors.
8. Add them to your excel sheet.

There you go, now you have a ton of competitors and new keywords to target that are highly effective!