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A Step By Step Guide To Setting Up Campaigns on PopCash.Net

PopCash specializes in pop-unders ad format.

Pop-under is an ad format which opens a new window tab under the main window, and it is visible when user minimizes or closes the main window.


In order to start a campaign, you must deposit your money into your account. Available payment methods are PayPal and Paxum. After this, you need to create a campaign.

Minimum deposit is $55. You can target your campaign by country and by category.

First of all, you need to register with PopCash in order to start advertising. Registering is easy and takes only few minutes. Read More

[SIMPLE GUIDE] How to manually import conversions on Google Adwords

Here’s a SIMPLE way for you to understand how to configure/setup the conversion import template.

NOTE: For this manual importing to work you need GCLID; to get this ‘serial number’ as I like to call it for every click you need to first enable it in your Adwords account. To do this click the gear icon on the top right and then click ACCOUNT SETTINGS, look for where it says TRACKING:  Auto Tagging:  No.   Click EDIT, and change it to YES.

Let’s break it down by whats in it

They have these fields and I’ll explain what each is:

Google Click Id

This is the GCLID you get when every click is tagged (make sure you enable it) they automatically append a ?

gclid=####################randomnumberhere######## ##### on every click that comes to your banner/text ad/creatives

Conversion Name

This is the Conversion Pixel name we created under Top Menu > TOOLS > Conversions. In other words; you create a conversion pixel; then the name you specify for it here; is what you need to put inside the CONVERSION NAME field in the import template.

So if you want conversions to import to a conversion pixel you’ve created named “LEADS FOR“, then under the “Conversion Name” field you would write that in.

Conversion Time

This is so confusing, they want it in this format (just copy and paste it, I usually just set to yesterdays date and 1 sec before midnight):

03/01/2016 23:59:59

Conversion Value

You can leave this empty or fill it in; it will work either way.

Conversion Currency

You can leave this empty or fill it in; it will work either way.

WE ARE NOT DONE YET; here’s the important one ->

They say in the template that you need to “# TimeZone values should be entered in HHMM format (e.g. New York is -0500);

look for this line:

Parameters:EntityType=OFFLINECONVERSION;TimeZone=H HMM;

change it to be what your timezone is, for example if you are in new york then change it to say


if you are in Budapest like me, then change it to Parameters:EntityType=OFFLINECONVERSION;TimeZone=+0100; and so on so forth.

After you have done all; it should be pretty clear from then on. Now you can manually upload conversions.

TIP: If you are using voluum in conjunction with Google Adwords; in the traffic source profile for google add in gclid as a place holder. That way all the gclid’s will show up in your voluum campaign reports!!