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A very special New Years Greeting and Thanks

We are at the ending point of this year. Just thought I should thank all of you that read my blog. You are of one them so here goes…

Thank you very much for staying up to date with my content; I hope it provides value.

Even though affiliate marketing presents various obstacles and hurdles, be proud that you manage to overcome them and cross the bridge to continue building on the knowledge you’ve acquired. May you continue to be this firm and win many new successes in the upcoming year of 2017!

Remember, your journey is a diary filled with empty pages waiting for You. Fill them up with your trials as you continue towards successes; because many years from now you will look back at it as memories that helped you become the success you are.

Wishing you and your family a very happy new year!


3 Step Guide to SCALE by Borrowing Your Competitors Brand Power

I am going to tell you a great and easy way to make more money by harnessing the power of Google Adwords.    This is an awesome method if you are doing Shopify/ecommerce and looking for more ways to scale and cash in on the brand awareness your competitors might have built.  I don’t have a lot of time right now to yap away on mumbo jumbo, so here is how you do it:

Step #1 – make a list of your competitors,  brand name, URL, and top products.
Step #2 – create new campaign on adwords, create one ad group per competitor, and dump in their brand name, domain name, and top product names in this AG.
Step #3 – send the traffic to your product.   These are people look to buy already,  why not steal your competitors clients and have them buy your stuff?

Works great if you are selling what everyone else is; especially if you are ripping and running other peoples ecommerce products that built a brand name already.   Think of all the options!


The top affiliate marketing blogs to follow in 2017!

There’s a lot of blogs on internet marketing and affiliate marketing.  Sadly, many of these blogs are full of fluff, motivational mumbo jumbo and inspiring crap that will not put money in your pocket.

That is why I decided to compile a list of blogs, that have actual actionable info you can use today to make money tomorrow – so you can put together a great ‘must read’ list for 2017 for your feedly or whatever other RSS reader you use.

No BS approach is my staple, I blog to share tips that work and make money — it’s real sad that most people in our world pick motivational crap vs actual know how that can change their life for the better; that is why a lot of resources when you Google “Top affiliate marketing blogs of 2016/2017” will mention sites that DO NOT do affiliate marketing, they just keep mailing their followers fake Bizops & MLMs that in the end put money in their pocket, but not the readers… but hey – who are we to judge?

In no particular order here are my favorite blogs and/or authors from 2016 you should follow in 2017!

Justin Brooke

This guy is raw. He says it how it is, almost as me. He really tends to drop a lot of golden info when he’s tearing apart a bullshit gurus post or some over hyped products case study. Worth following what he has to say.


Matuloo is a friend of mine for almost 10 years now, I met him when I first registered on a now defunct forum AskDamageX 10 years ago.

I was the one who introduced him to paid media buying and encouraged he try it, I also suggested he better sign up on STM where he’s now a big part in helping people interested in learning affiliate marketing. And not too long ago, he started blogging and sharing a lot of awesome things he’s learned from experience doing all these paid media buys.

Brent Dunn

Brent was a guy who helped me out a lot when I came from SEO to the world of paid advertising. I was a newbie on now gone, IMGRIND forums and he was always there answering my newbie questions.

The good news is that even though Ruck + Ryan broke up, and are doing their own things and IMGRIND is no more, Brent is alive and kicking and sharing some actual knowledge that is real gold for free.

There’s def some good reading here for both newbies and advanced affiliates alike.

Adcombo Blog

Adcombo is a relatively new CPA network that was created by Russian super affiliates. They are different from your typical CPA Networks for these reasons

-Their reps know what they are talking about, and aren’t hot girls hired to attract horny affiliate boys that have no clue what split testing means or what COD is.
-Their system is unique and 100% original, they don’t use CAKE or HASOFFERS like every network, and have great flexibility built in, and even prodive you split testing and tracking right within their panel. You don’t even need Voluum or another tracker to get started with adcombo.

They also blog, and on their blog they publish interesting articles which aren’t your typical fluff western media loves to write. In plain English, they don’t write what people want to hear (shit you read on every single mainstream internet marketing blog, or as i like to call BIG trendy WORDS , no content) they are russian, so they are raw, and to the point and communicate value.

Check em out, good stuff in there.


There’s a lot of bloggers, then there’s Finch,  a guy with a unique style and one hell of a funny humor.  He released quite a lot of gems, and after so many years continuous to sporadically update his blog with golden info whenever he feels like it.      Worth adding it to your feedly just to keep on top of what he has to say!


Oliver is not your typical affiliate, he is actually a designer/coder who started an affiliate marketing forum, and a resource AffiliateFix, and continues to create many online business that do well.  He also blogs, and you can read a lot of good tips about landing pages,  creating appealing banner creatives and designs, cool tools and more.

….and last but not least.. of course 🙂 Where I will continue to bring you unedited tips and tricks and opinions on what works and what to avoid in 2017!


The Benefits of Starting A Mastermind – Your fastest way to Millions

This is an amazing post written by mrpayne a member on the #1 premium (PAID) affiliate marketing forum StackThatMoney.  Reposting it for you guys to enjoy with permission from Andrew Payne.  

I am a big fan of masterminds,  Mr Payne does an amazing job summarizing the benefit of joining a mastermind, and why it’s also a good idea to start one.      I am in a few multi-million dollar masterminds with other super affiliates, and it’s GREAT to be able to bounce of ideas one another quick and also to ask for help from experts.   It doesn’t matter if you are newbie,  rookie, novice or a seasoned veteran – the benefits of joining or creating masterminds are too good to pass up.

This post was inspired because I was in your shoes at one point… I needed help and wanted to make some friends to collaborate with but I hadn’t gone far with my campaigns. I was still considered a dreaded “newb”. Other than a couple of $x/day to low $xx/day campaigns that didn’t last long I had yet to find a stride in my affiliate marketing efforts.

For me, I was already knowledgeable on affiliate marketing concepts but many of you reading this are new or simply haven’t put the time in to learn the basics on your own. The purpose of what I’m about to share will help you find other affiliates who are making real efforts to make this a business and who have the same goal as you – to change your lifestyle and generate an income.

Recently, I’ve been getting a steady flow of PM’s from people looking to join the mastermind I am apart of and while some of these people I have connected with on skype to collaborate, the majority of them I turn away and encourage them on what they can do to find their own group to collaborate with.

What I’m about to share isn’t the only way you accomplish this but it’s from my personal experience developing my existing mastermind.

Benefits of a Mastermind

There are a few key benefits of having a solid group of guys/gals together who share information and work together as a “team” and help each other progress.

  • Group Buying Power – you all are buying tools, each of your campaigns are buying data, each of you run different ideas and tests, etc. These items can all be shared amongst the group and saves all of you time, money and accelerates your learning.
  • Different Styles – Each of you have a different style of marketing, different skill sets and seeing the way each of your “teammates” think and approach campaigns will help you define your own style. It will also evolve and improve over time.
  • Faster Learning and Execution – In this business, the faster you hit the tipping point of the knowledge and experience level when things just start coming together and make sense, the faster you will start to make money. Having a “team” of minds working together will get you to that point through learning and helping you execute tasks better.
  • Networking is King – This is the underlying advantage that most people overlook. Get out there, meet people, share, make friends, show some value to others and they will consider you a valuable person to stay connected to – if you know the right person or how to find the right person to handle any obstacle, you are a wealthy man (or woman) in the making.
  • There are more but these are the main points I wanted to convey.

Negatives of being in a Poor Mastermind

  • You waste time.
  • You waste money.
  • You will spin in circles and procrastinate.
  • Just don’t be in one, period.

Where to Start?

There are a few ways to get involved with a mastermind…

  • Start your own – Usually this is the best way because you can control who is part of the mastermind and the direction it takes. (I prefer this one.)
  • Reach out and ask to join other masterminds – This can work but usually the best masterminds aren’t looking for new people unless you really bring something to the table. So not ideal for newbies.
  • Get invited to an existing one – This also works but for similar reasons as the point above, not the best option in many cases for a newbie.

The Reason Most Masterminds Suck

  • Nobody takes a leadership role. You need someone to take point on navigating and coordinating with the group to keep things on track, productive, establish meetings times, etc.
  • The group is too large to be productive.
  • Most of the group members are not serious about affiliate marketing, they just see $1k/day profit threads and get all excited like kids in a candy shop. You need to be around serious minded people and not those with the illusion of achieving something.
  • Group members are unable to commit to meeting times, spending a reasonable amount on testing and launching campaigns often, etc. This can be for a variety of reasons.
  • Nobody shares any real information. It’s all the basics of.. “how do setup tracking for Zeropark and Voluum” (joking.. or am i?), “can you show me your best lander?”, “how do I find the best offers to test” and questions on things that you would already know if you take the $100/month you spend on STM and read every freaking thread on here at least once.
  • And there are more…

Finally… How to Start Your Own Mastermind and Become More Successful in Affiliate Marketing

Obviously, being in a mastermind by itself is not going to solve all your problems with affiliate marketing – but a good mastermind it will help you conquer them one by one. And that’s the path to becoming successful with this business. Every time you are faced with a new challenge, you tackle it head on and figure it out. Keep doing that over and over until eventually, you’ve figured out enough to find your profitable campaign. A good mastermind works together to figure out those challenges.

1. Define your mastermind and who it should contain
. You want the theme of the mastermind to align with your goals so you can find others who have the same goals. For me, I was looking for a group of people who were focused primarily on mobile pops, the vertical wasn’t too important because the concepts are all the same, the members must be doing this full time or focused on doing this with at least a strong part time effort, making $xx+/day and the financial support to spend $300-500/day – those were the basic requirements I was looking for because that’s the level at which I was at.

2. Find more people like you.
If you can find more people that truly have the same goals, interests and level of experience as you – then your group will be a success. My original attempt of forming a mastermind started with me posting a thread in the STM masterminds section. I got a couple of responses but they were not what I was looking for. So, did I just throw in the towel and give up? Heck no! I went to the follow along section of STM and read through them until I found guys that were putting in real effort, making some sort of progress and were in line with my values and work ethic. Then I reached out to a couple of them and explained what I was trying to do and ultimately found one guy that would be a good fit. He had a business partner as well so that made a total of 3 of us. Then we added another guy shortly after, then 2 months later we’ve added 2 more guys. My point, don’t sit around hoping someone will invite you. Go out and make something happen yourself.

3. Keep the group small.
I can’t stress this enough and it’s were many people fail. Most large mastermind groups are not productive and are just a waste of time. I’ve checked out groups with 10-20 people in it and there are very few productive discussions going on and nothing happening. It’s also easier to manage and share information with a smaller group. You need to build a tight team and you guys become friends through the process. I recommend keeping your group between 4-6 members unless you know what you are doing.

4. Show value to one another.
You must be willing to be transparent and share information, campaigns, specific details, etc. Otherwise you will never grow and the point of a mastermind is to share what you know to learn from each other’s experiences.

I remember one of the guys I chatted with on skype, when it came time and I invited him to the mastermind, as soon as he joined the first thing he said to everyone was… “I’m running in X geo with X offer on X network and X traffic source using X type of lander doing $xxx/day, you guys jump in and make some money. Just wanted to demonstrate I’m willing to contribute.”

Talk about an awesome way to show value right from the start! Now, that level of commitment isn’t necessary but he clearly demonstrated that he was willing to be a team player – and that is what you want to have, is a team of serious, dedicated people who can work together to conquer AM. Think beyond just having one successful campaign and focus more on achieving consistent successful campaigns.

5. Commit to weekly meetings
by skype calls. This is one of the key things pushing us forward within our group. Our group is very active on skype chat daily but having a weekly call at a designated day/time means we are all committed to the cause and can cover a lot more information in a shorter period. It’s vital to keep the call productive and leave any basic chit-chat to the very end where the general discussions can happen. After all, you are developing friendships so nothing wrong with a little non-business talk once the main objectives are out of the way.

6. Have an organizer to keep things on track.
I naturally assumed this position within my group and its role is nothing more than helping to keep the group on track with our agenda. I initiated the discussion and coordinated to find an agreeable weekly meeting time for all of us, I take charge of the weekly meeting by keeping the conversations moving along, productive and making sure everyone gets an opportunity to contribute. Sometimes I will come up with a core topic that we can all share insights on based on feedback through our skype chats that week. Other times, we just have a general discussion.

7. Review progress and performance of each team member
. On our weekly meetings, we discuss what challenges we face the prior week, what successes we’ve had, what we have been working on and what our agenda is for the near future. These type of things are always changing and it’s good to know what is happening within the group and how everyone is progressing.

In conclusion…

Not every situation requires you to start your own mastermind and if you can find a group that is seeking members, then by all means check them out. But I caution you from just joining any ol’ mastermind, instead make sure they are a good fit for what you are looking for and if the shoe fits, wear it.

I’m a little more of a control freak and like having the power in the beginning to pick and choose who I invited to my group. Now that we are an established group I don’t make those choices on my own, it’s a group decision.

These few items have had the biggest impact in my progress and in this order…

  • Starting my own follow along
  • Starting a mastermind group
  • Networking with as many quality affiliates as I can and building relationships
  • Never giving up

I hope you find some value out of this thread and move one step closer to building your business.



PS: If you are not a member on STM yet,  you should give it a try and get access to a wealth of knowledge you won’t find anywhere else.   Sign up here!

How to find winning products for your Shopify/Woocommerce Store

Are you interested in getting into ecom but don’t have an idea where to start? You are going to love this, because I am going to share a premium method with you for free that we use with my team to find products that sell!

This method is going to cost you nothing more than time, and some creative energy. It will also work best if you already have a niche you are passionate about, or one that you would really like to get into. For me, this is quad copters and that is what I am going to use in this guide today as a keyword niche reference.

Okay first things first, you need to open your browser and type in

At the google search page you will want to type in the following syntax: “keyword”

so for me, it will be “quadcopter”

The results are going to bring up a lot of shopify sites, the next thing we’ll want to do is click to visit them all. CMD+CLICK or CTRL+CLICK works best to open them in new windows/tabs.

Then on each site, we want to find the best selling product. Many shopify owners hide this function so their competitors can’t see what the best selling products are, but there’s a cool ‘hack’ if you will to find out.

For this to work you must go to the main product display page that shows multiple products, then in the top URL you want to append the following code:


And that’s it, if they didn’t disable this, simply hid it on their theme, you will find the best selling products.

Next, you should make a list of the top 5 products, write down their name and price on site, and save their main images. Chances are they are using images from the wholesaler/factory (the drop shipper), you can go to and search using image to uncover the product on aliexpress. After you located the product, take note on what their price is for product + shipping (if any). Now note these down in your document.

You then take the listed price the shopify store is selling the item for, and minus the product cost + shipping to determine the margin.

When you have the margin, you know if there’s a chance for profit here or not. I prefer to find products that have at least 2x the product cost in margin. Say you find a product for $10 on ali express, and they sell it for $29.95 on a shopify store. That means that you have $10 for product $10 for marketing cost (think facebook ads), and $10 potential profit (of course there’s minor expenses in that, but it’s a good general rule we like to follow)

Have fun finding cool products to sell and make some money!

How to Fire The Facebook Pixel When Someone Clicks A Button or a Link On Your Lander

This is an advanced guide, if you are new to affiliate marketing / internet marketing – this is not for you and will be very confusing.   This guide is also for Facebook Ads and covers advanced technique used in order to help build custom audiences, and better targeting techniques for paid advertising campaigns on Facebook.

Let’s say you are running a campaign,  diet, skin, lead gen, app installs, pin submits, eCommerce, whatever; and you want to optimize for people who came to your landing page, and then clicked the link to fill out the offer.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could optimize based on everyone who actually clicked (thus is more likely to convert) vs everyone who visited the page, many of whom then bounced from there?

There’s a way, and it’s done by using a little javascript and assigning custom functionalities to your links/buttons.

Step #1 – Grab the Facebook Pixel Code from the Ad Manager front end.  If you don’t know how to do that, read this guide from FB.


Here’s my ORIGINAL code I got from Facebook:

Step #2 – We need to add a custom javascript function that will “FIRE” the facebook conversion pixel.  Here’s the code we must add to the default Facebook pixel:

After we are done, we must paste the modified Facebook Conversion Pixel code between our <head> </head> section on our website; it should look like this:

NOTE: You must replace the 1150734851629733 with your own pixel ID!


Step #3 – Next, we need to add some code snippets to all of our links in our landing page/and or buttons as follows

For text links:

For a button:

For a link styled to look like a button:


Now when you setup your Facebook Ad Campaign, make sure to select Optimize for ADD TO CART; because everytime someone clicks a link on your landing page; it will fire the pixel and you want clickers, not people who just come to the lander, then leave right away.