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Part #1 – How to Promote Your New Business – Brand Identity

This is part of our case study on promoting a local business to get more of our ideal client. Read the intro here about what we’re doing. 

To start, we had a chat about the company name we want to use.

The idea was to sound professional, and also convey the core services his new business has to offer.

We evaluated many names, and decided that Premium Garden Building & Care (Prémium Kertépítés és Gondozás) would be the best.

I sent off a request to the designers at BannersLanders to get a logo made, and they came up with three different ones for his new business.

Here they are:

Logo A

Logo B

Logo C

In the end, we went with logo A, because the kid felt that looked the most professional. To check what others thought, we ran a quick $5 Google Survey ( where we targeted people that are 40 years or older, and asked them which logo do you like the best from these 3?

Logo A won so that was our logo.

Next up, we had the designers at BannersLanders convert the logo draft we picked into high quality vector based PNG, EPS, and JPEG formats (at various sizes). In full color, 2 color, and one color formats. This is very important and will be necessary for your business in every day operations from invoices, to letter heads, to t-shirts and other merch, as well as online presence.

I advised ‘the kid’ that he should pick up a unique phone # so we can track our marketing efforts both offline and online that I am helping him with.   He is going to get a 2nd cell phone and phone number just to do that; because it’s extremely important to measure the effectiveness of your marketing!

We also discussed that we should immediately get some offline marketing material made for his new business using the logo; because branding your business and looking professional is very, very important in long term success.

These materials are a must:

-T-shirts for himself and his employees
-Magnetic decal for his vehicle that he can remove if needed easily.
-50 Business Cards to hand out if someone stops by while they are on site working somewhere.

He agreed, so I asked a virtual assistant at VA Pass ( to find us a company that can print t-shirts, business cards, and these magnetic decals and is within a 10 kilometer radius from our location.

We’re waiting for the task to be completed, and then we can get the offline marketing materials handled.

This was part #1 of our journey.

Stay tuned for the next one 🙂  You can keep on top of all the updates related to this case study at The Gardener section of my blog.

How to Promote Your Brand New Business Online and Offline and Get Tons of New Customers That You Want!

I’ve decided to write this because there’s a lot of people out there who start a business and then wonder how do we get customers.

If you don’t know me, My name is Attila O’dree and I’ve been a full time internet marketer ever since I stopped organizing festivals & dance events because they were no longer profitable after moving to Eastern Europe from Canada. This was 10 years ago and since then I’ve been running my own internet marketing business and have done 8 figures in ad spend over the years on paid advertising.

Budapest Mansion
Our newest minimal style family home.

During the last 15 months, I’ve been busy building our 2nd family home in Hungary from scratch and we’re almost done! *YAY!*

Finding a good contractor was a nightmare in every regard; from painters, to the expert tile guys, heck it was even hard to find a gardener. However, I got lucky, and found a killer guy who’s son happened to have finished gardening school and was just starting out with his brand new garden building business. As he got to work; I immediately noticed the impressive work ethic and knew this kid had a future in the gardening business.

He like many others that start a business, think if you do a good job people will recommend you – and yes word of mouth is the best; but it won’t necessarily bring you the ideal customer that you want (that’ll make you the most profit).

After talking with him I learned that his ideal customer is a wealthy person that doesn’t have a lot of time, they just want their garden to be immaculate and always beautiful AND they are willing to pay a premium for this service.

How does one reach their ideal customer?

By paid advertising that is well targeted. And I am very, very good at targeting the ideal customers;  I’ve spent $XX,XXX,XXX in google/fb/bing/yahoo ads over the years promoting things that are truly hard to sell (for example,  Elevators for Private Family Homes)!!

So… I decided to help this kid and at the same time thought why not write a case study/book about it that documents what we are doing every step of the way. Starting right at the beginning so people just like You that are starting a new business can follow along, and maybe ‘steal’ a couple of the ideas and implement in your own quest for success!

This is going to be a multi part adventure into marketing a business. I know you will enjoy it!

My company when I was 15 years old – Circa 1998 – y2k countdown FTW.

I will touch on mostly online marketing, and a bit of offline marketing as well – I have a ton of experience in both having started my first business at age 14 in Canada called Wilike New Media that got featured on CNET and many other news publications, then went on to organize huge dance events that required a lot of offline marketing creativity.

After our journey is well on it’s way, I am going to take all the blog posts and create an eBook to give away for any business owner that wants to attract more of their ideal, perfect customers using paid advertising.

This is going to be the main page containing the links to all the journey entries that will follow.

Table of Contents:

Part #1 – The Journey Begins
Part #2 – coming soon

Crypto Offers FTW – My fave & top vertical of 2018!

The best vertical of 2018?

Crypto has been the hype ever since bitcoin hit 20,000 USD a coin. ALT Coins are popping up every day, and if you catch the ICOs at the right time you can cash in big…  that is if you are a typical joe who HODLs and sells; but we are affiliates.   We promote what ‘people want’; at least that’s what me and my team always do to capture that sweet 200-300% ROI.

Promoting crypto offers has been kick ass, the payouts are a few hundred dollars (depending on geo, with some fetching as high as $500-600 per sale/deposit).    We are running on an average of 150-200$ per deposit, and get anywhere from 200-300% ROI on volume.    ATM I run with an awesome network that has kick ass exclusive crypto offers…

Let me tell you a story, many years ago I went to sushi in Las Vegas at Affiliate Summit West with some dude named Ryan Hurry and other cool cats from C2M (he’s the dude in the hat! LOL). He is a super unique character with a funny but serious personality.

I really liked the guy, I won’t lie. Years later, while browsing around on forums for crypto offers I came across a CPA Network called Grabads; in skype groups I also heard peeps say that Grabads has some kick ass crypto and nutra offers so I signed up.

And this is when I received the shock of a lifetime; Ryan Hurry himself reached out to me and informed me that he would be managing my account!!! WOW!!

I also learned he’s an owner in Grabads and while he’s typically busy managing the company and launching new ventures, he often hand picks new affiliate signups to work with…  I guess it was my lucky day!

He also has a team of Affiliate Managers who he has personally trained and are an extension of himself and provide the same level of management as he does. He’s says all of his employees are awesome and know their shit!

Anyways somethings are things are meant to be! If you’ve never worked with Grabads before, they got reps that are available not just in the 9-5 US timezone (I am in Europe) but also in your very own timezone when your team is working. This is huge; I hate waiting till end of day to talk to my rep in the US due to time difference don’t u?

Anyways we’ve been working with them for almost 3 months now and really love what they got to offer. We are doing mostly crypto atm (soon I plan to write a super long step by step guide on how to run Crypto for profits with Grabads) but they also got killer nutra trials and SS as well as sweeps and even WH verticals like refi, insurance and rent-to own.

They got a sweet tool for affs that will split test offers for you so you don’t have to manually dump offer links, and put them into your tracker or whatever and check and see which offer does best, their system will auto calculate based on the 95% percentile rule the best performing offer with highest statistical significance.

If you are looking for crypto offers (or a kick ass network where the reps work with your needs vs the other way around) be sure to try Grabads!!


PS: I am starting on writing the new step by step guide on how to run crypto offers with Grabads soon; I plan to cover everything from start to finish, basically an A to Z blueprint on how to run, optimize and scale. This will be absolutely FREE.   If you actually follow it, you’ll make some serious cash!

MOBE Shutdown by the FTC – There goes the dream?

I’ve heard of MOBE for a long, long time.  I heard about it from John Chow first; who was living the high life blogging and traveling.    He was making his buck from promoting this MOBE thing; but after looking into it – it seemed like just fluff, nothing was behind it just refer more people, get paid more.   Same shit as AMWAY, QUICKSTAR,  and the list goes on.

I hate MLM, I remember in 2001 (wow a century ago). When I was working at Netnation, there was a guy named Arnell; who worked in Billing.    We became good friends, used to goto Lunch.  Arnell was a smart guy who finished university of accounting; he therefore worked in the Finance branch at the company.     He was shocked that I at age 17 was getting paid more than him who had a degree;  I was in Sales, getting new biz so our base salary + commissions came out to like 10k more a year then his flat salary.   Anyways, we had awesome talks, took the sky train home together every day, was good friends.

Then some moron, introduced him to Quixtar and fed him the bullshit that he will have a dream house;  he will drive a HUMMER, and all this shit.  He one day invited me to his house and his other friends and had said moron give a presentation.  After this presentation, I spoke my mind and told him this is pure bullshit, and all the crap they fed him will never materialize because the guys on top make the most money (aka the top earners), that’s this is just Multi Level Marketing scheme.   He got SO angry at me,  stopped being my friend, and all that.          He believed the bullshit like many people do; while I didn’t.        Today he’s still broke, and has no hummer or dream house.     Me on the other hand, well that’s another story.

Point of my personal experience with MLM is that when I heard John Chow always recommend it , and all this shit I knew it was total BS.  And now, it seems the truth is coming out.

Their website is offline;   Matt LLoyd, the pharaoh at the top of the pyramid is no where to be seen and the shit has hit the fan.

Affiliate marketing is not MLM,  what I blog about and technical how to do guides, are not scam.   But when they promise you the moon, and say you don’t have to work for it just collect checks and sip cocktails by the beach – you know something is up.

Sadly, most people are lazy fucks who just want the life,  not many are willing to work Sundays, or get to work after their 9-5 to make a difference.    It is how it is 🙂 I was one of those who worked 24/7, so much so today I have a lot to show for it.

Where do you stand?   What do you think about this MOBE FTC investigation?

PS: Here’s a great article to read about MOBE investigation!


Affiliate World – BARCELONA 2018!! The #1 Internet Marketing Conference with REAL affiliates

AFFILIATES!!! See you in Barcelona?

Only 41 days left until my favorite conference of the year is ON! Affiliate World Europe is just around the corner, and guess what tickets are on SALE!

Grab your ticket now at, they are still cheap but go up in price I think in like 10 days? so hurry!

Here’s a sneak peak of who will be speaking, more info you can find on the official website here >>


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Hey, if you read my blog you know already that I like to keep things blunt, as is; no sugar coated bullshit.

I always try and bring it; ‘state of the art’ if you will as to what’s worth running right now.

Staying on top on all of the news, industry gossip, mastermind chatter and trends is a huge task of its own; I mean you need to subscribe to a dozen different places; usually via RSS feeds; facebook updates; skype group notifications and then filter the crap from the good.

Who the hell has time to read every good Skype mastermind; every Facebook group chat; every forum and news source? Not me!! Chances are if you follow Tim Ferris’ 4 hour work week and work smart; you don’t have endless time to stay on top of it all either.

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