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How to Add Dynamic Inputs to Your Landers and Increase Your ROI

The following is a super easy trick you can do to ‘customize’ your landers.  It can be done to dynamically change the headline on your lander to include a word that will make the lander more ‘related’ to the audience.  For example, you could use this code to localize landers for the persons’ city or county name – or their favorite TV Show, or their favorite grocery store.  Whatever it may be,   localizing and making a lander related to your audience will increase your ROI and that’s a fact.

We run a lot of lead gen, and while we can use scripts that automatically print the state, city, county or whatever of the visitor, sometimes we target visitors who are out of state, who are out of country but usually live in country.  We do this for different reasons; and the following code comes in handy

1) Paste the following code into your landing page source where you want to input your own custom text:

<?php echo htmlentities($_GET['state']);>

2) Save & Upload the lander to your web host making sure its extension is .php

3) Head over to your browser, type in now when you visit the lander, it will fill in iAmAttila wherever you placed the code in step #1.

Hope this tiny but super useful code hack will help you make more money!

Happy New Year – Cast Is Finally Off

In case you haven’t noticed, I didn’t update the blog since november.  That’s because I broke my hand, and my entire arm was in a cast.  I couldn’t type, and it was total hell.     Anyway, it’s finally off so I am back to my 144WPM typing speed, so I can dump my mind as fast as the thoughts hit my head (almost).

First and foremost I want to wish you and your family a very happy new year – hope you make 2018 the best, and make a lot of money!!

Last year I asked, what kind of posts would you like to see, and a lot replied saying how to guides regarding facebook,  custom audiences, and stuff like that … I plan to do just this, and also cover adwords, and retargeting since affiliate marketing is truly evolving so its no longer about cheap traffic, lander and bam, rather about finding the best customer, retargeting them, and having them come back again again to buy your product and/or your services/offers.


The importance of split testing to get to the gold!

A quick post…  about angles, and why they are important in getting the gold!   My friend Tim asked If I’d be down to hold a private mastermind with him, if you never heard of his advanced mastermind – read about it here.

Anyway, to get the word out I decided to do a test.    Here’s why.

When it comes to any offer you promote as an affiliate marketer, may that be a health offer, or a lead gen offer, or a dating offer or some ecommerce product – to catch the interest of your target audience your message must resonate with them.    It must grab their attention when they are scrolling through the newsfeed or surfing the web – if it’s not relevant to them, they will go right past is and there you go, you lost the potential customer.

Same thing with Tim Burd’s private mastermind.  I know its good, all the people that already took his mastermind know its gold and helped them better their business and increase their profits – but that isn’t enough.   A tale has to be told, WHY it’s the one and only mastermind every advanced affiliate should take!

How do we go about finding the people who will benefit from attending?  You’ve guessed it ANGLES.    I’ve made a list of every probable benefit attending this kick ass mastermind can bring, and started writing up long-form copy and posting it on my Facebook Fan Page.

Some got 1000 reach so far, others already got 3000 reach.   Different messages/stories resonate better, while others do not resonate equally as well.   Facebook doesn’t show the post to all of my followers, and because of this, I have the option to “SPAM” my own timeline and try a shitload of different stories/messages that explain the benefits of this mastermind.

The event will sell out,  the one I helped put together in Budapest sold out in 36 hours. (that’s less than 2 days).  Nonetheless, I am having fun running a live experiment of split testing which angle catches the most affiliate eyeballs and gets people signing up.

No matter what you sell,  you must split test – this will make or break your campaign.

That’s it for now.

Win a Ferrari, Rolex Watch, MacBookPro, iPad – The biggest contest of 2017 is here!

Adcombo one of my favorite CPA networks has just recently launched a contest where You can win a Ferrari, Rolex Watch, MacBookPro, or iPad. This is by far the biggest prize pool of any recent affiliate marketing contest I’ve ever seen. If you are not yet part of this awesome CPA network with exclusive offers, then you should join up right now [click here] All you have to do is start running traffic and promoting one of their many awesome and high converting offers. If you don’t know how but you want to get a piece of the action and have a go at winning the ferrari, be sure to read this post of mine -> A sure way to earn $xxxx per day on Facebook.

SEE YOU AT THE FINISH LINE! Until then here’s the promo video, I know you’ll enjoy it!

Female affiliates? They do exist! Meet FBQueen

If you are an affiliate marketer; then you already know; if you are thinking about becoming one then SOON you will find out that the industry is 96.72% male dominated.     By industry I mean affiliate marketers; real affiliate marketers and not reps at CPA Networks; or employees of CAKE or HasOffers.   (It’s a known fact that many CPA Networks employ real hotties to get the affiliate boys to run traffic with them).

FBQueen,  iAmAttila and a bunch of affiliates at STM London
FBQueen, iAmAttila and a bunch of affiliates at STM London Round Table

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