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The Secret To $1000 / Day – Sorry It’s Not Easy, Fast or Simple

If you know me, then you know I have been working with a team since my start in paying for traffic over 2 years ago (1 designer, 1 grunt worker). Since then things gotten a bit bigger, and today in order to make $XXXX-XXXXX per day, I truly gotta hussle which won’t be possible without my very dedicated and awesome work force!

I’ve posted about my media buying team last year – you can check that post here. Showcasing our old office that was on the 4th floor in downtown.

I’ve purchased a 4700 square feet half finished building, and we now use that to get the day to day operations done. If you read my blog, you might have seen some updates regarding this, but now I want to make an official post.

Many of you have been wondering, is “THE CASTLE” done? The answer is yes, it is – in fact it’s been since December 1st of last year. Well the interior that is. My media buying team has snow balled 3x over and now we’re running out of room and might need to start using the basement suite too! Since taking these pics on March 13th, we hired half a dozen additional people, so the pics are already outdated. LOL

Why the crazy expansion? Well because of problems I’m solving. (Thanks Problem Solving 101 book!)

So what are these problems? Well, affiliate marketing is getting more competitive than ever before.

See My Office & Meet My Media Buying Team V2.0 *UPDATED* – Click Read More button to see the full post!

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I just saw NGO’s video on what he’s packing for traveling,  it made me remember something I almost forgot.  A true life saver if you will at conferences where batteries tend to drain like a mofo.    It also inspired me to make this quick post on what I’m packing for STM London.

I’ve been using a killer travel backpack for the past 2 years – I bought it at TESCO or at AUCHAN for like $30 bucks and it’s awesome!  WHY?  Because it has a compartment for a tablet, and a separate one for a laptop.  In addition it has tons of other pockets for all the chargers and cables you need and it’s ulra easy to take stuff out of when you have to go through customs.       It’s real proof that you don’t need to spend many hundreds of dollars on a bag just because.

This is what I pack,  to keep stuff light….

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How a change of perspective increased my profits 500%

Hey reader, sorry I haven’t been updating this blog as of late. It’s not because I gave up, it’s because I was so damn jet lagged I couldn’t function properly and aside doing like 1-2 hour work a day my mind just couldn’t focus. ASW was killer, I’ll be posting up my take on it eventually, but it’s not really my focus since other guys already covered it and yea.. they did a good job [covering it]!

I want to tell you one thing though, one of my biggest takeaways personally from ASW was that people love the stuff I write here, and they love that my site is down to earth, no bullshit fake screenshot or pretty dreamy posts… I REALLY appreciate that, when I started this blog, I started it as my personal notepad. I didn’t have an exit strategy in mind to bank big on my email list one day, and stuff like that. I started writing to dump my mind, and people started noticing.

That’s why guys at ASW really surprised me, when so many came up and said WOW I love your blog man, it’s LEGIT! Thanks again it makes me (and made) me feel even more empowered to continue giving you shit u can use RIGHT NOW and help you even more in your journey to quitting your job, or becoming a better affiliate.

So today, I got a PM on STM from one of the guys I met at the show, and he told me this ” I really like your approach. Your consider AM with a different angle. Would love to learn more from you and take my business to the next level.” It reminded me of how awesome I felt 2 weeks ago at ASW when I heard this from so many people.

That is why I decided to write this quick post, and tell you one of my secrets that helped shape and change my perspective in a way that already increased my profits 500% and climbing.

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All Affiliate Marketers Are Big Liars – Yes YOU!

OK, OK,   I know you don’t lie or bend the truth, you are a law abiding citizen that goes to Church every Sunday…   haha kidding.. 😛

Yesterday I was checking my news feeder app and noticed a post by ShoeMoney that caught my eye entitled “Can you handle the truth?

It talks about something that is very true about affiliate marketing and gives some great examples – but Jeremy doesn’t stop there – he even recommends a really good book named All Marketers are Liars by Seth Godin

I just ordered it on amazon [Buy it here so I can make a dollar!], check it out if you want to improve your thinking to make more money; because really you gotta think like a con artist in most cases to bank hard in this industry. So if it doesn’t come natural, because you are a church going guy, or believe in ethics this book will help.

In other news, zero launcher that was removed from Google Play 2 weeks ago, then put back after Google gave them a huge list of rules to abide by is GONE.
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See My Office & Meet my Media Buying Team

3/3/2015 – We’ve moved to our new office – The Castle; at the end of November of last year.  We are currently having the exterior finished and when it will be,  I’ll be posting up photos of the new and improved team.   My media buying team has trippled in size since the move, now I have 21 full time employees running campaigns.   Why?  Because it is necessary to stay ahead.

When I started media buying, I started right away with 1 full time assistant, and one full time designer.    So knowing nothing, I was in the hole a couple grand a month even before I executed my first mouse click to login to my CPA Network.      Some might say I was crazy,  but I was under the belief that as long as I approach affiliate marketing like a business,  I will succeed, and I did – big time 5 months in.. but that’s another story.

Guys from The Team Having Fun!

I was down and in the red over $20,000 by the time I figured out how to make money buying ads, and then it hit – really hard.   Instead of saving all that cash, or buying fancy toys (like a nice car, or bigger house, or going to the cocoa islands) I reinvested all that cash, rented an office,  hired more staff and coached & trained my employees how to run campaigns so we can Stack That Money!     And it WORKED and continues to work to this day!

It’s no secret that making high $XXXX/day requires a lot of work not only that; now it takes SPEED,  SYSTEMS and ORGANIZATION!

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