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All Affiliate Marketers Are Big Liars – Yes YOU!

OK, OK,   I know you don’t lie or bend the truth, you are a law abiding citizen that goes to Church every Sunday…   haha kidding.. :P

Yesterday I was checking my news feeder app and noticed a post by ShoeMoney that caught my eye entitled “Can you handle the truth?

It talks about something that is very true about affiliate marketing and gives some great examples – but Jeremy doesn’t stop there – he even recommends a really good book named All Marketers are Liars by Seth Godin

I just ordered it on amazon [Buy it here so I can make a dollar!], check it out if you want to improve your thinking to make more money; because really you gotta think like a con artist in most cases to bank hard in this industry. So if it doesn’t come natural, because you are a church going guy, or believe in ethics this book will help.

In other news, zero launcher that was removed from Google Play 2 weeks ago, then put back after Google gave them a huge list of rules to abide by is GONE.


See My Office & Meet my Media Buying Team

3/3/2015 – We’ve moved to our new office – The Castle; at the end of November of last year.  We are currently having the exterior finished and when it will be,  I’ll be posting up photos of the new and improved team.   My media buying team has trippled in size since the move, now I have 21 full time employees running campaigns.   Why?  Because it is necessary to stay ahead.

When I started media buying, I started right away with 1 full time assistant, and one full time designer.    So knowing nothing, I was in the hole a couple grand a month even before I executed my first mouse click to login to my CPA Network.      Some might say I was crazy,  but I was under the belief that as long as I approach affiliate marketing like a business,  I will succeed, and I did – big time 5 months in.. but that’s another story.

Guys from The Team Having Fun!

I was down and in the red over $20,000 by the time I figured out how to make money buying ads, and then it hit – really hard.   Instead of saving all that cash, or buying fancy toys (like a nice car, or bigger house, or going to the cocoa islands) I reinvested all that cash, rented an office,  hired more staff and coached & trained my employees how to run campaigns so we can Stack That Money!     And it WORKED and continues to work to this day!

It’s no secret that making high $XXXX/day requires a lot of work not only that; now it takes SPEED,  SYSTEMS and ORGANIZATION!



BREAKING NEWS: Flappy Bird sequel – SWING COPTERS game

The flappy bird craze took the world by storm, here it was a genius developer by the name Dong Nguyen from Vietnam using bots to get his app to rank high,  so high that mainstream took notice and people went crazy.

How could such a simple game be so hard to play?  That was the magic formula that kept people up at night playing endlessly trying to become the top player, but not being able to get farther than a couple dozen tubes at best.    The Flappy Bird success story resulted in endless knockoffs,  all effectively looking the same.

I made quite a lot of money capitalizing on Flappy Bird craze with Pin Submits back then, now I am gearing up to do the same with his newest release coming out soon named Swing Copters.

This app again looks really cool, like the old school Nintendo games.   I love it!   I made this post to gear up for the Swing Copter crazy I’m hoping for.    If you are smart, you’ll have creatives prepped so you can launch some mobile campaigns asap this thing hits the mainstream news!   Take advantage of my golden tip right there,   you can make some serious BANK if you get your stuff0 in order and prepped right now.

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