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BREAKING NEWS: Flappy Bird sequel – SWING COPTERS game

The flappy bird craze took the world by storm, here it was a genius developer by the name Dong Nguyen from Vietnam using bots to get his app to rank high,  so high that mainstream took notice and people went crazy.

How could such a simple game be so hard to play?  That was the magic formula that kept people up at night playing endlessly trying to become the top player, but not being able to get farther than a couple dozen tubes at best.    The Flappy Bird success story resulted in endless knockoffs,  all effectively looking the same.

I made quite a lot of money capitalizing on Flappy Bird craze with Pin Submits back then, now I am gearing up to do the same with his newest release coming out soon named Swing Copters.

This app again looks really cool, like the old school Nintendo games.   I love it!   I made this post to gear up for the Swing Copter crazy I’m hoping for.    If you are smart, you’ll have creatives prepped so you can launch some mobile campaigns asap this thing hits the mainstream news!   Take advantage of my golden tip right there,   you can make some serious BANK if you get your stuff0 in order and prepped right now.