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How to Create Custom Audiences for Facebook Ad Manager/Power Editor with Ease

You may, or may not know that the Facebook Audience Insights tool is total crap.     It doesn’t let you target every interest that comes up in it; plus there’s many interests that you may add to the left side bar, but when you go and create an audience, you just cannot run ads (add them to your interest targeting keywords).

To be sure of what to target, most people would just go into ad manager, and use the fields there – however there’s a better, more efficient way to create audiences.     This is perfect if you have a team, and you trained up someone to be a master of creating highly passionate audiences like I have.    Why?   well, they can get access to this page without ever needing to hop into ad manager/power editor and create all kinds of custom audiences your VA or real life assistant/media buyer can simply select from a drop down when they are ready to put some campaigns online.

Here’s why you can create custom audiences with ease.

  1. Make sure you have account setup.  The facebook business manager or FBM for short.
  2. On the top menu click  Asset Library > All Tools > Audiences

  3. On the Audiences screen, click the Create Audience blue button, then click Saved audiences

  4. Name your audience whatever you want (if you have a system for naming stuff so your media buyer(s) can follow, use it here);  and then setup your audience as usual:

  5. After you are done, click the CREATE AUDIENCE button and that’s it.

Now when you, or your media buyer, or VA go and create Facebook Ad Campaigns they will be able to select the right audience in a click of the mouse rather than having to enter it every single time!

Affiliate Marketing Problem Solving 101

Affiliate Marketing seems to be non-stop problem solving right?   Just imagine, you worked so hard, you did everything right, and the damn campaign just breaks even.

Let me elaborate on that,  you spied, you picked two killer landing pages that are doing well.  Found 2-3 angles for your ad,  you got your targeting down and you are split testing two offers which seem to be hot (again according to due diligence like talking to your reps, also confirming via similarweb pro, and other spy tools) yet, YET!! the damn funnel converts at break even!!

WTF right? Everyone says you are supposed to be making multiple 100% ROI on FB, all you need is accounts right?   Maybe you need to warm the pixel?   Nah, despite doing all that you can still just break even or even lose money… but why?   WHY the F**** does this happen.  You probably scratched your head over it;  got real pissed, and said fuck it, and went to another geo, and/offer or different vertical altogether, testing and testing until one thing hits, and then you ride it till it dies.     Familiar yes?  Oh I know.

But what if there was a way to take a ‘shitty camp’ that just breaks even and turn it around to rake in 1000% ROI?    It is possible, and we have been doing it ever since I read this book called Problem Solving 101.   That book was an awakening for me;  that let me approach problems and ask, what might be the solutions.

So for a shitty ass campaign that just seems to break even, here are a couple of things to try to solve the problem of NO ROI, and turn it around for MEGA profits:

-try more angles
-try manual bidding, at different levels
-try different audiences
-try different celebs/people on the landing pages
-try more offers
-try something craze that you’d never think will work, but is funny (this ends up always working for us, somehow the best)

so there you have it, some ideas on how to turn a shitty camp around make it a killer camp… hope u enjoyed another quick-to-the-point-no-blah-blah-post.



Quick Tip: Why Negative Ad Comments can Help You Make More Money

Facebook Ad Comments,  they can be a nightmare.   Especially if you are selling items for 10x the cost of the item on Aliexpress.    I know; we’ve been there done that.  If you can identify with this ‘problem’ you know how much it can quickly ruin your super sweet low CPAs and drive the costs up, and sales down.

This is a classic glass full vs glass empty scenario – you can either get depressed from all the negative comments, or use them to your advantage, turn them around to make more money.


Well,  many times people that leave negative comments want to report you,  bring awareness to the ‘scam’,  ‘expose you’ and other things a good, ethical Samaritan would do right?     After a few negative comments agree,  it’s like unleashing a can of whoop @$$ on your facebook ad.     Of course you will want to reply where you can,  hide what you need to; and ban people that have a lot of time on their hands from littering your newsfeed ad with more of their negative comments.

One great thing is we can actually take all their negative comments, and write ANGLES from it!      This really works, because you can address these potential negative comments by putting a positive spin for it.

For example:   You can get this on ALIexpress for 20$ cheaper!!! RIP OFF!!

A new angle that comes to mind from this could be “YES! You can order from China and save big, or you can order from our AMERICAN store and get the high level of customer service you are used to! Your choice!”

in the above angle, you are addressing potential negs by calling it out, followed by positive benefits that come if they order from you vs china.

You can put a lot of awesome twists to a lot of negatives,  sadly there’s more negative than positive in our world so endless ideas of inspiration will manifest themselves as more and more comments come in!

iAmAttila’s Top 7 Tips on How to Setup your FB campaign for Success

I’ve been ‘doing’ Facebook ads for 2 years now or so, and over time had the chance to test way more things than most people. I attribute this to my nerdy side, which loves to take things apart and learn how they work. In the process, I discovered and repeated, then confirmed a lot of hypothesis’ which helps my team greatly in their daily work of launching successful campaigns.

You probably heard often that Facebook is one of the best traffic sources, but as usual, people don’t explain why… they just say its the best. So let me help you understand:

-Very little bot traffic
-Highly accurate targeting options
-HUGE chance for scale

Even though Facebook makes it easy to target your perfect audience, you can STILL blow thousands of dollars $$$ and end up with 0 conversions if you don’t launch a campaign with the right ‘elements of success’.

I don’t have time to write a lot of blah blah text, instead let me cut to the chase why you clicked through to read this blog post of mine. The top tips on how to setup your FB campaign for success in no particular order:

1. Make sure you use unpublished PAGE POSTS for all newsfeed ads. DO NOT create ads from the power editor/ad manager. This has two benefits, a) it will help ensure that when people like/share/comment on your ad and b) it will make it way easier to manage, especially when you have to moderate and/or respond to comments.

2. Create one adset per element being tested. So if you have one angle, and one image – do not throw multiple angles/images into the same adset. The algo works in strange ways, and unlike Google you don’t have the option to rotate ads evenly.

3. Set the tone for your ads – a lot of the time, the attack of the negative people is imminent. What does that mean? You publish an ad, and right away you will have the ‘good simaratins’ throwing words like it sucks, it doesn’t work, you can buy it on ebay for 1/3rd the cost, etc etc. That’s why it’s important to be proactive. Once you create an ad, go to it, like the post, and ask friends to reply, like, and post some positive comments.

4. Build highly passionate audiences to target, always start with a broad audience (you will know this by typing the most broad related keyword to your product/service/offer and it will have the most people in it) then click NARROW audience, and start adding in relevant interests, ie magazine names, club names, tv shows, tv channels, organizations. How this works is, if a person likes lets say Body Building, and they like FLEX magazine, they are more likely to engage with your ad, vs someone who just is in the broad bodybuilding interest group. The reason is they might have liked a post or video related to body building but thats it; vs the guy who liked a post and also liked stuff from flex magazine.

5. Make sure your audience size is at least 1 million; if it’s too small that means you will burn out your ad too fast, which can cause all sorts of problems (audience burn out, spam complaints, CPA rising rapidly)

6. Include a call to action link in your ad text – use a link shortener like or or something similar. People are not the smartest, and unless you show/tell them where to click/tap they will post comments like HOW DO I GET THIS? Even though the ad might have a button to learn more, or buy now, or whatever. This is definately an ROI Boosting practice.

7. Be the first to reply and comment on your ad with a link to your offer. This goes hand in hand with what I said above, people aren’t the smartest…

A sure way to earn $XXXX per day on Facebook

DISCLAIMER:  The following information is for educational purposes only.    We are not responsible for anything you may engage in after reading this article, and we do not support exploiting loopholes/cloaking/black-hat what-so-ever. We encourage our readers to follow and abide by all ad policies, laws and regulations that may apply.    If you decide to study and learn the methods explained within, you will lose your ad account,  you will be banned, so let it be known – do everything at your own risk & discretion.   

Today is your lucky day,  why?  Because I am going to reveal a true, tried and tested method to run diet/skin style ads on Facebook.    Something most of the “ballers” at ASW/ASE you see flashing their watches, and buying bottle services do.  They aren’t going to share this with you because they want to protect their easy money making methods.       So if you want to drive a Bentley,  if you want to buy 20k tables at Hakkassan for Tiesto’s Birthday,  if you want to flash some Breitlings then this guide is your road map to that kind of success.

All you have to do is take action, sadly that’s very hard for most people, but if you do, you will make $xxxx per day for sure. Guaranteed.

The following method outlined within performs the best with COD (Cash on Delivery) offers from Adcombo.

In this guide we are going to cover the following:

-Materials needed to run Adcombo COD offers on Facebook
-Ads Best Practices
-Getting the campaign link codes from Adcombo panel
-Setting up the TDS tracker/cloaker


Materials Needed 

1. Cloaker and or tracker that supports file_get_contents()  in PHP.

What this does is lets say your page is,  you will point the facebook ads to this link,  but that link only has a safe page which abides by all policy – if you use get_content in php, if you set the cloaker/tracker to show a money site *which btw is an aggressive landing pages that DOES NOT abide by the policy,  it’s going to show facebook bots the safepage, while showing real users the ‘money site’ all on the same URL.

BTW, you might have heard of redirect cloaking – basically when facebook bot comes to they stay there, and see safe page, but if its real user they get taken elsewhere.  This is not that good because when they detect a redirect by penetrating your cloaker, it will count as another flag potentially triggering a manual ad account review so you don’t want that.

2.  CPA Network Account at Adcombo [sign up here]

Adcombo is my favorite CPA Network for COD style offers.  I like COD offers way more than typical trials (trials are when people only pay shipping with their credit card, then in a week they get billed the full amount and feel ripped off) COD offers are cash on delivery, the people know how much the product cost when they fill out the form to order, and there’s no rip off feeling afterwards because no credit card was given thus can’t be charged at random.  Get your adcombo account here.

3. Web Hosting account to host your safesite/landing pages,  domains from namecheap.

We host our landers/safesites at BlueHost because they have kick ass tech support and fast servers.

We buy our domains at namecheap because they don’t screw you over like Godaddy with renewals.


For your campaign to be most effective, please be sure to register a domain name that is most relevant to the vertical you wish to run.  For example, if you are running skin like Goji Cream with Adcombo – I would use a domain like: or something like that.   It has been statistically proven that a related domain name is going to increase conversions.


4. Prelanders  (obtained from Adcombo panel)

This is how a magazine style prelander looks like in Thailand.

You need to pick an offer, and get the prelanding pages.  These are the landers that look like fake magazine articles showing the visitors the before/after pictures, testimonials and other marketing techniques that are proven to work by big guys like Ryan Deiss, Neil Patel, Tim Ferris, etc to get the visitor to convert.  These prelanders are against multiple parts of the facebook ad policies, because they contain a ton of stuff which is misleading.

Unfortunately, people in our world expect the unexpected always; like they want impossible things to happen – but that’s another story.   There’s a saying you need to swim with the tide, not against it – the prelanders which Adcombo supplies do just this – they tell the reader what they want to hear.

This is how you get a prelander inside the adcombo panel:

Step 1) Navigate to the offer page, and then where you see prelandings, click on the globe icon:

The perlanders might have code you don’t need that can redirect traffic away from you. Be sure you know what you are doing when ripping and cleaning these landers!

Step 2) It will open the prelander in a new browser window.  What you can do right now is right click, then select click complete website as, and then clean up the code yourself.  This process is called ripping and cleaning a landing page – there’s a shitload of code in here, so if you are no coder like me, you can get Banners&Landers to rip & clean it for $40 for you.

I recommend asking your Adcombo rep, which are the top 2 best converting pre-landers for the offer you want to run,  they will save you a ton of time and tell you the best ones, then you split test those in your tracker.

5. Safe Page & Articles

We usually get safepages built by hand for us through BannersLanders.  Then we put safe articles on these safe pages that relate to the angle we’re running on facebook.  Say it’s a diet angle, where if you drink this smooth you will lose weight – we find an article online on a reputable site that talks about smoothies and that diet, we then have this re-written by our writer at BannersLanders and post it on our safe page as an article.  This gives us the url.  Let’s say for example

For every angle, we have a matching safe article on our site that we send traffic to.  It’s very important to do this, to look natural if a reviewer comes in to check the site manually.

Ads Best Practices

Facebook has a lot of options when it comes to ads.  They let you run ads on Mobile, on Desktop for one; they also let you specify if you want it to run in Mobile News Feed,  Desktop News Feed, Right Hand Side, Audience Network (sucks), Instagram (a total different game on its own) as well as Live Articles (which is new and we didn’t test).

Usually, we prefer Mobile News Feed because there’s an ever growing amount of traffic here, which means low CPM costs.    Plus the ads can be made to look really nice and big.

When creating an ad for a COD Adcombo offer, it’s best to always be indirect because facebook hates misleading ads.   Here are some examples of Good Facebook Ads, (you can find many more to get inspiration from using a facebook ad spy tool).

Getting the campaign link codes from Adcombo panel

Since we are ripping landers from Adcombo panel, and hosting them on our own server.  We must dump the link code we are going to use for our campaign separately.  To do this, all you have to do is login to Adcombo, navigate to the offer page and then make sure there’s no prelander checked under Prelandings, and you check only one landing page under Landings (also called the offer landing page).  Press the generate tracking URL button then copy it from the tracking URL field up top.

 Ask your rep which one is the best converting landing page for the offer you want to run.


Installing & Setting up the TDS tracker/cloaker

You should have the domain name you registered already at this point, next you will need to install TDS which we are going to use to ‘cloak’ our money page and show our safe page.     They have really good support documents, so I am not going to dive deep how to do the basic stuff on how to install it.   \

In a nutshell
1. Download TDS from here
2. Install it on your Bluehost server using the domain name you registered at Namecheap
3. Now it’s time to setup TDS for cloaking

I set up the campaign as Standard to use all the filters for streams. Stream Mode is Linear (to choose streams one by one). Define unique visitors both by cookies and IP (user to be unique for 48 hours) – it is not mandatory, but we do it like this anyway.

The default action must be a “Show HTML” option. For content is used the HTML code of a Safe Page.


Bot protection is set as “Let them go to streams” .

As you can see, every click of traffic is seemed to be sent to a safe page. We send bots to streams, cause facebook requires ads to be available to everybody, so we cannot show them 404.

Adding the streams and filters to cut off bots and reviewers.

The campaign now looks as follows:

All the traffic will be sent to EXIT stream (html of a safe page) without any filtering. Now we need to infiltrate our targeted audience to send them to a pre-lander.

We click on add a stream

We then set up an action the same as “Show HTML”. Insert the HTML-code of a PRELANDER(!) as the Content. Have a look:

And now we need to add the filters of the targeted audience to send them to a prelander.  As we also run Facebook Ads from Instagram I would allow the following filters for my Stream:

Country: Thailand (any click from different geo can be a reviewer);
Device Type: Mobile phone, Tablet (as desktop clicks in Instagram are definitely reviewers);
Language: [TH] Thai (perhaps some of your visitors use English, but I’d prefer not to risk at all);
Unique IP;
Unique Cookie;

We would reject from the Stream:

Empty Referer (definitely a reviewer);
Empty UserAgent (definitely bot or a reviewer);
Proxy clicks (as it may be suspicious);
Bots (the tracker does have its database of bots, but it is not perfect);

We want to specify that there are many more filters in the tracker/cloaker; feel free to extend the options that are added if you feel it will make our cloaker more safe.    If you have your own databases of IPs – you may add them in filters and protect your money page aka prelander even more.

The result should be looking like this:

Why did we add all this criteria?  The answer is we want to forbid every visitor that does not correspond to the traffic that we need and want on our money page – we want all these bots, facebook moderators, spy tools, etc to go to our safe article.

Now we need to grab the URL we are going to add into our facebook campaign.   A URL that will look really pretty like and not ugly like a long redirect chain of a tracker URL.      Once you have the URL, you turn on the campaign, and it’s all good to go.    Your visitors that are real will see your money page (prelander) and everyone else will see the safe site.

Here is a little screenshot of Thailand Goji Cream in action.   Our CPC was around 2.4 cents, and our EPC was 0.58, so a nice 100% ROI on our ad spend investment.   How much you scale this is totally up you, and how hard you are willing to work will decide how much you will make. The secrets to scale really are systems and having a team so you can replicate what works really fast before the ads wear out.   Good luck!


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I get banned?   Talk to your relatives, use their accounts.
  2. This sounds so complicated, what do I do if I don’t know how to do this all? Talk to a computer nerd and team up; it’s called a Joint Venture aka JV in the internet marketing space – lots of people do it.
  3. I am not creative, and this requires a lot of creativity for marketing angles, and the ads. What do I do?  You can SPY and see what others are running, or you can try this service who can help you with the creative part.
  4. You own Banners&Landers don’t you?  Yes I do, and I recommend them because they know what you need and they will save you time and money – you won’t have to educate some clueless idiot about what you need, they already know.   You can go to upwork, freelancer and fiverr if you don’t want to use
    Banners&Landers.-Getting an LP ripped & Cleaned at BannersLanders will be an investment of $40.-Facebook Ad Design will cost you $10Talk to miro.netmarketing on skype to order or if you have any questions.
  5. I need some help, where can I ask you questions? Best place to reach me is via the STM Forum, sign up here. Then start a post inside the Facebook section or just PM me there.
  6. This is a sponsored post, why should I believe what you wrote here?Great question, if you don’t believe this, then do what you believe in.     Have fun, that’s all that matters.

Want some other ways on how you can make money online now?  Check out this awesome article!

[FREEMIUM Guide] $150+ per day on Facebook running sweepstakes offers



This was a sponsored post by Adcombo – the #1 CPA Network for Cash-On-Delivery health and beauty products.    

FACEBOOK: You are restricted from creating additional fan pages – how to work around this problem.

Facebook, they can be a nightmare and your best friend at the same time. Let’s say you are running some campaigns, and you have a Facebook Agency with many accounts. They decide to ban a few of your accounts for policy violation, and with them ban your FB fan pages too. This triggers something in their system that will not allow you to create many fan pages, either restrict you to making 3 every 24 hours or remove your ability to make any for a period of week to a month or forever (if you’ve been very evil).

To every problem, there’s always a solution. For this particular problem, what you can do is make new facebook accounts, invite them to your fb business manager as admins, and create fan pages. If you use the same IP, it will trigger a ‘you created fb fan page too fast, so you have been restricted for 24 hours’ – usually after the 3rd created fan page you’ll do that. You can try from another ip, that is also a workaround. Again, they will block after 3.

You can also ask a friend to create fan pages for you, then you can claim these fan pages.

Or you can get someone to create fan pages for you, and they can share access with you.

So there you go, the work arounds. Enjoy.

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