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Why NOT? – Facebook Accounts Farming & Renting for Cloaking BH

Why You Should Think TWICE About Renting Facebook Accounts – If you are reading this, chances are you’ve felt the sweet world of BH/Cloaking Facebook. You know the ROI is amazing, a yummy 400-500% if you know your stuff. You also know, once they ban you, good luck getting another account. Or really… there has been a lot of talk about Facebook accounts on forums like STM the past months, a lot of people want to get their piece of the pie, but it’s not easy. If anything it has gotten super hard. Gone are the Tracfone days, or the days of BOA Cards. Now-a-days, if you don’t think outside the box good luck, you will just lose time and money trying to outsmart the intelligent AI systems of Facebook that keep getting smarter each and every day.

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Top 8 Facebook Scaling Methods to Increase your Profits Overnight

No big blah blah text, you know me – straight to the point, stuff that works.

This is best done taking your lowest CPA adset (the one making you the most net profit, then doing these)

1. Duplicate existing adset 3x
2. Duplicate existing adset 3x increase budget by 50%
3. Duplicate existing adset 3x set RHS
4. Duplicate existing adset 3x set DNF
5. Duplicate existing adset 3x change objective
6. Duplicate existing adset 3x increase budget by 50% change objective
7. Duplicate existing adset 3x set RHS change objective
8. Duplicate existing adset 3x set DNF change objective
*It helps if you open up an excel and follow how each performs, and run this for at least 48 hours before touching anything. Ideally you want 72-96 hours though.

Once the data has ran, kill the ones that are not making money and leave the rest. There you go, spend has increased, and so did profits. Remember, increasing the budget in your original adset by editing it is a big NO NO. It is only going to increase your CPA 99.9% of the time!! And you don’t want that!

Go ahead, try it and thank me later :)

Facebook Ads Primer Part 3/3 [Campaign Optimization]

You have learned a lot in the previous part of my Facebook Primer. We have covered the importance of angles, and we started to wade through the inviting waters of Campaign Optimization. Today we will continue learning about proper Facebook campaign optimization, and finish with some useful tips.

If you know me, you know that I always test, test, and then I test some more. If you have read the last part of my Facebook Primer, you already know how important it is to split-test your ads. “But what about decreasing bids?” – Is the question most of you have sent me, and the answer is right in front of you.

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Facebook Ads Primer Part 2/3 [Angles]

In the last part of my Facebook Primer I have talked about some important facts one should consider before setting up a Facebook campaign. Many newbies tend to make the same mistakes, but all of the mistakes can easily be avoided with knowledge, planning, and thinking outside of the box.

First part of the primer showed the importance of sticking with a niche, choosing the right offers, and targeting a specific democratic. Today I will teach you the importance of angles and a bit about creating the ads, since most of you already know a lot about it.

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Facebook Ads Primer Part 1/3… or 4 [Creating Campaigns]

It is a fact that Facebook is not considered a new platform. You are probably savvy enough to know that many affiliates have waded through the seemingly treacherous waters of this well-known social media website.

I have been busy with Facebook for some time, and I have received many messages related to Facebook from you guys, hence this awesome primer which is sure to give you some pointers in how to approach Facebook ads. There are plenty of affiliates out there who are making good bucks thanks to Facebook, and that is why so many people out there are giving it a go, but there are other reasons as well.

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[Very Important] How to Make Money on Facebook – The First Step – ANGLES

Angles are one of the most important things (aside images) when it comes to Facebook. Having a good angle can make or break a campaign.   Why? Because the marketing ‘angle’ is how you can connect with your audience. And here’s the funny part;  if you come up with what you think is a killer angle, it might actually suck. Most of the times, the stupidest angles I thought would never ever work, end up killing it and performing 300% better than the one I thought is the best.

To test angles, you first should dial in the best image. Start by doing 10 ads, with no angle, and see which one gets you the highest CTR.

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