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What is the best way to structure an FB ad campaign?

This is a very common question, and no matter what page you visit there is always a different answer. You can believe this, or that but me being a technical guy, I love to analyze and then figure out really which is the best method to run.

Take for example, a Shopify store with 10 products.  Some say it’s best to make 1 campaign, then one adset for each product.  Sure it works;  but what if you want to scale, what if you want to run tests, what if you want to keep things organized so you know birds eye view which campaign is performing, which needs optimization and so on.

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[CASE STUDY] What is the right time to start your Facebook ad campaign?

When to start your Facebook ad campaign is great question.  Often times we are scared if we screw this up; FB will punish us with sky high prices and/or we will shoot ourselves in the foot and won’t stand a chance against our competitor. In fact,  if you are doing Facebook, you will always hear the advice “start your campaigns at midnight when the account resets”. Everyone swears by this; but I don’t trust anyone – I trust data. So I did another paid test, and I am sharing the results of this split test with you for free.

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The best way to buy likes on Facebook

Buying likes on Facebook; most people say DO NOT DO IT, It’s A Rip Off.  It’s Scam.

Why?  Because you are going to get people liking your page who don’t give a damn about your product/business; and therefore the engagement will be horrible, if any.

TRUE, TRUE… but;  what if I told you there’s a way to buy likes AND get crazy good engagement?

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Adespresso – What does auto optimization do exactly?

The write up on the official adespresso page is pretty vague, so I sent them some questions and this is what they replied:

  1. Auto optimization triggers once a day normally during nights. Your campaigns will be self optimizing once they have enough data to check and see which are the top performing elements within the campaign.
  1. Usually we suggest to set up at least $5 for each ad set you are running.

  1. Automatic Optimization includes some rules that give a frequency cap and examines all the ads within your campaign by CPA- pausing the under-performing ads and allocating budget to the best ads within the campaign.

We cannot share the specific rules.


Bummer, so not specifics on how/what, but at least we learned that it runs once a day during night time.


Optimizing & Scaling Your Facebook Campaigns – Step by Step

A lot of people have been asking me, how the hell was I able to get to XXXX per day with TEESPRING in a manner of months; because when they tried and launched shirts they failed.

My trick is simple – once I find my unicorn I work real fast to scale that one unicorn as fast as I can. All while, my team is continously launching new shirts every single day. We have this saying “No idea is a bad idea” so we try every single stupid t-shirt idea we can think of, and many times they pay off big.

This same method can be applied to anything really, mobile apps/games on FB, lead generation, sweeps, ecommerce and more.

When you find the unicorn (in this case lets say a shirt where the CPA is $2) you want to scale it out horizontal – more interests, more countries, more devices, more ad placement types, etc.

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