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How To Target Your Ads on Facebook [Quick Guide]

Despite what you might have heard (IE: That you just gotta target age, and go broad) in 99% of the cases, this isn’t true if you want to make money and/or don’t have an unlimited budget.

Laser targeting is very important, and it is what will help you get nice ROI on your marketing.

To laser target, what you have to do is first launch audience insights tool inside facebook manage ads.

Then set the geo, and leave everything else as is.

Now, if your interest is say Lord of the Rings, type that into interests.

Clicks on the PAGES LIKED tab inside audience insights, and sort by AFFINITY.

You want pages that have the highest affinity. These are the key to your success.

But, rather than just taking these pages and targeting them, what you want to do is open each, and check if they are REALLY related, because sometimes they will be not about your product/service you are trying to sell.

TIP: Look at when posts were posted, how many likes/comments each of them got. If the likes/comments ratio to total page likes is high, then you know this is a truly engaged FB page with a lot of passionate followers/fans.

Organization Trick: How to Create Gmail Account Specific Bookmarks

This is going to be a quick to the point organization trick. If you have multiple gmail accounts like I do, then it could be a pain in the ass using shortcuts. Not anymore, there’s actually a URL hack that you can use to create a gmail specific shortcut.

It’s quite simple.

Start out by bookmarking your gmail inbox, then click edit. And look for this URL:

now go into the other gmail inbox, bookmark that as well, and click edit, then change where you see 0 to 1, like this:

now rename the bookmarks so they make sense.

Clicking link 1 will open the first logged in account,
Clicking link 2 will open the second logged in account.

There we have it, instead of having to click link, then click gear icon, and change to another email you already logged into, now you can just create shortcuts for each different logged in account 0,1,2,3,4 etc and in one click access the desired account.

Are YOU Making This Mistake When Picking Creatives? FIND OUT!

I meet a lot of affiliate marketers who are still making a giant mistake when it comes to picking the best creatives while optimizing.     That is why I decided to quickly write up this guide to hopefully help You once and for all to never make that mistake.

Using this method in your media buying strategy is a must if you want to dominate the competition.  Remember, most affiliates overlook this and pick off heart after seeing some good numbers in Voluum data.

Let’s do an exercise together

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How To Create Landers With AdsBridge – Step by Step Guide

ab_logo_400x400_2AdsBridge the all in one tracker, and landing page builder tool is no replacement for custom and original landers by – however it is a must for any affiliate marketer that does a lot of testing!

I wrote this guide assuming that You already have an account with AdsBridge, so that we can skip the registration process.

Those who are reading this guide but don’t have an account with AdsBridge can create one HERE.

Here we go!


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3 Ways – How to Come Up with Angles for Android App Install Campaigns

The following guide is my exact method on how I come up with angles for App Install Campaigns on Android.    If you are into running iOS apps, the approach is similar except using different tools, we will cover that another time.

Coming up with angles is something that seems to be the biggest problem to many affiliates out there?   Maybe they are not creative enough, or are worried their angles they come up with are just not good enough.   I’ve devised a tried and tested, and proven method that just works.

Why is it important to test various angles?  Because that is what will make or break a campaign.  More often than not people make the mistake that they try 1 angle and a shitload of banners and their campaign ends up at -90% ROI, so they give up concluding this offer sucks.       We, super affiliates know this super well that’s why we aren’t worried by the influx of new affiliates hitting our industry everyday.  Instead we structure our campaigns well, test a ton, and then let the data do the talking.

All right, now that the intro is all done, let’s get down to business shall we.  This is how my team comes up with angles for app installs we run; and we run many exclusive app installs that we cap out for direct advertisers so we use this method a LOT.

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Introduction to Native Advertising and How to Setup A Campaign on Gemini

Native Advertising is gaining major momentum, and if you own white hat offers it is a great way to advertise to people that are highly engaged in your content.

I am promoting Banners&Landers using native advertising to webmasters and affiliates who need cheap, fast and reliable landing page services.

People that are too busy to learn HTML/CSS/mobile responsive coding, Photoshop as well as top level affiliate marketers that prefer working smart vs hard – Ones that outsource everything to a 3rd party instead of getting bogged down.

This is a guide to help you understand what it is, and how you can get started. Read More