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WH Ecommerce on Facebook – A Case Study [Creatives Revealed!]

A lot of affiliates are struggling,  BH is getting harder, so today I want to share with you an awesome opportunity to earn money and minimize the risk of getting b4nn3d as it’s what EFF BEE loves at the moment… and that is ECOM (Not Drop Shipped Ecom mind you, rather product is in target country, so delivery is FAST).

This case study was sent to me by my good friends at ClickDealer CPA Network (Sign Up Here), who were so nice enough to show off the creatives used, both images and the video ad (you can rip and run these, or make variations of to test the offer – I suggest the latter, as your own variations will work best.)

Here we go…

So the offer in question is an accupuncture tool ecom offer, it pays $XX and is available in these geos:

As it’s an ecom offer, you don’t have to cloak it, you can link directly to the URLs provided as all redirects happen within subdomains of one clean domain so you don’t have to worry about FB asking any questions.

The offer was launched in Tier 1 locations (US, UK, CA, AU), due to them containing the most affluent audiences.

The initial results allowed the team to continue developing the campaign and after optimizing the promotional materials, we reached a stable point of positive ROI.

The campaign took place exclusively on Facebook.

They based our optimizations on conversions (we ran a Website Conversion campaign, and placed both the Add to Cart and Purchase pixels). We first optimized for add to cart, after we had 100 add to carts, we switched to Purchase — this is called training the pixel)..

Then they split-tested by age and gender.

According to their data, the amount of sales was identical between male and female audiences, however women had better CR, thus lowering the CPA.

Average CPA – $3.30

Impression optimization by conversion

Attribution window – 1 day after the click

The funnel goes straight to the landing page without cloaking

The campaign started mid-February 2018

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Facebook Ads stats

Facebook Ads Setup – Click on image for Full Size

ClickDealer CPA Network stats

NOTE:  The team had to be cautious while picking out the creatives, due to the danger of breaking the “shocking content” and “display of physicality” policies. Part of the creatives were denied for that reason. Some of the creatives used were spelling out all of the product’s benefits, but were not top-performing.

Examples of creatives:

The creatives were optimized based on age, gender, geo, and angle. U.S. turned out to be the most lucrative location, with most of the media buying budgets allocated to that area. The team tried narrowing the targeting down to states and cities, but saw no outstanding results.


The relatively modest initial budget ($1.5k) with further scaling from the campaign’s revenue yielded a nice profit of $57.4k due to the low CPA and high ROI (414%).

The offer’s perspectives remain promising. One of the vectors of further growth is testing other geos, mainly Europe and top 5.

A creative approach to promo materials and targeting may yield results matching the presented ones and better.

This offer is very good especially now that facebook takes reviews from customers, in addition customers will be happy as the product is shipped locally and will arrive in a manner of days.

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**This was a sponsored case study; Interested in a case study for your offer?  You can contact me on Facebook, Instagram, Skype (attilaodri) 

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