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Top 1001 Taboola Placements

If you are looking to spy for native ads, here’s a list of the top 1001 placements on Taboola Native Ads Network.

You can use a Proxy like HideMyAss and connect to the geo of your choice to acquire an IP address and then visit each of these sites to get the down low on whats running on Taboola.

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Trust Badges Can Increase your Conversion Rate by 74% – Which One Should Use?

Some say this, others say that.  I never trust the grapewine, and you shouldn’t too because it can cost you lost revenues. One thing for certain, some things like Trust badges can increase your CR and thus make you more money on your shopify store are true.  I’ve used optimizely to split test this, and yes it causes a lift in CR.

But then comes the question, which trust badge should we put on our store? There’s tons of trust badges on google images!

Econsultancy did a customer survey; how and who they interviewed to get their opinion I am not sure, but they found this:

McAfee (79%)

Verisign (76%)

Paypal (72%)

BBB (37%)

TRUSTe (28%)


This was actionable data I wanted to test myself, but I changed it a bit and decided to harness the authority of Google. So I added the google logo in there as well and ran this targeting people who spend their life on Facebook using Google Surveys, and spent $50 bucks on the data and got 168 people to give me their opinion.

This is what the survey looked like to people that took the test:


This is what the results were   As you can see VeriSign still was #1,  but Google came in #2 followed by Paypal #3,  and McCafe was really low on the list.    Pretty interesting? I THINK SO!



How To A/B Test Broadcasts & Subject Lines on aWeber in 3 Easy Steps

NOTE: This tutorial is for aWeber, my favorite email marketing tool I use to stay in touch with my blog readers.  If you don’t have an account yet,  get one here!

Split testing on aWeber can be a bit tricky since at the time of this tutorial, they removed the link under the Create a broadcast button to create one.  But not to worry; turns out its still available by accessing it via a direct URL.

I will now teach you all the steps you need in order to successfully create split tests in AWeber.

BTW, In case you don’t know what email marketing is;  or why it’s important to split test subject lines as a minimum when sending emails to a list this tutorial might a bit advanced and I really recommend you check out Frank Kern’s stuff on youtube about list building; or read Russel Brunson’s book called DotComSecrets to get familiar with the subject.

Here we go…

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[FREEMIUM Guide] $150+ per day on Facebook running sweepstakes offers

12/23/2016 – This was a premium post I did for STM earlier this year, this Xmas I decided to release it publicly, as my gift to you. This is a real, actual, working method to make big money on Facebook. It’s not a SCAM, or something other. Just read the post comments below, there are many guys making $1k/per day thanks to this guide I wrote and published on StackThatMoney premium forum. There’s a ton of other great guides like this one, that isn’t public yet, you can read here. All I ask is that you SHARE THIS by either tagging friends or pressing the share button! Happy Holidays

I’ve spent the last 8 months playing with Facebook, learning every targeting method possible and practicing and fine tuning the craft of optimization and finding passionate audiences.

Today I am going to share with you a method that can easily generate $150 bucks or more for you; if you do it right – this is an exact campaign that was making me $xxx per day on average, on auto pilot pretty much.

This method has to do with picking a popular trend in a country and then exploiting it in your favor and all the hype around it to BANK! This is going to be a long post; so go grab some popcorn!
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[SIMPLE GUIDE] How to manually import conversions on Google Adwords

Here’s a SIMPLE way for you to understand how to configure/setup the conversion import template.

NOTE: For this manual importing to work you need GCLID; to get this ‘serial number’ as I like to call it for every click you need to first enable it in your Adwords account. To do this click the gear icon on the top right and then click ACCOUNT SETTINGS, look for where it says TRACKING:  Auto Tagging:  No.   Click EDIT, and change it to YES.

Let’s break it down by whats in it

They have these fields and I’ll explain what each is:

Google Click Id

This is the GCLID you get when every click is tagged (make sure you enable it) they automatically append a ?

gclid=####################randomnumberhere######## ##### on every click that comes to your banner/text ad/creatives

Conversion Name

This is the Conversion Pixel name we created under Top Menu > TOOLS > Conversions. In other words; you create a conversion pixel; then the name you specify for it here; is what you need to put inside the CONVERSION NAME field in the import template.

So if you want conversions to import to a conversion pixel you’ve created named “LEADS FOR“, then under the “Conversion Name” field you would write that in.

Conversion Time

This is so confusing, they want it in this format (just copy and paste it, I usually just set to yesterdays date and 1 sec before midnight):

03/01/2016 23:59:59

Conversion Value

You can leave this empty or fill it in; it will work either way.

Conversion Currency

You can leave this empty or fill it in; it will work either way.

WE ARE NOT DONE YET; here’s the important one ->

They say in the template that you need to “# TimeZone values should be entered in HHMM format (e.g. New York is -0500);

look for this line:

Parameters:EntityType=OFFLINECONVERSION;TimeZone=H HMM;

change it to be what your timezone is, for example if you are in new york then change it to say


if you are in Budapest like me, then change it to Parameters:EntityType=OFFLINECONVERSION;TimeZone=+0100; and so on so forth.

After you have done all; it should be pretty clear from then on. Now you can manually upload conversions.

TIP: If you are using voluum in conjunction with Google Adwords; in the traffic source profile for google add in gclid as a place holder. That way all the gclid’s will show up in your voluum campaign reports!!

How to increase your ROI and save your ad budget on Google Display Network

Every pro GDN advertiser knows that mobile and desktop are never going to convert the same way. That’s why its super important to block as much as possible right from the start on your campaigns intended for desktop only.

To do this, you need to apply a -100% decrease mobile bid adjustment under the Settings > Devices tab on a campaign level.

Secondly, you want to click Display Network>Placements tab, and add in under campaign level exclusions for placements:
That’s the two most important steps; but we’re not done yet – if we really want to maximize our ROI, and minimize wasting our ad budgets there’s one more step which is a must.


You want to click on a campaign, then DISPLAY NETWORK > +TARGETING TAB > Campaign Exclusions > Site Category Options and exclude:

Gambling, in game, gMob app non-interstitial, error pages, and parked domains.

This is what it will look like after you are done:

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