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Adding Custom Code To Specific Pages in WordPress

A new challenge presented itself, and I decided to document this because I’ve been doing it blindfolded, but many people might be a bit confused on how it’s done.  The task is to add a custom tracking code to specific pages in WordPress.

In my case, I need to add a custom tracking code from LinkedIn into the thank you page at (this one ->

You can use webhooks and php code to do it if you are a 31337 hacker, but if you are like me who likes things simple and fast…. then the easiest way is to install a wordpress plugin named Tracking Code Manager.  It’s awesome, because you just add the tracking code, then you paste a shortcode by editing the WP post itself and BAM you are done.

Here’s how:

  1.  Login to wordpress, and on the left hand side select Settings -> Tracking Code Manager
  2.  You should see the Add New Script page, if not click it on the top menu and then give this tracking code a link.   I wrote LinkedIn Tracking Code
  3. Paste the code, and select where/how it should be shown (for me it’s before the </BODY so i selected that)
  4. Click SAVE and now you will be presented with a list of the tracking codes where you can grab the shortcode.
  5. Copy the shortcode; my shortcode is   and head over to the page you want to add the code into.*Since I am tracking for conversions, aka people that filled out the contact us form that came from linkedin, I am adding this to the B&L thank you page over at
  6. Paste in the code, and press update post and bam you are done.

That’s it pretty simple right?


How to Delay Firing Your Facebook Conversion Pixel

This Facebook Conversion Pixel trick will help get better, more qualified visitors to your site because it will help train it to be smarter. When running campaigns,  thinking outside the box can yield amazing profit benefits.  One of these things is delaying firing the facebook pixel when a visitor comes to your page.

Why would you want to do this?

The answer makes a lot of sense, and here’s why – lets say 10 people come to your page,  7 of them come, they see it, and they close the window.   They didn’t read ANY of your text, they probably saw oh damn this is an advertisement,  and bounced right off your page.

Then there are the 3 that stayed, and read the page.    THESE ARE THE TYPE OF VISITORS YOU WANT! They will read your lander,  and are most likely to convert on your offer.      Train your pixel to target these kind of people!   Delay firing your facebook conversion pixel by 3 seconds to clean your pixel from “bouncers”. We personally use AddToCart to optimize for people that visit the LP and actually read it.

It is easier than ever to implement, all you have to do is add a setTimeout function to the tracking elements and specify how many milliseconds you want it to wait before firing the pixel.


Here’s the default FB pixel they give you from the Pixel Panel:

<!-- Facebook Pixel Code -->
  s.parentNode.insertBefore(t,s)}(window, document,'script',
  fbq('init', 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX');
  fbq('track', 'PageView');
  fbq('track', 'AddtoCart');
<noscript><img height="1" width="1" style="display:none" src="" /></noscript>
<!-- End Facebook Pixel Code -->

We are concerned about the AddtoCart tracking property, we want to fire this only for people who read the page/stay on it for minimum 3 seconds. So we wrap it in some sexy code that will delay it from firing.

Here’s the FB pixel from above with the setTimeout function added

<!-- Facebook Pixel Code -->

  s.parentNode.insertBefore(t,s)}(window, document,'script',
  fbq('init', 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX');
  fbq('track', 'PageView');

     fbq('track', 'AddtoCart');
}, 3000);

<noscript><img height="1" width="1" style="display:none" src="" /></noscript>
<!-- End Facebook Pixel Code -->


Note: Be sure to replace XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with your pixelID!

TLDR version:

We've added setTimeout(function(){     }, 3000; 
around the "function" we want to delay ->
  fbq('track', 'AddtoCart');

PS: You can use 3rd party tools like Google Tag Manager, or PixelYourSite to delay firing the pixel through those, you may also create a custom audience, and optimize for the top 25% of people that spent time on your site, or top 10% or top 1%. So there’s multiple ways.

Why I Love the new FREE Bitterstrawberry HybridLink service!

The affiliate-marketing in-a-box system here is – BitterStrawberry just launched a new revolutionary tool for affiliates- The HybridLink®! We’ve been using it for the past 3 months and this is what I think of it.

Affiliate marketing is hard,  very hard.  A typical system of launching a campaign involves looking for new offers to run every other day, talking to AM’s at 3 to 5 different networks to find what’s hot, what’s doing a lot of rev on the network and which offer is hot so you can grab a piece of the pie.    On top of the initial picking offer part, there’s also planning the campaign, setting up the tracker,  creating the camps on the traffic source and then multi-variate testing all the different variables to uncover pockets of profit to scale.     It does take ample time, and man power to set this all up – it’s not easy.      On top of that, things like trackers,  VA’s all cost a lot of money, so they add to the investment you have to make up front before you see a penny of profit.

Let’s take for example an offer in PT (Portugal) targeting the MEO carrier;   to effectively test all the variables like device, OS, placement,  banner, etc you effectively have to setup 50 different campaigns on the traffic source to spend an equal amount of money collecting statistically significant data.      With my team we usually do offer payout x3 per variable to test it properly before culling it.    That’s quite a lot of money.

On top of all that work, there’s another problem that happens quite a lot – the offer you are testing runs out of cap, and boom it stops counting conversions – sure you can have a VA monitor it and swap in a new offer, but again that’s tedious and a lot of work.  I remember one time we forgot to swap links because offer capped at midnight and we lost $4000 in traffic because it was going to an offer that didn’t accept any more conversions!  You don’t want this to happen do you?  I am very sure the answer is NO!

Now we’ve been using a solution for our mobile campaigns that works like a charm,  the Hybrid link system from BitterStrawberry that’s like your AI assistant working 24/7 for you.    It helps take care of all the above, and make sure we don’t lose $4000 ever again,  plus it optimizes way faster/better using complex 95% statistical algo calculations which helped us earn 25% more on the exact same campaign sets than when one of our media buyers used to optimize by hand.

The Hybrid Link saves you a ton of time and it’s totally free! No fees, no monthly subscriptions! Setting it up once and you get access to thousands of single offers, freedom of choice in selecting what YOU see fit for your audience & more, all in ONE place, with no other tracking tool or platform needed.

You have the guarantee that the 12.000 offers available worldwide are run/tested and optimized before you start running them. THIS IS HUGE – I repeat, the offers are already optimized and the system KNOWS exactly what micro-segmented details (ie OS version/Mobile Device/IP Range, etc work best for it).      THIS IS WHY IT ROCKS!!

After 1 week of getting familiar with the tool, you’ll be able to save more than half a day time, which you’re currently using to research offers, get feedback from different partners, plan & setup your campaigns.

The HybridLink has a/b testing built in and the links also enable you to add your own variables to make it easier to track variables of your own;  there’s a ton of rules you can setup to handle 99.99% of your incoming traffic.   The stats are updated automatically by the system every 10 minutes, so you will be informed at all times about the status of your account and what you need to scale and when.    This way you can remain in control, and be in the known when something needs your attention.

Bitterstrawberry is a bad ass network with over 12,000 offers worldwide,   they have been around for years and never skipped a payment.  If you do six figures or more, they can pay you whenever you want – I remember we had a campaign doing so well we needed cash flow and they were cool enough to pay us every 3 days.     They do work with you closely which is always awesome in my books.

To get setup it is pretty simple and user friendly, but if you just started in affiliate marketing and you need help, they provide 24/7 dedicated support via teams that speak multiple languages (English, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, Italian) and will be there for you from the setup stage & throughout your planning & testing, so really it’s perfect for real nerds like me who hate when people hold their hand and also for newbies who never launched a campaign before.

One area where they excel at is the type of payment methods they offer which include but are not limited to Bitcoins, Wire, WebMoney, Payoneer, Paypal and Paxum.  

You probably heard that many Networks have an interview with new affiliates, and they reject most most of them.   To avoid this headache, feel free to use iAmAttila as a referral when signing up, this will help speed up the process and get your account up and running the fastest.


PS:  A lot of people asked me, why in the world does BitterStrawberry need affiliates if they have a system that can optimize everything and knows what traffic works on what offer the best.   Their answer was that they are pros at monetizing the granular data, and they don’t want to allocate the resources and don’t  want to be traffic buying experts – this is where they seek you, the affiliates to be their partner and earn great money while utilizing their system with traffic it’s very hungry for!

Facebook bans the iAmAttila fan page

5/19/2017:  UPDATE & GREAT NEWS – After filing my 11th appeal with Facebook, they have unbanned my Fan Page and said sorry, their system made a mistake.    Again, just like in the past when it comes to huge traffic sources, persistance pays off.     

3 days ago, I got notified that my page has been unpublished by Facebook.     To my shock of course, because why would they unpublish a fan page that I built over 4 years and has 100% organic followers.

I send them an email, and at first get a canned cut n paste reply saying it violated policy.  Then I write them again, and one is nice enough to look into it.   To my disbelief this is what they say:
I have just heard back from my internal team who have advised that your Page ‘I am Attila’ has been unpublished for causing people to like or engage with it unintentionally in a misleading way.

Our Page Terms state that: ‘Pages must not contain false, misleading, fraudulent, or deceptive claims or content.’ All Pages must comply with the Facebook Page Guideline. For more information, please read the Pages Terms:

This is absurd,   now I really wonder if I should even bother making a new page, and starting from scratch when they can just on a dime take it away for no reason overnight.    Fuck facebook.


Free Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions Generator

Part of running things white hat requires having Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions on every single webpage you send traffic to.   There are a ton of tools out there, that will ask for your email address then spam the crap out of you afterwards trying to sell you things.     Many of them are sneaky and they will only tell you, that you need to enter your email address right after you created the privacy policy;  just to waste your time.

I experienced this a few times, that’s why I asked my coder to create this awesome and lightning fast free privacy & terms generator;  all you have to do is enter your details, press download and that’s it.    No BS,  just what you need in a few seconds.   Enjoy!

>> Click here to use the FREE privacy & terms generator now!

How to find & hire your first virtual assistant (and why)!

It’s no secret to be successful at internet marketing, You will need to build a team.    Otherwise, you are limiting your own success.  The last thing you want is to be the bottle neck of your operations. I meet and talk to a lot of affiliate marketers every day and they always ask me about my team; and how I hired my very first employee.

When it comes to hiring your first VA, people always think, oh jump on UPWORK or another freelance site and go nuts. Sure this is a great idea; however a lot of the freelancers I’ve encountered on these sites are careless; don’t take work seriously. They see work as a means to an end, and not like a professional business relationship – which for us internet marketers is bad, because we need reliable staff.   I wrote about this before, and it attracted a lot of ‘bad press’ from upwork freelancers; but – the facts still remain most freelancers think they are free so they work whenever they feel like it only; often leaving internet marketers in the grind stuck waiting and waiting and waiting.

There’s actually a way to solve this, because one thing I do agree with from all my hate comments on that upwork post is that not all of freelancers are unprofessional. So how do you find the good ones?

The trick is proper test procedures in place; that makes an applicant go through multiple tests in order to test their knowledge, and also their speed, and their work ethic (yea some of those tests get sent on weekends). And you know what, this systematized way of evaluating freelancers workers.

So why hire virtual assistants?

To remove the bottleneck and increase productivity. Say you are about to launch a campaign; that’s made up of a lot of moving parts (lets call em puzzle pieces). If you have a skilled VA; you can give them many of these moving parts while you focus your time on the $100-1000/h activities. Like talking to AMs to get the hottest new offers; or seeking out the advertiser to cut out the middle men – the cpa network.

Don’t you want to get more shit done in the same amount of time you already spend working? I bet you do!

Where to find virtual assistants?

There’s the obvious choices, upWork, eLance, Freelancer but there’s also other great resources where you can truly hire superstars – for the Philippines the following are very popular:, Craigslist Manila, Jobstreet. These are all sites where you need to post an ad for your virtual assistant job, and then review applicants, interview them, and go through that manual process.

How to find the perfect virtual assistant for you?

First of all, make a list of tasks you want a virtual assistant for. Let’s say you are a typical affiliate marketing – then these tasks might be;

-editing landing pages and making changes (for example swapping a product image on a skin care lander), changing the angle, etc.
-doing spying (looking for ads that relate to the offer you are running to get ideas for angles)
-entering data into voluum like offers, landing pages, traffic sources + their tokens.
-keeping tabs on expenses per traffic source, and revenue generated

these are just a few that come to my mind on the fly, but from the list you know you will need more than a pretty face that can say yes sir every other sentence.

You need someone with some basic skills HTML, CSS, research, data entry, book keeping (someone that’s organized)

In your ad you’d explain these; and then wait for applicants.

GREAT, I have my applicants, now what?

Next, you’d want to test them on all these things related to what you need a VA for. Keeping to the above example, here’s a sample of a 4 part test we’d send our applicants. We’d monitor a lot during this process; how long it takes an applicant to do a test from the moment they received it until deliver; and if they are available on weekends while we’re doing this process (if yes, that’s a good sign because it shows they are very interested in the job) and also if they pay attention to the instructions, or they just rush through it.

Test 1 – For HTML/CSS – I’d send them a page we prepared, and ask them to goto google images, and find a product named WHATEVER, then i’d tell them yuo need to swap out the current product on lander, and replace it everywhere with this product in both text + images.

Test 2 – I’d ask them to find me 10 CPA networks that are the biggest based on alexa rank. This would be the test on how they can research, and also how they can problem solve (we are looking to see what they will do with the alexa rank part, will they simply google what is Alexa, and how to find the rank, and what it means, or will they ask a question, or simply abandon the project because they don’t know)

Test 3 – Data entry, we’d ask them to create a spreadsheet on google drive, and find the top 10 highest density cities in the usa, and enter it into the excel and nicely format it.

Test 4 – We’d give them a challenging question like, our offer was paying out $40, and we were getting an EPC of 0.06, if we invested $1000 dollars, after 10000 clicks, what was our final outcome? — again you can prepare any challenging math question, it might even be missing something – you are looking for their ability to solve problems by asking questions or providing you with an answer that outlines the missing part.

And last but not least, why is a man hole cover round? 😀 Just kidding.

So there you have it; a test to vet your VA to make sure they can do what you need. Of course, VA’s need to be trained, and for that we usually write internal procedures (much like this guide) but very detailed which unfortunately I cannot post online.
I’ve got multiple awesome applicant’s which one to hire?

I highly recommend hiring multiple ‘winners’ if you will and giving each a ‘trial period’. Some people are masters of faking their way through an interview process, only to disappoint afterwards. That’s why we utilize a trial period with all new hires and we observe how they communicate, their availability, and the overall experience working with them.

We first ease into the work process slowly, and as we build up rapport with the employee and trust and know they are superstars, we delegate more and more tasks to it.

In conclusion, hiring your first VA can be a life changer, if you do it right. Please do not make the mistake of hiring the first one that applies, make sure you vet them properly by taking them through a series of tests. This will help get rid of the lazy ones who feel entitled; those people will not do your tests; or they will only do them if you pay them for it – this is not good attitude, and it’s an automatic NO from our end.

The more custom tailored the tests are to the actual tasks you need done; the higher the success rate will be when it comes to finding your superstar VA.

Good systems like this are the secrets of super affiliates; so use em and you will increase your profits!