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How to increase your ROI and save your ad budget on Google Display Network

Every pro GDN advertiser knows that mobile and desktop are never going to convert the same way. That’s why its super important to block as much as possible right from the start on your campaigns intended for desktop only.

To do this, you need to apply a -100% decrease mobile bid adjustment under the Settings > Devices tab on a campaign level.

Secondly, you want to click Display Network>Placements tab, and add in under campaign level exclusions for placements:
That’s the two most important steps; but we’re not done yet – if we really want to maximize our ROI, and minimize wasting our ad budgets there’s one more step which is a must.


You want to click on a campaign, then DISPLAY NETWORK > +TARGETING TAB > Campaign Exclusions > Site Category Options and exclude:

Gambling, in game, gMob app non-interstitial, error pages, and parked domains.

This is what it will look like after you are done:


dontbeevilDo you run Android app installs that are on Google play on DL?

Have you noticed a mega drop in CR?

Well,  you can thank Google for another one of their ingenious new ‘improvements’ and updates – introducing the new and *cough* NOT *cough* improved Play Store!


NEW “Improvements” (not!)

Ratings are now hidden (you need to scroll to see them)
File size is now hidden (you need to scroll to see it)
Screenshots of the app are cut off (you need to scroll to see them)
Description is hidden (you need to scroll to see it)

Add all these things that got bumped to below the fold, and BAM -70% drop in CR!

Google – don’t you guys perform any A/B split tests? 😀 😀 What an improvement a nightmare to app developers who now are wondering wtf – why did my apps ad revenues drop – and media buyers wondering wtf happened to app install conversion rates all of the sudden?

Yet another ill-thought-out move by Google means less installs on Google Play.    Lets hope the shareholders won’t notice 😉


PS: Remember folks,  Don’t Be Evil.



Concerned about Google stock price falling? Well now You should be TERRIFIED!

Since march 30th, Google introduced one of the most ill thought out policy changes we’ve ever witnessed.   As per their new advertising policies – NO LONGER can advertisers use call to actions (Click Here, Get App Name, Download App Name, Install App Name, Buy, Order, etc) in their advertising.

HOW is this a problem?    Well, you see what drives ad revenues (and ultimately Google’s profits) is how many times people click on advertising.       So, the ammount of ad inventory sold is directly connected to how many times a person clicks on an ad.    Now they took away the ability to use call to actions in advertising, so the number of times people click has gone done drastically.    All in the name of better user experience.     Sure brilliant, but what about investors’ experience?    With this move,  revenues are going down big time.  I know quite a few media buyers that were spending almost half a million dollars PER MONTH on adwords,  now they are struggling to spend $10,000.

How Am I Dealing with this, while I hope they backtrack and rethink this dumb policy change? — I am spending xxx,xxx per month ELSEWHERE!    Good for other advertising platforms, very very bad for Google shareholders!

UPDATE on Google!

So as you probably have read my past posts,  I was furious when Google changed their policy and by doing so, fucked their own ad approval system.    Before we mis understand each other I am not furious that they changed their policy for a better user experience,   we can adept to anything if we are good enough at this marketing game.  Luckily I was born with the ability to SELL,  and to write copy – so that’s not a problem.

The problem is,  when they changed their policy their ad approval system was not READY.   So it hasn’t a clue what is OK, what is not OK to approve and by disapproving banners that adhere to new policies one day, and approving them the next they really caused us a ton of grief,  so much so – their other system (that detects fradulent activity, policy violations, cheating) limited our entire account so much we can’t get more than 200 clicks even if we bid $1 on GDN in 24 hours.

It’s been one hell of a pain in the ass or PITA for short, waiting and waiting and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiting for them to fix it.     2 days ago,  our Account Manager at Google finally took time out of his uber busy schedule to tell us, they are now working on presenting our case (and others’ cases that are having same issues and CANNOT SPEND MONEY)  to the big boys in Silicon Valley.

So there we have it,  we’re getting closer to a solution, but let’s wait and wait some more!


Google Disapproved [Image ads requirements] Unacceptable Image Content – EXAMPLE

Google’s March 30th developer changes mean NO MORE CALL TO ACTIONS.

You cannot write, download, play, get now, install, start game, etc.   You cannot call to action the visitor to click,  they must make the decision to click on their own, this is the new master plan to increase ‘user experience’

Here is example of a disapproved ad.  The reason is the button that says Download (Descargar).  It’s not animated, its branded, so its clearly the button.


Update on the Inappropriate Image Content disapproval fiasco at Adwords

So, since April 1st we couldn’t get banners approved that did not violate the new policies.     Well, the correct way to say it would be we could get banners approved in one campaign, then if we setup another campaign they’d get rejected.

We are lucky and have a person inside Google helping us on this, she designed a banner which too; complies with policy only to have it disapproved by the system.     That is when we heard that yes, they do have a problem with their ad approval system, and was told our entire account will be re-scanned and all ads which violate the policy disapproved.

I wake up today (it’s Sunday btw), there’s a 500% jump in volume,  I check my stats and I see campaigns sending clicks which were all rejected prior by google.   In haste, I check those campaigns and I see APPROVED next to every ad.

Are we close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel?    Let’s hope so!