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Why I shutdown my shopify store [and what I learned from running one]

I created a shopify store 2 months ago,  wanted to get my feet wet and see how it is.  After all the free you just pay shipping and handling craze, and also the SAVE 80% off methods seemed so great, all tee-spring guys were switching from T to S.      Grass is greener right?   LETS TRY IT!

I registered a domain,  setup a site, and found some good suppliers on aliexpress.    These suppliers met my criteria,   over 98% feedback rating on minimum 1000 feedback,  items are good quality,  good price and in range.

Went ahead, had them added to my shopify store, and started launching ads and split testing them.  Orders started coming in, it was cool – but then I realized, FUCK I gotta fulfill these orders and not just do the marketing part (which is what im best at, and enjoy the most)

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How Fiverr Can Improve Its User Experience

Fiverr is a great place to go if you need some stuff you don’t always need.   Overall its pretty good, fast and efficient.  However having used it often,  there are some features that could really save time which I feel should be added.

  1.  Ability to Load Funds so you don’t have to go through the checkout process each and every time.This would help save 3 separate page visits, and allow us to order 20 gigs on the fly when we need to split test for example Teespring designers.

    Right now the only option to fund your account is a work around.     You order a gig say for $100 bucks, then you cancel, and the funds don’t get returned to paypal rather they get stuck in your fiverr account.  It’s kinda of cumbersome You have to do this ‘hack’ in order to fund your account to work more efficient I think.

  2. When you contact some gigs via the Contact Button, and they answer your questions and you feel they are going to do a good job,  now you have to go back to the gig you contacted from by clicking under THIS MESSAGE IS RELATED to, open that page, and click BUY.They could simply add an ORDER THIS GIG button at the page that shows the conversion no?

Thats all.

Designers and their lack of business sense .. RANT

I have been trying to find a designer who can chop+code the PSDs hyper6 made for me into fully responsive HTML5/CSS. Yea I have my own products now because I am sick and tired of CPA Networks shaving (*cough* technical errors *cough*) and/or advertisers scrubbing.

Unfortunately my company Banners&Landers doesn’t provide PSD2HTML service, only landers for affiliate marketers and their campaigns. So I begun my hunt on the usual places, oDesk, Twitter, Behance, etc etc.

I keep meeting designers that want either 400-600$ to code a single page from PSD to HTML/CSS, and say will take 2-3 weeks to do that, or I keep meeting people who want couple hundred and say they will deliver.

None of them give you a flat rate price before seeing what they have to chop up and code into HTML/CSS. You might agree and say OF COURSE THEY WON’T your page can be 10 pages in lenght, or really short so ……… YEA! That’s exactly it, the WRONG TRAIN OF THOUGHT.

You see, if a company would standardize PSD2HTML service and offer a flat rate, they could get VOLUME of orders. SURE some order they’d make little, on some they’d make a lot because these kind of things are various in size. But no, unfortunately most people weren’t blessed with a business sense, so they turn down a lot of work – instead of accepting everything, building a name for themselves, and thanks to volume after a couple months invested BANK consistently.

All right, rant off, back to work :)

RANT: Why don’t CPA Networks have reps in different time zones?

I’m sure if you live outside of the USA you can relate to this post I’m about to write.      I live in Eastern Europe,  and we follow the GMT+1 timezone here (CET),  that puts us 6 hours ahead of New York, and 9 hours ahead of Los Angeles.      When my office starts work at 8AM my reps at CPA Networks are asleep or just about to fall asleep.      Come 4PM our time,  the reps are just waking up, and will be heading to their office in about 2 hours.    So if I’m lucky, I can catch them around 5/6PM my time…   the time by which I have other things to do, and by when I may also be burnt out from having done a lot of work all day long.

Like today,  I have a bunch of creatives ready and ready to launch, all my reps at CPA Networks (not going to mention any names) are SLEEPING.   Now here I am,   waiting and waiting, instead of working and getting shit done.  WHY?  BECAUSE THE CPA NETWORKS HAVEN’T THOUGH OF HAVING REPS IN DIFFERENT TIME ZONES!

This is extremely frustrating, and it just shouldn’t be.     Anyway, though I’d share my rant to get the word out – CPA Networks you really need to get reps in different time zones, not all of us are Americans.


dontbeevilDo you run Android app installs that are on Google play on DL?

Have you noticed a mega drop in CR?

Well,  you can thank Google for another one of their ingenious new ‘improvements’ and updates – introducing the new and *cough* NOT *cough* improved Play Store!


NEW “Improvements” (not!)

Ratings are now hidden (you need to scroll to see them)
File size is now hidden (you need to scroll to see it)
Screenshots of the app are cut off (you need to scroll to see them)
Description is hidden (you need to scroll to see it)

Add all these things that got bumped to below the fold, and BAM -70% drop in CR!

Google – don’t you guys perform any A/B split tests? :D :D What an improvement a nightmare to app developers who now are wondering wtf – why did my apps ad revenues drop – and media buyers wondering wtf happened to app install conversion rates all of the sudden?

Yet another ill-thought-out move by Google means less installs on Google Play.    Lets hope the shareholders won’t notice ;)


PS: Remember folks,  Don’t Be Evil.



Here’s a funny email I received last night from a reader

Just saw it this morning when I woke up…thought i’d answer it publicly because I am worried people will get the wrong idea about voluum, the best tracker out there

btw: i censored the names of the 2 affiliate blogs he mentions out of respect.

Hey man,

thx for your awesome blog.. it is one of my favorites right.. i noticed something, and thought i’d ask you… you’ve been writing about voluum for a long time, and i’ve started using it because of you recommend… but yesterday i got emails from ********** and ********* promoting volume all of the sudden… why didn’t they promote it before?



Hey Tony, the reason why so many guys are recommending voluum all of the sudden is because Voluum just launched their affiliate program, so now these bloggers are going to get paid a commission if you sign up through their site.

Lets be real,  this is the world of affiliate marketing and most affiliate marketers don’t do anything for free,  I am different and share a whole lot of stuff and don’t ask anything in return because I simply like to do that…  anyway,  they didn’t promote it publicly before because they didn’t have a reason to – now that they get paid,  they will push it hard.

Don’t worry thought, Voluum is still the #1 tracker out there no matter what you read, and I got all the really old posts here on my blog to prove that (wayyyy before they ever came out with an affiliate program) so my info is 100% unbiased.

FYI: Now that they have an affiliate program, I will use it too.  Why not right?  But I mean still the facts stand, I started telling all my readers about it wayy back, because yes it really rocks.

If you don’t have a voluum account yet, click here to get one!

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