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The Secret To $1000 / Day – Sorry It’s Not Easy, Fast or Simple

If you know me, then you know I have been working with a team since my start in paying for traffic over 2 years ago (1 designer, 1 grunt worker). Since then things gotten a bit bigger, and today in order to make $XXXX-XXXXX per day, I truly gotta hussle which won’t be possible without my very dedicated and awesome work force!

I’ve posted about my media buying team last year – you can check that post here. Showcasing our old office that was on the 4th floor in downtown.

I’ve purchased a 4700 square feet half finished building, and we now use that to get the day to day operations done. If you read my blog, you might have seen some updates regarding this, but now I want to make an official post.

Many of you have been wondering, is “THE CASTLE” done? The answer is yes, it is – in fact it’s been since December 1st of last year. Well the interior that is. My media buying team has snow balled 3x over and now we’re running out of room and might need to start using the basement suite too! Since taking these pics on March 13th, we hired half a dozen additional people, so the pics are already outdated. LOL

Why the crazy expansion? Well because of problems I’m solving. (Thanks Problem Solving 101 book!)

So what are these problems? Well, affiliate marketing is getting more competitive than ever before.

See My Office & Meet My Media Buying Team V2.0 *UPDATED* – Click Read More button to see the full post!

Whilst before it’d be okay to take a few days to ‘get setup’ now time is of the essence. In order to solve this problem, I developed a system where creative angles, banners, landers, traffic source setup, tracker setup, QC & verification all happens simultaneously so we can launch, launch and launch faster than most people out there.

You’ve guessed it, that means 1 person that only works on angles, one person who designs banners and make variations of, one person who is in charge of landers, a worker who sets up the campaigns on the traffic source, and a worker that handles the tracker part, and another worker that does quality control & verification testing to make sure everything in the funnel is correct, optimized and links are pointed properly to the right offers.

Many might be wondering, by why so much people? Can’t a few REALLY GOOD people do that? The answer is YES, but!

In my experience when 1 person does just 1 thing vs multitasking they can specialize in that efficiency, find tools to improve the speed, and perfect the process so fast it gets done faster than expected.

I won’t lie to you, if you are MR Decisive, chances are you aren’t making much or any money at all. You are losing, you are screwing around with tiny little budgets testing this one day, that the next.

Charles Ngo said affiliates with a team are the future, and I agree 100%. While some are busy trying their luck with decisive over a period of a week to get an offer up, in my office we will launch 50 offers, find the best ones, scale it and milk it (in a week) – small affs will discover the best of these offers after we done volume and it appears on the top revenue report of CPA networks like ClickDealer, but chances are by then its too late.

Here are some pics from the new office from the inside. Exterior pics are coming soon too…












  • Nice

  • eagleeye

    Congrats man, looking awesome!

  • seopolis

    Much impressed with your success and your mindset. You have worked hard, risked a bit and now you are nailing it.

    But, I have to ask you something. Do you think that there is no room for new affiliates (like me) to jumb into the mobile media buys without a team? I really wanna test the waters first, gain some experience and then scale it up slowly. I really need your thoughts on this. Thanks.

    • Thank you SEOPolis. Yea always stretching the risk boundaries can yield great rewards. Let’s just say, I’ve grown a few grey hairs.

      There is definitely opportunity if you are willing to go the extra mile, and do things differently.

      Case in point, STM has an amazing step by step guide on how to run a mobile campaign from start to finish. This guide is modeled on Deceive as a traffic source.

      99% of people follow it step by step (and use decisive as a traffic source) … and FAIL most of the time.

      Now there are a few ‘who don’t follow the herd’ and they switch things up. Instead of doing what everyone does (using decisive as a traffic source) they get creative and find their own traffic source. Then the great lessons of mobile media buying work out and they start earning $$$.

      Morale of the story, yes you can do good IF YOU DONT FOLLOW THE HERD.

      Get creative ;)

  • Love Raj Singh

    congrats man and btw sick office. :P

  • Peter Szalay

    I curious too about your answer to sepolis!

  • This is what we are guys competing with! :-D BTW nice army Attila!

    • Thanks Erik :) You have an army of Ladies over there in TH :P

  • Hieu Nguyen

    Nice office! All your employees have 2 monitors :-o I’ll have to buy one more, lol.

    • Yup, dual monitors are the most efficient way to work!

  • Jirka

    How much days in the month you work just to pay these guys salaries ?

    • I don’t look at things from that angle. I look at it from how much value every member of my team brings and how much time they save me so I can focus on bigger, better things.

  • Servando So Yong Silva

    Nice place. Two monitors is a must for me. Next step is to build a team. A few links are missing BTW.

    • I think I fixed them can you please take a quick look? :)

  • Kim

    The office looks great! So nice to watch you grow and succeed :)

  • Mr Yaz

    Great stuff Attila! You’re rocking it dude.

  • Vanja

    Huge office man you got there! Look very very nice! :)

  • I like the new office. I also like the fact that you are creating REAL JOBS out of affiliate marketing. I need to screw my heard right!

  • Nice…thank Attila, your post are always great source of inspirations.
    I’m a noob and I’ve spent about 1K testing mobile app installs using both Decisive and Go2Mobi during last month.
    Unfortunately almost -100% ROI, even using offers suggested by my AM and with banners performing about 1% of CTR.
    I think that when the AM suggest me an offer, it is just saturated and so very hard to discover the right placements at normal low/mid bid.
    I do need to be CREATIVE as you say…but I’m wondering, what’s your budget(daily) x campaign when you have to test an offer ?

    • If app install pays $0.20-$1 my initial budget will be $20/angle – and will test 5-10 angles first.

      If it fails, then I’ll move onto other traffic source. And spend around $100-200 to test it.

      The easiest way to go to the right traffic source is to use a spy tool, then look at the history of the offer where it ran the most, then test on the top 3 traffic sources (where the offer ran the most in the past) first.

  • Artur Kre

    haha wow now everybody have 2 monitors

  • Affiliatelk

    Thanks for the heads up Attilia. One question , I am a srilankan. I contacted with somany traffic sources directly but I didnt receive any resposnse from them. For My first start up can I start with one campaign or need to test more ( But I know the exact process through your posts). How can I receive my commisions from my country ( Here we cant access paypal). Is there any chance to do the bank-wire transactions.. Awaiting for your feedback!

    • I don’t know about Sri Lanka, I never been there so can’t really help how you can receive your commissions. Bank Wire is my guess though.

      If traffic sources don’t reply to your emails give them a call. Sri Lanka isn’t regarded by most as a top tier country, and is known for lots of scammers/spammers so that could be the reason they ignored your emails.

  • John

    Thanks for your Post Attila.

    I wanna ask you how is your exact process, I mean you said two different things:

    1) “The easiest way to go to the right traffic source is to use a spy tool, then look at the history of the offer where it ran the most, then test on the top 3 traffic sources (where the offer ran the most in the past) first.” and then

    2) “Now there are a few ‘who don’t follow the herd’ and they switch things up. Instead of doing what everyone does (using decisive as a traffic source) they get creative and find their own traffic source. Then the great lessons of mobile media buying work out and they start earning $$$.
    Morale of the story, yes you can do good IF YOU DONT FOLLOW THE HERD.”

    In other words, you are saying to follow the most popular traffic where everyone is running traffic there and then you say to be original and dont follow the herd..

    So, which one is the best way?


    • I Am Attila

      When someone tells you to run an offer on a specific traffic source, or traffic type. Don’t do that. Do the other thing, or an educated guess by doing some competitive analysis to determine where the offer did good in the past. (or where a similar offer did well like it)

    • 1) WRW is a good spy tool, you type in the offer and it will tell u where it ran the most (what sources)

      2) If everyone is running on DECISIVE, go find other sources, and run there, not where everyone else is.

  • bubba

    Hi Atila – you mention a spy tool – I’m looking for just such a tool. Do you know anyone who could code me up something or someone that has the tool built and will sell one?
    Thanks man.

  • Jules

    Hi Attila,

    thanks for the the sharing in your blog.

    I’ve been reading them since one month ago. and I have starte after i got to know the process about affiliate marketing. I am running CPI offers , been trying buzzcity, airpush , but it didn’t convert well, i can’t really optimize them a lot. my Best ROI was -60% . I found that the cpc is not really the best way as it makes the actual cost reallly high and I noticed the super affiliates are actually doing CPM. can you give me more guidance ? I am a little lost without a mentor . my email is [email protected]

    I am looking forward to your reply.


  • Salau B. Kingston

    Hi Attila,
    I just got to your site today through a friend on twitter Charles NGO, and i dont really know whaere to start, i am languishing in debts and need help right now, please i would really love a mentor my email is [email protected]

  • Brandon Whited

    Thanks for the honest advice. I just started Affiliate Marketing three weeks ago and damn is it tough. But I am dedicated to making this work no matter how long it takes.



    • Love your attitude

    • Hows it going a year later?

      • Brandon

        Learned a lot about online marketing, copywriting. The whole shebang but it’s not for me in the long run, at least for now. MY work ethic wasn’t solid enough and I was doing it just for the money. I’ve got a sales job now, going to master sales, negotiation, persuasion in general and use the money to start something else

  • Wow awesome, $1000/day.

  • Henry

    Been reading some of your posts and you seem to be very bias and contradicting. Part of me is unsure if you are trying to mislead people or you think the way you do things is the only way to do it.

    • That’s ok. You decide if you want to read this blog and follow my advice or not; just enjoy what you are doing.

  • $1000/day wow that’s amazing.

  • mieczyslaw
  • $1k / day is a fantastic income.