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Top 8 Facebook Scaling Methods to Increase your Profits Overnight

No big blah blah text, you know me – straight to the point, stuff that works.

This is best done taking your lowest CPA adset (the one making you the most net profit, then doing these)

1. Duplicate existing adset 3x
2. Duplicate existing adset 3x increase budget by 50%
3. Duplicate existing adset 3x set RHS
4. Duplicate existing adset 3x set DNF
5. Duplicate existing adset 3x change objective
6. Duplicate existing adset 3x increase budget by 50% change objective
7. Duplicate existing adset 3x set RHS change objective
8. Duplicate existing adset 3x set DNF change objective
*It helps if you open up an excel and follow how each performs, and run this for at least 48 hours before touching anything. Ideally you want 72-96 hours though.

Once the data has ran, kill the ones that are not making money and leave the rest. There you go, spend has increased, and so did profits. Remember, increasing the budget in your original adset by editing it is a big NO NO. It is only going to increase your CPA 99.9% of the time!! And you don’t want that!

Go ahead, try it and thank me later :)

  • Banger

    So between every step you wait 48 to 96 hours?

    Are there any recommendations on how much the spend should be on the first initial adset?

  • Philip Wilson

    With change objective, do you mean changing for example from clicks to website to impressions etc?

    • Yea,

      add to cart
      initiate checkout


      there’s many objectives FB allows, and you can configure (place) the fb pixel so only certain objectives fire on different places in the funnel, and thus test optimizing that way

  • John

    Hi!! What is RHS and DNF?

    • The day you start using google to find answers, is the day you will get closer to being able to make it as a successful affiliate in this industry.

      • John

        Right Hand Side and Desktop News Feed.
        thanks for the info…

      • Atilla’s fans

        Mocheeba? :O

  • Scott Lamon

    Very good stuff!! Have you noticed any problems with FB un-approving ads when ad set spend gets over $400/day?

  • Pierre Rochere

    So basically you recommend to duplicate adsets under the same original campaign?

  • Hooked on the direct and concise style!

    What’s the rationale behind duplicating an ad set 3x?

    • I implemented #2 (duplicated an ad set and increased the budget by 50%) and, although it has not been long, the CPC is higher than my baseline so far.

    • I implemented #2 (duplicated an ad set + increased the budget by 50%) and, although it has not been long (48h), the CPC is higher than my baseline so far.

      So, my current takeaway is that duplicating x3 a good performing ad set is the work around duplicating that same ad set + increasing the budget (which might not perform as well as the ad set with original settings).

      I’ll keep testing :-)

  • FromRussiaWithLove

    Okay, but what about the small audience 500 000 – 1 000 000 ? We washed out audience by these methods and raise cpc on the ad copies, because many people have already seen this ad.may bet be better just to stay with a small budget and make copies from time to time?

  • Nitsan Swissa

    Hey Attila, any rule of thumb when setting initial budget for a campaign ?
    I heard something about 10$ for every 10,000 audience.

  • Mike Va

    Attila hello, I am trying to do it right now, but not sure If I fully understood.

    So, my product target CPA is 80EUR, I have two adsets (male/female), budget for each adset is 200EUR.

    Btw, I am using lookalike 1% based on all my customers, the list contained 4000+ people.

    Right now, I see that my Male adset is a clear winner. My next steps are:
    1. I duplicate this adset 3 times, keeping the same budget and inside only best performing ads.
    2. I wait 48 hours, and none of those 3 didn’t perform, so I go to the next variant, which is duplicate original adset 3 times and increase the budget by 50% and again wait for 48 hours and so on.

    Is it a correct way or I am missing something?