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  • Peet

    Priceless Information! Ive found a way to make more profit thru pivot tables.
    Its also on
    Bookmarked this site.
    Two questions:
    Do you have more cool stuff to share?
    Do you use nlp language patterns in your sales copy?

    • thanks for the link Peet

      1) i share cool stuff as i come across it :)
      2) this is the first time i heard NLP, so the short answer is no, but ill have a read – i usually just write on landers what i think dumb people would need to complete the process

      ie for an app install, the OLX app, on my lander i wrote, In order to start posting your classifieds and responding to classifieds, you must follow these 3 easy steps ..

      1.. click the button GO below
      2. click install
      3. open the OLX app

      that worked best in the geo i was testing, simple instructions … ppl are not tech literate, so u gotta guide them as you’d be telling your grandma how to send a text message :)