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[GOLDEN NUGGET] How to find the BEST Traffic Sources for App & Game Installs

Here’s some GOLDEN NUGGET (casino anyone?) information I guarantee you won’t find anywhere else; it’s not something that super affiliates share – but I’m no egotastic super affiliate – I am your friend :)

So,  guess what I found out just recently – there’s an uber cool way to find traffic sources that have a lot of in app advertising options and inventory.    Here’s what you gotta do.


1) Install a TON of apps on your phone – I suggest going and installing all top 100 top free apps.
2) Download AD Network Scanner by Lookout for your phone – here’s the link on G play.
3) Install it, launch it press Start Scan – then look through all the results and you will get AD NETWORK names!!

Simple, isn’t it?  Yet GOLDEN!


  • Thanks Attila. This will come in handy for sure.

  • Andrea Costa

    what about who wants to run android offers but has ios phone? :( i am running only android app install for now, this would really help

  • Kyle

    awesome tip

  • Thank you Attila. We could mix it with some other technics and it could power up this nugget ;)

  • Nice tip, but how about just sharing the list or selling it as a tripwire?

  • Omri

    Simple and effective – How it shold be!