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Here’s a funny email I received last night from a reader

Just saw it this morning when I woke up…thought i’d answer it publicly because I am worried people will get the wrong idea about voluum, the best tracker out there

btw: i censored the names of the 2 affiliate blogs he mentions out of respect.

Hey man,

thx for your awesome blog.. it is one of my favorites right.. i noticed something, and thought i’d ask you… you’ve been writing about voluum for a long time, and i’ve started using it because of you recommend… but yesterday i got emails from ********** and ********* promoting volume all of the sudden… why didn’t they promote it before?



Hey Tony, the reason why so many guys are recommending voluum all of the sudden is because Voluum just launched their affiliate program, so now these bloggers are going to get paid a commission if you sign up through their site.

Lets be real,  this is the world of affiliate marketing and most affiliate marketers don’t do anything for free,  I am different and share a whole lot of stuff and don’t ask anything in return because I simply like to do that…  anyway,  they didn’t promote it publicly before because they didn’t have a reason to – now that they get paid,  they will push it hard.

Don’t worry thought, Voluum is still the #1 tracker out there no matter what you read, and I got all the really old posts here on my blog to prove that (wayyyy before they ever came out with an affiliate program) so my info is 100% unbiased.

FYI: Now that they have an affiliate program, I will use it too.  Why not right?  But I mean still the facts stand, I started telling all my readers about it wayy back, because yes it really rocks.

If you don’t have a voluum account yet, click here to get one!

  • Peet

    Do you have good experiences with the support of voluum?
    They dont respond to my mail for over a month now so yeah..

    • Yes i know the owners personally.. they are good friends of mine so i cant really comment on the support..

      What ya need help with?

      • Peet

        Doesn’t matter, because I’ve already solved it.

        • great… just trying to help!!

          • Peet

            Thank you for trying to help me, I really appreciate it :-)

  • MikeR83

    hahaha you are right again.. not a bad streak! i got an email promoting voluum from 3 guys i follow so far.. tuan was a lil late tho xexexexe

    • haha good old tuan, i never met a more sincere affiliate turned CPA Network/private forum owner before.. he’s a great guy

  • drngo

    I’m pretty sure I was one of the blogs he was referring to ;-).

    It’s simple – I was waiting for Voluum to come out with their affiliate program. My blog runs at a $ loss because I don’t promote too many products.

    Voluum’s one of the few services I enjoy and wanted to endorse, so it just makes sense to wait for the referral program.

    I also wanted to wait until I was more comfortable using the tracker, and that they worked out all the major bugs before promoting it.

    An affiliate marketing blog demonstrating affiliate marketing.

    • yea man, you are right – you were one of them but out of respect i censored everyone the guy mentioned…. your voluum guide is awesome, guess i gotta catch up hahaha :P kidding

      you actually were the GUY that inspired me to help others and write a blog… thx for that :P

  • david

    thanks,love your opinion