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How to Tell If Your Lander Has Malicious Scripts Stealing Your Traffic

Affiliate marketing is a dog eat dog world; it’s no secret affiliates push the envelope, hell its a fact. You might think that awesome lander converting super well is clean of malicious code that shaves 1-20% of your traffic without you knowing, but you could be dead wrong and losing money.

We’ve been checking LPs for click steal code since the dawn of the dinosaurs (jk)… no really part of our internal procedures includes checking LPs for malicious code; today I am going to share with you some of these methods.

If the LP you ripped contains jquery, replace the links with the official jquery min links and see if that breaks the LP, if it does; that means you caught something sneaky.

Edit the source code of the LP in your favorite editor (like notepad++) and search/find window.screen. — this is super common one that redirects based on window screen size.. clean it out by removing the window.screen from in between the <script></script> tags..

Another trick to look for is, the location variable. Again, search the source code and change it to your own from someone elses.

Look for href inside the source code; this could be hiding tracker links of other peoples and/or redirect chains.

The getURLParameter is also a sign that someone might be stealing traffic from your LP, could be a footprint of a famous tracker.

If the src= variable is linked to some 3rd party URL, then that could contain code to redirect the user onLoad.

These are just some of the tricks that you should watch out for; if you are not a coder; as this can be hella confusing be sure to talk to and ask about the malicious script removal they offer.

Why I Love the new FREE Bitterstrawberry HybridLink service!

The affiliate-marketing in-a-box system here is – BitterStrawberry just launched a new revolutionary tool for affiliates- The HybridLink®! We’ve been using it for the past 3 months and this is what I think of it.

Affiliate marketing is hard,  very hard.  A typical system of launching a campaign involves looking for new offers to run every other day, talking to AM’s at 3 to 5 different networks to find what’s hot, what’s doing a lot of rev on the network and which offer is hot so you can grab a piece of the pie.    On top of the initial picking offer part, there’s also planning the campaign, setting up the tracker,  creating the camps on the traffic source and then multi-variate testing all the different variables to uncover pockets of profit to scale.     It does take ample time, and man power to set this all up – it’s not easy.      On top of that, things like trackers,  VA’s all cost a lot of money, so they add to the investment you have to make up front before you see a penny of profit.

Let’s take for example an offer in PT (Portugal) targeting the MEO carrier;   to effectively test all the variables like device, OS, placement,  banner, etc you effectively have to setup 50 different campaigns on the traffic source to spend an equal amount of money collecting statistically significant data.      With my team we usually do offer payout x3 per variable to test it properly before culling it.    That’s quite a lot of money.

On top of all that work, there’s another problem that happens quite a lot – the offer you are testing runs out of cap, and boom it stops counting conversions – sure you can have a VA monitor it and swap in a new offer, but again that’s tedious and a lot of work.  I remember one time we forgot to swap links because offer capped at midnight and we lost $4000 in traffic because it was going to an offer that didn’t accept any more conversions!  You don’t want this to happen do you?  I am very sure the answer is NO!

Now we’ve been using a solution for our mobile campaigns that works like a charm,  the Hybrid link system from BitterStrawberry that’s like your AI assistant working 24/7 for you.    It helps take care of all the above, and make sure we don’t lose $4000 ever again,  plus it optimizes way faster/better using complex 95% statistical algo calculations which helped us earn 25% more on the exact same campaign sets than when one of our media buyers used to optimize by hand.

The Hybrid Link saves you a ton of time and it’s totally free! No fees, no monthly subscriptions! Setting it up once and you get access to thousands of single offers, freedom of choice in selecting what YOU see fit for your audience & more, all in ONE place, with no other tracking tool or platform needed.

You have the guarantee that the 12.000 offers available worldwide are run/tested and optimized before you start running them. THIS IS HUGE – I repeat, the offers are already optimized and the system KNOWS exactly what micro-segmented details (ie OS version/Mobile Device/IP Range, etc work best for it).      THIS IS WHY IT ROCKS!!

After 1 week of getting familiar with the tool, you’ll be able to save more than half a day time, which you’re currently using to research offers, get feedback from different partners, plan & setup your campaigns.

The HybridLink has a/b testing built in and the links also enable you to add your own variables to make it easier to track variables of your own;  there’s a ton of rules you can setup to handle 99.99% of your incoming traffic.   The stats are updated automatically by the system every 10 minutes, so you will be informed at all times about the status of your account and what you need to scale and when.    This way you can remain in control, and be in the known when something needs your attention.

Bitterstrawberry is a bad ass network with over 12,000 offers worldwide,   they have been around for years and never skipped a payment.  If you do six figures or more, they can pay you whenever you want – I remember we had a campaign doing so well we needed cash flow and they were cool enough to pay us every 3 days.     They do work with you closely which is always awesome in my books.

To get setup it is pretty simple and user friendly, but if you just started in affiliate marketing and you need help, they provide 24/7 dedicated support via teams that speak multiple languages (English, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, Italian) and will be there for you from the setup stage & throughout your planning & testing, so really it’s perfect for real nerds like me who hate when people hold their hand and also for newbies who never launched a campaign before.

One area where they excel at is the type of payment methods they offer which include but are not limited to Bitcoins, Wire, WebMoney, Payoneer, Paypal and Paxum.  

You probably heard that many Networks have an interview with new affiliates, and they reject most most of them.   To avoid this headache, feel free to use iAmAttila as a referral when signing up, this will help speed up the process and get your account up and running the fastest.


PS:  A lot of people asked me, why in the world does BitterStrawberry need affiliates if they have a system that can optimize everything and knows what traffic works on what offer the best.   Their answer was that they are pros at monetizing the granular data, and they don’t want to allocate the resources and don’t  want to be traffic buying experts – this is where they seek you, the affiliates to be their partner and earn great money while utilizing their system with traffic it’s very hungry for!

How to Create Custom Audiences for Facebook Ad Manager/Power Editor with Ease

You may, or may not know that the Facebook Audience Insights tool is total crap.     It doesn’t let you target every interest that comes up in it; plus there’s many interests that you may add to the left side bar, but when you go and create an audience, you just cannot run ads (add them to your interest targeting keywords).

To be sure of what to target, most people would just go into ad manager, and use the fields there – however there’s a better, more efficient way to create audiences.     This is perfect if you have a team, and you trained up someone to be a master of creating highly passionate audiences like I have.    Why?   well, they can get access to this page without ever needing to hop into ad manager/power editor and create all kinds of custom audiences your VA or real life assistant/media buyer can simply select from a drop down when they are ready to put some campaigns online.

Here’s why you can create custom audiences with ease.

  1. Make sure you have account setup.  The facebook business manager or FBM for short.
  2. On the top menu click  Asset Library > All Tools > Audiences

  3. On the Audiences screen, click the Create Audience blue button, then click Saved audiences

  4. Name your audience whatever you want (if you have a system for naming stuff so your media buyer(s) can follow, use it here);  and then setup your audience as usual:

  5. After you are done, click the CREATE AUDIENCE button and that’s it.

Now when you, or your media buyer, or VA go and create Facebook Ad Campaigns they will be able to select the right audience in a click of the mouse rather than having to enter it every single time!

Pinox – A kick ass affiliate network and why you should give ’em a go!

I first heard about Pinox around 4 months ago from an acquintance on Skype when asked if anyone knows a good place for sweeps offers.   So I had one of my guys sign up, and run a small test.    To make a long story short,  what worked for us was that they had exclusive offers in real weird geos that no one else had; so we had what’s called first movers advantage by running the offers on their network.

Anyway,  If you are looking for the perfect affiliate network to start with, be sure to check out PINOX.  They have a great lineup of exclusive mobile offers in weird geos; and weird geos are the key to profits in 2017.     Sign up here, and use iAmAttila when they ask who referred you so they actually approve your application.

What my team really likes when working with Pinox, is that their reps actually know their shit, and can recommend not only the top offers, but also tricks and which traffic sources match up real well with the offer to send HQ traffic that converts.    This truly sets them apart from a lot of other networks, who just want you to sign up and only talk to you IF you start showing volume.

At the moment they have over 350 mobile offers in pin submits, sweepstakes, SOI/DOI, dating niches.    They constantly add new advertisers and a lot of new offers weekly.  Here is a latest EPC report they gave me, which shows there’s quite a lot of impressive offers in, again weird geos you can buy super cheap traffic in to make some good coin.

Another great thing about PINOX is they sign advertisers directly, meaning they do not re-broker offers from other big networks and then make money doing absolutely nothing.    They also use modern tools like Forensiq, which monitors traffic quality to get rid of fraud which helps ensure you will have top conversion rate, as you can see from the EPC reports.     They use a very advanced offer tracking system, just like my other favorite network Adcombo, which in my opinion allows for way faster traffic flow and better performing campaigns.  Their system is built with redundancy in mind just like the top affiliate marketing tracker out there,  and uses the same Amazon based engine behind the database.

One super cool feature I almost forgot to mention is that Pinox developed a smart bot for Telegram @PinoxBot. Download it with one click to track your balance, statistics per hour/day/month, new offers,  you can keep track of your stats while on the go.

They are a great network if you are an affiliate that needs unique offers you won’t find elsewhere; then it’s perfect place to start.

Click here to get your account setup and start making money >>


PS:  PINOX just launched an awesome contest where if you are an affiliate you can write a case study with how you ran an offer with PINOX and by doing so enter in their contest to win one of many great prizes like Apple iPhone 7 Plus,   Macbook Pro, or Apple Watch.       The contest just started so get going right away! Click here to get your account setup and start making money >>


Tim Burd featuring iAmAttila – A Seriously Advanced Mastermind BERLIN – June 16 & 17, 2017

If you are an advanced affiliate making at least $1000 per day and you feel stuck in getting to the next level, or you are a blackhat affiliate looking to cross over to the other side where you can forget about account bans for good then you will want to attend this mastermind.

Tim Burd, a guy that is a true $xx,xxx,xxx super affiliate is holding a private mastermind right after AWE in Berlin.   This mastermind is set to take place on June 16th & 17th at the Sofitel Gendarmenmarkt [link to hotel]

I am also going to be speaking at this event a little bit about how to find, hire, and train staff as well as create systems to run campaigns 98% passively using a team.    I will talk about the art of delegation as well, which is very important, and how you can assemble a team of awesome experts and get shit done; something that’s a must in this competitive affiliate world.

Here is the timetable for the 2 day event, which by the way is fully catered so food & drinks provided.

  • Day One (Friday June 16, 2017) – 6 Hour Mastermind on Facebook Ads & Networking (12pm-6pm)
  • Day Two (Saturday June 17, 2017) – 6 Hour Mastermind on Facebook Ads & 2 Hour Group Networking Dinner (12pm-8pm)
  • Both days will consist of some advanced best practices on landing pages, How to maintain Ad Accounts, Facebook ads, 1-on-1 Help, Group Q&A, multivariate setup/optimization tutorial, Special “Golden Nuggets”, tons of actionable tips and tricks you can implement immediately for instant ROI and much much more! ($24,000 Value)
  • BONUS #1: You will be given access to a mastermind-only attendee Slack group that is intermediate and advanced level Media Buyers and Advertisers Only. 
  • BONUS #2: Attila will be presenting on various topics absolutely crucial to success such as team building, hiring the right people, how to create systems and more.
  • This is well over 15 hours you get to spend with Attila and I learning advanced tips and tricks. This is over a $24,000 value. There will be 15 spots available. All other bonuses are included. The price for the first 10 tickets sold for all 2 days is only $5,000. You can pay securely using the form on the right. Lock in your spot right now. You also have the option to split into two easy payments if you order by May 14.  (One payment today of $2500 to secure your spot and one payment of $2500 in thirty days billed automatically).
  • Whether you are already making a lot from Facebook Ads or relatively new, you will benefit the most from this as you will be able to instantly see a measurable ROI from this event. This will take you years ahead and save you hundreds of thousands in lost profits over the years it would have taken you to learn. Those of you already making money from Facebook Ads, on average this event will double your ROI. This should be a no brainer. Secure your spot now! I have had over 100 attendees at my Masterminds and EVERYONE has loved them. Everyone says they would have been happy to pay $15,000-$20,000 for it! Don’t miss out!

SPACE is very limited!!  Reserve your spot at


PS:  I know there’s a shit ton of guru courses out there,  but trust me, if this was BS I wouldn’t dare put it next to my name.   Ask anyone that took a private mastermind with Tim Burd to verify that yes, he is an 8 figure per year super affiliate, and that yes his course is worth every penny.    Please go ahead and ask


How to find people most likely to buy your Shopify products? [Quick Guide]

Shopify is hard as hell, it’s not uncommon to blow $10,000 to test 100 products, and lose $9000 in the process. When you ask people how do you target your products, most will always tell you BROAD. Which is total bullshit, and it’s a sure way to lose all your money really fast. (Unless you already spent a million bucks plus, and you have a trained pixel, but that’s another story not all of you starting out can proudly be in possession of).

So HOW DO YOU maximize your chances to succeed and find the peeps most likely to buy your SH*T? 😀

Facebook audience targeting / interest targeting / keyword targeting coupled with the NARROW down function.

Let’s say we are trying to sling a cooking related product, going broad would mean targeting everyone in the country thats a woman, maybe 25+ right? That’s like over 30 million people, too much. Even if you narrowed it down by using the “COOKING” interest keyword, it’d be way too broad. You see the way fb works is their algo will automatically throw anyone in that liked anything related to cooking, and this does not mean that person loves to cook; hell no. Maybe they watched America’s Test Kitchen once, and liked the show, or they are fans of Gordan Ramsay just because they ate at his restaurant. THIS WAY IS THE SURE WAY TO BANKRUPTING YOURSELF!

The right way to go is to go after the passionate people, you find them by starting with the broad keywords like COOKING, and then narrowing that down with RECIPES, and then adding in some MAGAZINES like Taste of Home, and even more magazines, like Cooking Light, and more magazines like COOK’s Illustrated Magazine.

Now the tards at Facebook took away one of the best ways to explore a niche and get the truly the best targets passionate people in that niche love – aka the affinity score. But that’s ok, we can use Google. For magazine’s just type top NICHE magazines, NICHE organizations, NICHE clubs, and the list goes on. Then you take these names, and add them into your targeting.

Here’s how cooking is looking for me, narrowed down through 5 layers:

As you can see, the audience is 12000 only – yes, yes I know when you talk to people they will say they love their audience to be 2-5 million, that is the sweet spot.   REALLY?   Why is that the sweet spot, do they explain?  Or do they explain how they got to that audience size?

You see,  the smaller the audience size the better as long as you are targeting and narrowing it to be the most passionate.   Facebook is so damn smart, that if you run ads to these guys and the product does well,  then you can generate a LOOKALIKE based on everyone that clicked through from this audience, and then you will have your 1 mill, 2 mill…. 5mill audiences that are very much like the people in your super passionate narrow audience.   And that is where scaling begins.

Hope you liked this quick one,  until next time!