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Update on the Inappropriate Image Content disapproval fiasco at Adwords

So, since April 1st we couldn’t get banners approved that did not violate the new policies.     Well, the correct way to say it would be we could get banners approved in one campaign, then if we setup another campaign they’d get rejected.

We are lucky and have a person inside Google helping us on this, she designed a banner which too; complies with policy only to have it disapproved by the system.     That is when we heard that yes, they do have a problem with their ad approval system, and was told our entire account will be re-scanned and all ads which violate the policy disapproved.

I wake up today (it’s Sunday btw), there’s a 500% jump in volume,  I check my stats and I see campaigns sending clicks which were all rejected prior by google.   In haste, I check those campaigns and I see APPROVED next to every ad.

Are we close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel?    Let’s hope so!


The Most Important Part of Marketing – Identifying Your Target Audience

I’m going to make this short and sweet, the biggest mistake 99% of new guys coming into affiliate marketing make is they just dive right into making campaigns but do not spend the time to do their homework.

Doing homework includes learning about the product as much as you can, and then using the knowledge gained to research your audience.

Let’s say we’re pushing a dating offer,

There are many tools out there, that let you type in the URL of the site, and get information on demographics,  where most of their traffic comes from, what keywords,  what traffic sources and so on so forth.  You’d go to each of these sites, and pull as much data as possible (NOTE: many sites need a subscription to get full data, but when you are starting out the free data is also better than NO data)


Use the data, see how it overlaps (ie age groups, sex) to start building an ‘avatar’ of your target market.    You may also look at similar sites (in our case lets say similar sites to and pull their statistics as well to get more ideas, and build a clearer picture of who the target market is.




Google Admitted IT! “apparently our system is not working well. “

Quick update:  So for the past few weeks we’ve been having one hell of a time getting ads approved.  They all keep getting rejected for this reason:

Disapproval Reason
[Image ads requirements] Unacceptable Image Content: Images in ads may not simulate the typical functions of a user’s computer. This includes presenting simulated operating system warnings, menus, moving and clicking arrows, or other graphics or messages intended to elicit clicks under false pretenses. Google also does not permit animated ads which include a game or contest played in order to win prizes or other compensation. This includes ads where users are encouraged to win or claim prizes by clicking on the ad. As outlined in our advertising terms and conditions, we reserve the right to exercise editorial discretion when it comes to the advertising we accept on our site.

Our banners however, do not violate these rules.    Luckily we have a very helpful person inside Google working with us to fix this problem,  and to do so we’re performing bunch of tests.  One of these tests included her redesigning our original banner and then having Policy team check, and manually approve it.

We then took that banner she designed which apparently met all their rules,  and created new campaigns with it only to have the banners disapproved and the reason being the same we always get.

At least we’re making progress, now google has admitted that “apparently our system is not working well. ” and hopeful will fix this soon.   We wasted a good 20 days out of this month trying various banner designs, only to have some approved, and then the same ones that got approved rejected.  But now that the problem has been identified, and Google admitted to it –  hopefully there’s a fix in the near future!



Make Money Online Affiliate Blogs SUCK!

Let’s face it guys, there is a shitload of info out there on how to make money in affiliate marketing; most of it is just rehashed shit that gets rewritten by one guy from the next.   Yes they SUCK   Respect to the exception like Charles NGO;  but many run of the mill make money resources are horrible, and they don’t share any new information.

I want to be different… follow the greats like Dr Ngo!  So here it goes, bet not many cover it in detail as I do from experience.. more google developer policy info, and how it impacts us CPI guys!

The magnitude of google’s developer policy updates are being felt by CPI guys left right and center,  effectively all of the kick ass utility apps (Clean Master, KK Tune Up,  360 Security,  Du Speed Booster, Battery Saver, GP Market, and many more were paused).     As per the new rules, you cannot run any banners that have Call to Action on them telling a person What to Do  – that means you cannot have Download App, Install App,  Install, Download, Click Here,  Go There, etc because it violates the new developer policy.

OH now here’s The Irony; if you read any guides, or FAQs by the great Google guys, ie: Matt Cutts, or any other adwords group advisor – they all always praise the importance of clear and conscience call to actions.     How does this impact us all?  Well,  simple – CTR is down big time compared to before March 30th. (We can’t use clear CTAs!)      When CTR is down,  costs go up because your eCPM sucks – and all ad networks look at the effective cost per mille to decide who gets the volume of traffic!

Now for a little controversy…   Google reported a shitty Q1,  lower than wall street expectations – rattling the panties of all share holders world wide.  OMG OMG we gotta do something Google though.    Do no EVIL:  lets “disavow” call to actions from being used,  in turn making less people click, and that will make everyone have to pay more IF they want click volume.     Genius!!!    –Please sign off on Idea Mr CEO:    —SIGNED—  



Leadbolt Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API

Leadbolt Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API

  • [TRACK_ID] – Reference ID specified by LeadBolt to reconcile with their own third-party system

  • [CLK_ID] – Click ID as sub1

  • [PUB_ID] – LeadBolt’s publisher as sub_publisher

  • [AD_GROUP_ID] – Sub Ad Group as sub_ad_group

  • [AD_ID] – Ad ID as sub_ad

for Voluum, CPVLab, ImobiTrax,Prosper202,STM Mobile Tracker,etc.

BuzzCity Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API

BuzzCity Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API

{clickcode} To substitute the unique clickcode value associated with this click
{pubid} To substitute the publisher ID associated with this click. You need special privilege to use this parameter. For more information , see PubID filtering.
{random} To substitute a randomly generated value associated with this click
{timestamp} To substitute an unix time value associated with this click. E.g. 1379453899 – Which represents ISO 8601:2013-09-17T21:38:19Z

for Voluum, CPVLab, ImobiTrax,Prosper202,STM Mobile Tracker,etc.