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Wrike’s Google Chrome Extension

If you don’t already have a WRIKE account, Click here to get one FREE >>

For every project without exception, I put a great deal of attention towards streamlining the workload. This includes project management and team communication as well. Wrike’s Google Chrome extension had a massive impact in the way I communicate with my collaborators. For those of you unfamiliar with it, let me try to explain it in the simplest possible way: It can bridge your Wrike project management center with any in-browser tool you use. You can create a task directly from the resource page and the hyperlink is copied to set task alongside other important information related to it. This is the fastest way to bookmark and discuss resource pages with your team. Let me outline a few advantages of using Wrike’s Chrome extension.

Sharing the knowledge

Like many of you, I am constantly learning new things and formulating new ideas. Whenever I stumble upon something interesting or something worth sharing, I simply start a discussion directly from that page. Wrike’s extension also allows me to individually pick the people to discuss a certain page with. This makes it great for pointing out specific pages to specific people. Nesting these bookmarks under a label also provides an excellent way of backtracking resource pages.

Item tracking

Keeping track of purchasing and items on watch lists has always been a multi-tool task. Now, I simply organize and direct items from the browser to purchasing list. There is even a snapshot option that allows me to keep track of items and its details which makes controlling the watch lists a lot easier. Adding information to the snapshots and highlighting the part of an image can also be very useful and simplify the item tracking of any sort.

Manage my management

Wrike is a project management tool, but I also use the extension to manage custom timelines and reports within Wrike itself. A unique URL is assigned to every item within Wrike, and since that address is copied when I create new items from the extension, I can use it to point out time delays and progress reports to specific people. This makes inner team communication a lot easier and significantly speeds up problem-solving and team collaboration. You can basically do management within your management and simplify the transfer of information.

Wrike’s Google Chrome extension is free for all existing users.  It is very simple and straightforward to use, even for those unfamiliar with any type of experience using similar extensions. It is one of my favorite tools and certainly one that I use quite often. In addition to business, I use it to organize a lot of personal resource pages and my “to read” lists.


[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Never forget why you started – Mike Schwalbach on putting people before profits

I’ve known Mike for YEARS and when I was looking for interesting people to interview, I knew he was the right man to ask!  WARNING:  You won’t be dissapointed!  Guaranteed!    Just like my previous interview, I give you ALL the goods, from A to Z on a man that to me is a legend in our industry.     PLEASE Share this interview with friends, co-workers, relatives, help spread the word and the story that is…

Mike Schwalbach’s nontraditional “rags to riches” story will inspire you to go beyond the numbers and look at what really matters if you want to be successful.

Where does the story of Mike begin?

On one hand, I’m a self-made man who has found success through hard work. I was born in Amsterdam and raised by my mother, a German-speaking Portuguese immigrant. She left my father who was an alcoholic when I was very young. We had practically no money, living in the Bijlmer area of Amsterdam – a place which is not considered to be very nice. Everything I’ve learned about entrepreneurship comes, in a way, from her. She was a real survivor.

It was tough, honestly, but it made me who I am. I learned to work hard from a young age and found my entrepreneurial spirit early. I was independent and always made my own money because I had no other choice. My parents didn’t have to give me anything, which was good. I used that energy to build a number of successful businesses over the years.

On the other hand, I’m an entrepreneur who has been active in our industry for quite some time. I was one of the first heavy users of the internet, and I’ve always looked for opportunities, which means I’ve been a part of many projects that people know… I was involved with the company that built most of the major Dutch search engines, such as Funda (which is still the biggest real estate site in the Netherlands), (which targets audiences that need to buy a car) and AskJolene. I went to some of the first shows in our industry, InterNEXT and Phoenix Forum back in the late nineties, where I started to build relationships which have lasted to this day.



The best project management tool for affiliate marketers?

Ever wonder, how you can get more done in the same amount of time?    It has to do with organization – now there are a ton of project management, and efficiency tools out there; however in our industry we have specific needs… so I went on a mission to seek out a solution…

I’ve just spent a good week evaluating various project management platforms from Basecamp, Trello all the way to Yalla (yea there’s a project management tool named like that – and no it’s not the song from INNA; although that’s a pretty cool song and sexy music video – check it out here )

I was very, very disappointed 99% of these project management tools don’t have native budget and expense tracking built in; many say you can add in apps to track expenses but even then, the expenses tracked are based on the time logged doing the work.     I’ve been busy and looked at these:   Breeze, Zapier, LeanKit, Smartsheets as well as the aforementioned ones above.


We are not freelancers, we do not get paid hourly.

We are running various projects (campaigns) as affiliate marketers, and they all have different costs like:

-Cost of domain name (we use namecheap)
-Cost of hosting (I use BlueHost in the USA and Rackspace Cloud for our landers – TIP: I wrote a guide on how to host landers on Rackspace CDN right here)
-Cost of design of landing page, ripping of landing pages like what bannerslanders provides for $40 
-Cost of labor like setting up the campaign, getting a video ad made, or whatever
-Cost of angles (anglesaurus)
-Cost of Tracker (voluum)
-Cost of Email Service Provider (aweber)

Of course, the above are just “some” of the potential expenses a project might need;  it all depends on what you do.    Nutra, Cloaked or Uncloaked, Whitehat or Blackhat, Pin Submits, App Installs, Lead Gen, SOI/DOI, Dating, whatever.      It was really disappointing to see that most of these so called project management tools lack the ability to enter expenses at a task level and then have a summary of it all on a project level, which you can assign per client (if you are working in JVs or something).

But then I came across the tool I need, the tool that is going to make it a breeze to take all our ops we’ve been doing via email chains, and trello and back and forth via skype and put them all into one place.

This tool lets you create a project, then add tasks, delegate these tasks to different people in your team, and then when they do it,  have them add the actual cost vs the budget that was allocated and monitor everything on one screen.    You can also generate quick reports, both visual and table style to share with JV partners if needed.

This tool is WRIKE, and it’s one of a kind.    Get a free trial here; it’s a game changer if you want to scale your operations.



A very special New Years Greeting and Thanks

We are at the ending point of this year. Just thought I should thank all of you that read my blog. You are of one them so here goes…

Thank you very much for staying up to date with my content; I hope it provides value.

Even though affiliate marketing presents various obstacles and hurdles, be proud that you manage to overcome them and cross the bridge to continue building on the knowledge you’ve acquired. May you continue to be this firm and win many new successes in the upcoming year of 2017!

Remember, your journey is a diary filled with empty pages waiting for You. Fill them up with your trials as you continue towards successes; because many years from now you will look back at it as memories that helped you become the success you are.

Wishing you and your family a very happy new year!



3 Step Guide to SCALE by Borrowing Your Competitors Brand Power

I am going to tell you a great and easy way to make more money by harnessing the power of Google Adwords.    This is an awesome method if you are doing Shopify/ecommerce and looking for more ways to scale and cash in on the brand awareness your competitors might have built.  I don’t have a lot of time right now to yap away on mumbo jumbo, so here is how you do it:

Step #1 – make a list of your competitors,  brand name, URL, and top products.
Step #2 – create new campaign on adwords, create one ad group per competitor, and dump in their brand name, domain name, and top product names in this AG.
Step #3 – send the traffic to your product.   These are people look to buy already,  why not steal your competitors clients and have them buy your stuff?

Works great if you are selling what everyone else is; especially if you are ripping and running other peoples ecommerce products that built a brand name already.   Think of all the options!



The top affiliate marketing blogs to follow in 2017!

There’s a lot of blogs on internet marketing and affiliate marketing.  Sadly, many of these blogs are full of fluff, motivational mumbo jumbo and inspiring crap that will not put money in your pocket.

That is why I decided to compile a list of blogs, that have actual actionable info you can use today to make money tomorrow – so you can put together a great ‘must read’ list for 2017 for your feedly or whatever other RSS reader you use.

No BS approach is my staple, I blog to share tips that work and make money — it’s real sad that most people in our world pick motivational crap vs actual know how that can change their life for the better; that is why a lot of resources when you Google “Top affiliate marketing blogs of 2016/2017” will mention sites that DO NOT do affiliate marketing, they just keep mailing their followers fake Bizops & MLMs that in the end put money in their pocket, but not the readers… but hey – who are we to judge?

In no particular order here are my favorite blogs and/or authors from 2016 you should follow in 2017!

Justin Brooke
URL: https:[email protected]

This guy is raw. He says it how it is, almost as me. He really tends to drop a lot of golden info when he’s tearing apart a bullshit gurus post or some over hyped products case study. Worth following what he has to say.


Matuloo is a friend of mine for almost 10 years now, I met him when I first registered on a now defunct forum AskDamageX 10 years ago.

I was the one who introduced him to paid media buying and encouraged he try it, I also suggested he better sign up on STM where he’s now a big part in helping people interested in learning affiliate marketing. And not too long ago, he started blogging and sharing a lot of awesome things he’s learned from experience doing all these paid media buys.

Brent Dunn

Brent was a guy who helped me out a lot when I came from SEO to the world of paid advertising. I was a newbie on now gone, IMGRIND forums and he was always there answering my newbie questions.

The good news is that even though Ruck + Ryan broke up, and are doing their own things and IMGRIND is no more, Brent is alive and kicking and sharing some actual knowledge that is real gold for free.

There’s def some good reading here for both newbies and advanced affiliates alike.

Adcombo Blog

Adcombo is a relatively new CPA network that was created by Russian super affiliates. They are different from your typical CPA Networks for these reasons

-Their reps know what they are talking about, and aren’t hot girls hired to attract horny affiliate boys that have no clue what split testing means or what COD is.
-Their system is unique and 100% original, they don’t use CAKE or HASOFFERS like every network, and have great flexibility built in, and even prodive you split testing and tracking right within their panel. You don’t even need Voluum or another tracker to get started with adcombo.

They also blog, and on their blog they publish interesting articles which aren’t your typical fluff western media loves to write. In plain English, they don’t write what people want to hear (shit you read on every single mainstream internet marketing blog, or as i like to call BIG trendy WORDS , no content) they are russian, so they are raw, and to the point and communicate value.

Check em out, good stuff in there.


There’s a lot of bloggers, then there’s Finch,  a guy with a unique style and one hell of a funny humor.  He released quite a lot of gems, and after so many years continuous to sporadically update his blog with golden info whenever he feels like it.      Worth adding it to your feedly just to keep on top of what he has to say!


Oliver is not your typical affiliate, he is actually a designer/coder who started an affiliate marketing forum, and a resource AffiliateFix, and continues to create many online business that do well.  He also blogs, and you can read a lot of good tips about landing pages,  creating appealing banner creatives and designs, cool tools and more.

….and last but not least.. of course :) Where I will continue to bring you unedited tips and tricks and opinions on what works and what to avoid in 2017!


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