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BIT.LY vs TINY URL – Which one is better and why

BIT.LY SUCKS – Use Tiny URL… why? because it allows HTTP headers to be forwarded; which is super important if you want to pass variables to your tracker like voluum, funnelflux, thrive, adsbridge and more.

Problem with TinyURL is that it’s kind of a pain to create URLs in bulk; so if you are launching a ton of campaigns like we do; you waste a lot of time going back and forth; unless you use a bulk tool to get it all done in 1 click.

Here’s a good one we use

  • David Loh

    I put in a url link but only 1 tinyurl was generated. usually how many can I see in the box below?

    • You need to put in one url per line to generate bulk urls. :)

      • DAVID

        Ahhh cool man.. Thank younsobmuch for this tool. Save so much man power