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QUICK NOTICE: Sidebar opt in form is now fixed

i am human tooI was informed by a very nice guy from Twitter that he wanted to sign up on my newsletter and get secret tips and tricks from me, but the opt in form on the right does not work.  DOH!   I can’t believe I made such a mistake.

This is just a quick reminder – iAmAttila is human and makes mistakes too :P    You may now sign up to my mailing list, should you want to receive insider info on offers and must have tools and great traffic sources.

PS:  I am now on twitter,   follow me @iAmAttila

  • Misho

    Same thing here. I also wanted to contact you for this and forgot. Man you have fucking amazing blog,Thank you

    • I Am Attila

      Doh, it’s fixed now. Thanks for the kind words!

  • Still does not work :(

    I get an error message: “No email provider has been set for this optin. Please try again.”

    • I Am Attila

      Please try now, it should be ok

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