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Go2mobi Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API



Go2mobi Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API

Tokens Description
{clickid} Go2mobi unique click id
{campaign} Go2mobi campaign id
{pln} Exchange placement name
{plid} Exchange placement id
{crid} Go2mobi creative id
{imp} Impression dimensions (width x height)
{cc} Exchange country code of user
{referrer} HTTP referrer url (if applicable)
{referrer_domain} HTTP referrer domain (if applicable)
{isp} Carrier name of user
{ip} IP address of user
{xip} Proxied IP address of user
{country} Carrier country of user
{region} Carrier region of user
{city} Carrier region of user
{agent} Device user agent
{ua_hash} Device user agent SHA1 hash
{device_vendor} Device make
{device_model} Device model
{os} Device operating system
{os_version} Device operating system version
{year} Device year of release

for Voluum, CPVLab, ImobiTrax,Prosper202,STM Mobile Tracker,etc.

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