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Taboola Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Macros/Scripts

Hey Guys, here’s an epic post for you if you are running on Taboola.     Why EPIC?  Because you won’t find this info (right now) anywhere else.   Took me a lot of digging and I was only able to find this but it’s unclear as hell.    Asking the staff @ taboola came out empty because they looked at me like HUH?

So without further adue, here’s some tokens you can use to dynamically track using the Google UTM camps

{site}  – This is the location the visitor came from
{campaign} – This is the campaign ID/Number inside taboola interface
{title} – The title of your ad
{thumbnail} – The thumnail ID for your ad

I recommend bundling it like this under utm_medium={site}-{thumbnail}-{title}-{campaign}  when using Analytics.

Good luck!

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