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  • DNter

    Thank you for making this focus framework!

  • Great stuff!
    I plan to do simillar in trello

    • sweet, trello is my favorite tool! ill write soon a guide about how i use it.. in the meantime..

      to track campaigns we plan to do we have 3 cards in trello, planned, in progress, done – try that as well on top of the ones you made

  • Jon

    Awesome Overview Atilla, just found your blog, quality! Do you have any tips on the Collect Data/Optmize part? How much data do you collect before you start blacklisting domains and cutting targets?

    • As a general rule I spend 8x-10x offer payout per creative.

      So if im running a campaign with 5 banners, 1 lander and payout is $0.50 ill spend $25-30 to test.

      • As I can assume you are talking about blind networks. But if we know publisher id, should we change tactics a little bit?

        • this technique is what i use for any network blind or not when running RON