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VUBE – A New YouTube Clone? With NO monetizing vehicles??

I’m not sure if any of you guys heard of this new tube site, but if you download torrents or go to porn sites; I’m 99% sure you had a popup or two showcasing one video or another from

The site is making industry professionals ask the question, how the hell are they making any money. The short answer is, they are not making any – but they are spending a lot.

Remember my post about START UPS being back? Looks like VUBE is another start up, where the employees only care about milking the VCs out of as much money as possible by giving themselves hefty salaries; everyone is 100% focused on the product – but no one gives a damn about monetizing it so it will stay in business way beyond the time the VC funds run out.

Oh another startup, welcome to the y2k… here we go again, dot com bubble v 2.0 coming up!

New Tube Site is Done – FuckBookHD

We finally finished our newest multi niche tube site, there’s currently over 60,000 HD porn videos on this site, with thousands being added everyday. When our croppers are finished hand cropping + sorting the videos into the right categories, the site will boast as much as 155,000 HD videos ranging from 7 to 9 minutes in length. Be sure to check out the site at!

Goodbye Godaddy

For many years I’ve heard about people complaining about Godaddy, and why they suck. Well, I used to like them; but lately they increased prices of new domains/renewals/privacy guard, etc so much I can seriously buy 5-6 more domains at Namecheap for the same price.

So, starting with 10 new domain registrations, I am going to begin moving our vast library of domains over to them; hope they can give some kind of a deal!

How to Synonymize on SmartCJ via Command Line

cd your_domain/scj/bin; env php rot.php synomize_all_descriptions=true

Note that it takes some time, list of synonyms is in the scj/includes/conf/syn.txt file.

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