Google Another Algo Update, Another Time To Please Shareholders

Google has done it yet again,  destroyed high quality sites of many, and fucked with peoples income and lives.   Thanks google for fucking my sites and making them lose 75% SE overnight.    The site are high quality, all hand written, high on page,  great user experience.   (Users get free porn, YAY!)   And still, you dropped the hammer.

All these fucking algo updates have no logic behind them, other than its time for another quarterly report and time to please shareholders with increased ad revenues on adwords. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†And again, yet another proof that DO NO EVIL won’t work/can’t work in capitalist America, after a company has gone public.


Thinking Outside Of The Box: Same Creatives, Multiple Geo Targets (Countries)

Check this out,  it will save you money.

Lets say you are preparing LPs, banners, etc for a campaign in France,  why not save money, and use those offers to match offers with people in; for example:

Obviously,  you need to dig a little deeper to check what % of people speak French in those countries, but since it is an official language of the countries listed,  chances are it will be high/understood.


More Mobile CPA Traffic Sources

Mobile CPA Traffic Sources

LeadBolt (2)

Ad Network: Leadbolt (

  • Top Geos: US, Australia, Some Western European Countries
  • Type of Traffic: Display/InApp.¬† Some remnant android push
  • What Has Worked: Battery Apps


Ad Network: InMobi (

  • Top Geos: Asia, Australia, US
  • Type of Traffic: Mobile Display
  • What Has Worked: Have had some luck getting traffic with smaller Euro countries.¬† Usually lower quality traffic.


Ad Network:  Buzzcity (

  • Top Geos: Asia, Australia, Western Europe
  • What Has Worked: Tough to work with them, as they do not have siteID tracking token.


Ad Network:  AdModa (

  • Top Geos: UK, US
  • What Has Worked: Middle of the pack display network.¬† Have had success with freebies/dating.¬† AdultModa is their adult version.


Ad Network: AdFonic (

  • Top Geos: UK, US
  • Type of Traffic: Mobile Display
  • What Has Worked: Really hard to get a rep.¬† Trying to shy away from performance marketing.


Ad Network: TapIt (

  • Top Geos: US, Canada
  • Type of Traffic: mobile display and in-app traffic.
  • What Has Worked: Built for performance marketers.¬† UI is slow, but traffic is generally decent (although inventory is a little low).


Ad Network: MobFox (

  • Top Geos: Europe
  • Type of Traffic: in app traffic.
  • What Has Worked:¬† Anything that is in Europe.¬† Usually pretty premium traffic traffic, ie/ expensive.

Jumptap HighRes Logo1338320699

Ad Network: Jumptap  (

  • Top Geos: US
  • Type of Traffic: Mostly Display, some in-app.
  • What Has Worked: everything.¬† It‚Äôs a great starter traffic source ‚Äď best self serve platform around.


Ad Network: AirPush (

  • Top Geos: US, Europe
  • Type of Traffic: All Android push traffic.
  • What Has Worked: Any android CPI offers do well (especially if you can get cheap traffic).

logo (1)

Ad Network: Mojiva (

  • Top Geos: US, Europe
  • Type of Traffic: Mobile display.
  • What Has Worked: all over the board‚Ķbut they have a good amount of inventory.¬† Not always affiliate friendly.