So what is a PREMIUM site anyway?

The team at adfonic posted one very interesting article over on their blog.. here is what they said:

One interesting query has been regarding the definition of ‘premium’. It’s a good question and one that we will look at in more depth over the months to come.

Premium is not…

If we consider a working definition to be ‘the best’ inventory, then we immediately run into problems. The best for whom? A good example is The Guardian in the UK versus Angry Birds. We’re probably in agreement that The Guardian carries an amount of prestige as a publication, with sufficient reach and brand safety to be attractive to an advertiser. But Angry Birds could also be a premium publication depending on what an advertiser wants to achieve. It certainly has a large, engaged audience.

So perhaps we need to employ the ‘duck’ test for premium publications. If it looks like a duck, and waddles like a duck, it’s a duck. But this isn’t going to satisfy advertisers who really do need to know what constitutes a premium publication.

And it doesn’t scale. While we could argue that ‘premium’ simply means ‘the head of the long tail’, the mobile ecosystem is growing at an astonishing rate so any definition will produce a massive head and a huge tail. Plus, long tail populations tend to be fractal: cut off the head by examining a different population, and another one appears, Medusa-like. So you’re still left with an ill-defined head, which is still growing exponentially. This does not help advertisers.

Premium might be…

So when we say that premium inventory is becoming more available via RTB, here’s our working definition of premium. Let us know what you think:

• Professional design
• Quality content that’s of real value to users
• Properly integrated ads – designed into the site/app, one per page, respect the user experience while achieving standout, and not facilitating accidental clicks
• Brand-safe environment for advertisers
• Ability to employ the USPs of smartphones while respecting user privacy (i.e. asking permission) – location, personalisation, audio/video
• High reach within the target audience (although this characteristic in isolation does not mean a publication is premium)

A final thought…

We have seen RTB significantly outperform premium. Our CEO and co-founder Victor Malachard presented these figures at MWC last year, and you can still see the presentation he gave:

Read the full article at

Charles NGO + Jason “SMAXOR” – Two of the best Blogs in AM

I read a lot,  probably 1-2 hours every day to stay on top of the things that matter.   Occasionally I am lucky enough to stumble upon real gems and thought I’d share it with you.

These two are Charles NGO’s media buying blog, and Smaxor Jason’s very informative affiliate marketing blog.    These two blogs are awesome, they are not trying to sell you their coaching so you can make a million dream bucks, or make you sign up under their affiliate code anywhere.   So the BIAS has been taken out, and what is left is pure gold knowledge one can use.