FREE GIVEAWAY – It’s not what your lander says, it’s HOW you deliver it!

Running an offer requires more than organization, creativity – it also requires the right traffic source to make sure you can convert.  I’ve been testings offers that work on 1 traffic source really well yet on other traffic sources – they tank big time.  This just proves the point the title of this post is trying to make.

Lets take for example Tech Support Pay Per Call Campaigns.   What do you think,  what is the best place to promote this?   Google Search using Call Extensions maybe?  Where you bid on keywords/problems related to people in need of tech support could be having?    Sure you can make it work with a great ad,   or using a banner campaign – but it will not give you big volume or high ROI…  so are you wondering how the big boys we refer to as super affiliates are doing it?

They are running it PPV (think interstitial for desktops) and popping people with messages like your computer is infected,  you have a virus!, virus detected, etc etc – scaring the shit out of them and giving them a tech support phone # to call that reads something like “If your system reported any malicious software, or viruses we can help call now – 1-800-WE-FIX-IT”

SO the delivery goes like this — Mr Smith is browsing the internet,  he’s enjoying his free porn,   cool funny youtube videos, or whatever.   All of the sudden the smiley icons toolbar he installed the other day because he thought wow cool!!  smileys!!!; delivers a PPV message that overlays his entertainment and scares the shit out of him.

Now, the guy is panicking – OMG!! And in haste calls the tech support phone number and they talk with him on the phone for a long time, because he’s really stupid on the computer so they have to be step by step — easy conversion,  for you driving pay per call which converts at 2-3 minutes into a lead.

Hope you enjoyed this, and if you are wondering where the free giveaway is – it is right there written in black and white.   If you are sharp, you can take that and make some serious coin right now.  You just have to be a lil smart about it 😉