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[Campaign Giveaway] – LiveLinks PayPerCall is Up! – BANK NOW

Monster PPC Guide by IAmAttila

My new step by step guide where I give away keywords,  profitable placements, and pure data has been posted.   The case study details from A to Z what it takes to run a profitable Pay Per Call campaign.   You can follow it, and apply it to other PPC offers, or you can simply take all the data for LiveLinks (I give away the keyword file too, so you don’t have to research) and set it up and BANK!

Here’s a sneak peak

Step by Step – Table of Contents

Step #1 – Due dilligence
Step #2 – Coming up with the angles of attack
Step #3 – Generating the keywords
Step #4 – Getting the promo numbers
Step #5 – Designing the creatives (landers & text ads)
Step #6 – Setting it all up on adwords
Step #7 – Running data and observing
Step #8 – Analyzing data, and optimizing
Step #9 – Weekly Followup
BONUS: Exploring Advanced Adwords Ad Methods

>> Check it out here <<

List of 50 States in Text Format You Can Cut N Paste

Quick post into the dupster, here’s a list of the USA states in list format,  .txt format so you can just cut n paste it and get right onto making adwords campaigns for your Pay Per Call or other affiliate marketing campaigns.

I use this list to generate keywords for my pay per call campaigns in adwords.    Golden Tip:  If you are running PPC combining your main keywords with localized versions is going to get you a ton of cheap clicks and make you some good ROI 😉

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QUICK NOTICE: Sidebar opt in form is now fixed

i am human tooI was informed by a very nice guy from Twitter that he wanted to sign up on my newsletter and get secret tips and tricks from me, but the opt in form on the right does not work.  DOH!   I can’t believe I made such a mistake.

This is just a quick reminder – iAmAttila is human and makes mistakes too 😛    You may now sign up to my mailing list, should you want to receive insider info on offers and must have tools and great traffic sources.

PS:  I am now on twitter,   follow me @iAmAttila

31 Angles with High CR Rates For Your Mobile Media Buys

AnglesaurusThe angles are brought to you by Anglesaurus Angles that Bite!

In case you never heard of Anglesaurus, it is a service provided by very creative people for those who have problems coming up with angles on their own for different offers.

The following angles work best for antivirus type offers on mobile,   especially content billers.

For the best effect combine scary looking graphics 😉

1) You may be infected with a virus – Scan Now
2) One virus may be slowing you down! Scan now!
3) Protect your phone from viruses – Immunize Now!
4) Scan for viruses now! Start Scan
5) Worried about viruses? Scan now!
6) Worried about privacy? Remove malware
7) Worried about trojans? Protect your phone
8) Hackers use outdated software to get in your phone! Run a scan now
9) Don’t get hacked! Protect your phone now
10) Hackers are evil! Is your phone protected? Get app
11) Free up more space – Clean Trash & Junk
12) Want more storage? This app can help!
13) Speed Up Your Phone! Get rid of junk – Get app
14) Block unwanted calls! Get this smart app
15) Browse the net with true privacy – Get 360 Security
16) Block unwanted SMS Senders – Get 360 Security
17) Uninstall apps with easy – Install app
18) Protect your data from theft! Get app now
19) Protect your pictures! Scan for viruses
20) Did you know? 3982 Android phones are infected daily! Are you safe?
21) Is your phone safe? Protect it from hackers NOW!
22) Keep your contact list backed up! 360 Security can help
23) Don’t lose your contacts, photos, music collection every again! Get app
24) Are you backing up? Get app
25) Is your phone backed up? This app can do it!
26) Easy Backups – Get app
27) Run Diagnostics Scan now! Speed Up Phone
28) Phone freezing? You might have a virus!
29) Phone lagging? You need to scan your phone
30) Games lagging? This app can help
31) Websites loading slowly? You need to clean out junk!

[Movie Review] LUCY with Scarlett Johansson

I’m a big time fan of sci fi, futuristic movies and waited for a while for LUCY to finally show up in HD quality so I could watch it.   Let me tell you, even though this movie is only around 90 minutes long, it is simply awesome.     The whole plot was interesting enough, and the fact that they talk about how people’s use only 10% of their brain, dolphins use upwards of 20% and what would happen if men would start using 100% of their brain blew me away.     They illustrated what an increment of 10% different in the human cerebral cortex would mean quite well and I was left with a WOW after watching this movie.

Only thing I didn’t like was the cheap splash screens showing the advancement in brain usage, and other cheap effects cut in among the amazing CG effects.  It looks as if the production ran out of budget and they decided to skip quality and throw in bunch of crappy solutions just to get the movie done.

Also, the speed at which the plot unfolded was too fast,  as if everything was rushed – they could’ve done a lot more by adding 30 more minutes.  For example the beginning,  there wasn’t much idea as to where she came from what she is and who her friend is – Lucy was just thrown at the midst of the Korean gangsters by some dude we had no clue who he was.

Anyway not bad, here’s the trailer, check it out

Splicky Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API


Splicky Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API

Tokens Description
(S_FORMAT) Creative Format
(S_ADID) AD ID from Splicky
(S_AD_NAME) AD name from Splicky
(S_CAMPAIGN_NAME) Campaign name from Splicky
(S_SOURCE) Display Name Site/App
(S_CARRIER) Carrier/Wifi
(S_VENDOR) Device Vendor
(S_DEVICE) Device Model
(S_TYPE) App/mobile Web

for Voluum, CPVLab, ImobiTrax,Prosper202,STM Mobile Tracker,etc.