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Taboola Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Macros/Scripts

Hey Guys, here’s an epic post for you if you are running on Taboola.     Why EPIC?  Because you won’t find this info (right now) anywhere else.   Took me a lot of digging and I was only able to find this but it’s unclear as hell.    Asking the staff @ taboola came out empty because they looked at me like HUH?

So without further adue, here’s some tokens you can use to dynamically track using the Google UTM camps

{site}  – This is the location the visitor came from
{campaign} – This is the campaign ID/Number inside taboola interface
{title} – The title of your ad
{thumbnail} – The thumnail ID for your ad

I recommend bundling it like this under utm_medium={site}-{thumbnail}-{title}-{campaign}  when using Analytics.

Good luck!

Sick of Google, FB and All Their Rules? Then You Need to Try Adult My Friend!

I get a ton of emails from guys who don’t want to cloak, they don’t want to play the accounts game, and they don’t want to break the rules.  They are looking for something that’s stable, meaning they can focus on mastering the vertical and do that without fear of getting banned, suspended, or what have you.   Adwords, Admob,  Facebook, Bing, Yahoo are notorious for ending it right when the fun is beginning, and I get it – not many people can afford a ton of staff, and to create many systems.

But no to worry,  PORN to the rescue!  That sounds funny doesn’t it?   Truth is, there’s SO MUCH VOLUME in porn you can get for cheap – it will never ever dry up!

I’m no expert when it comes to adult dating,  adult mobile, or adult lead gen but I’ve been a member and lurking on a kick ass forum owned by two guys I respect a lot.  This is a story about them, and how they can help you become the next guy banking hard.

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