Adespresso – What does auto optimization do exactly?

The write up on the official adespresso page is pretty vague, so I sent them some questions and this is what they replied:

  1. Auto optimization triggers once a day normally during nights. Your campaigns will be self optimizing once they have enough data to check and see which are the top performing elements within the campaign.
  1. Usually we suggest to set up at least $5 for each ad set you are running.

  1. Automatic Optimization includes some rules that give a frequency cap and examines all the ads within your campaign by CPA- pausing the under-performing ads and allocating budget to the best ads within the campaign.

We cannot share the specific rules.


Bummer, so not specifics on how/what, but at least we learned that it runs once a day during night time.


How to exclude/block mobile traffic on your Adwords campaign

Desktop and Mobile traffic behave completely different; and if we think about it there’s a logical explanation to this.      When a person is on desktop, they have more screen space, it’s easier to fill out forms, and perform actions like entering a credit card number – compare that to mobile, where the screen is usually tiny, you have to enter things by touch typing (prone for mistakes, even for the fastest and best typists) – it just becomes stressful at times, and tedious to fill out long forms and/or complete offers/checkouts, etc.

When it comes to advertising on adwords, the partial key to success lies in segmenting your campaigns into mobile and desktop, separating them.    A great way to do this is to exclude mobile traffic.   If your traffic jumps, but your conversion tanks at the same time – you might want to look into blocking mobile traffic on your campaign.

Currently, you can do one of two things to do just that:

#1) Click on  your campaign, then click the settings tab, and click devices and apply a bid adjustment of -100% (decrease) to Mobile devices with full browsers

#2) You can click your campaign, then DISPLAY NETWORK, followed by the big TARGETING button, selecting one ad group, scrolling down and looking for campaign exclusions, and here excluding 1 placement by the name 

Affiliate Marketing and Taxes – What You Need To Know

Are you an affiliate marketer and/or earn your money online?  Do you think as long as your bank account is in some offshore jurisdiction you can get off from paying 0% tax?

There’s saying there’s 2 things that are certain in life  –  death & taxes.  And as the world moves toward globalization, this will be become more true year after year.   Yeah globalization is good from some perspective, but it’s very bad from others – you be the judge.

Did you know that if you open a bank account in Hong Kong and you are say from the EU,  then your government will know? *

A new policy went into play on January 1st, 2016 called the AEOI which stands from Automatic Exchange of Information created by the O.E.C.D. organization. (What is the OECD? Well according to the US Government its and I quote “The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is a unique forum where the governments of 34 democracies with market economies work with each other, as well as with more than 70 non-member economies to promote economic growth, prosperity, and ustainable development.”)

At the time of this writing 97 countries around the world opted to take part in the AEOI.

I dug in to learn what kind of information they exchange.  Doing some searching on oGoogle – I was able to come up with the very protocol which banks must use to send our information back to our governments.    Lets just say EVERY SINGLE thing you can imagine; that they might have from you – they will give away.  But feel free to take a look right here

*List of countries that joined the automatic data exchange programme