Optimizing & Scaling Your Facebook Campaigns – Step by Step

A lot of people have been asking me, how the hell was I able to get to XXXX per day with TEESPRING in a manner of months; because when they tried and launched shirts they failed.

My trick is simple – once I find my unicorn I work real fast to scale that one unicorn as fast as I can. All while, my team is continously launching new shirts every single day. We have this saying “No idea is a bad idea” so we try every single stupid t-shirt idea we can think of, and many times they pay off big.

This same method can be applied to anything really, mobile apps/games on FB, lead generation, sweeps, ecommerce and more.

When you find the unicorn (in this case lets say a shirt where the CPA is $2) you want to scale it out horizontal – more interests, more countries, more devices, more ad placement types, etc.

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