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About I Am Attila

Stuck At The Border Crossing … Checking Stats..

Welcome to my blog,    I’m happy you found it!   This is the place where you can learn a lot about affiliate marketing.  I don’t write big words, and sugar coat stuff and make it sounds too good to be true.

If you respect that kind of thing, you will love it here – if you want to chase your dreams there are other blogs that do a phenomenal job in sharing that kind of dreamy and inspirational blah blah text among fake screenshots with huge ROIs.

Truth be told,  affiliate marketing is a dog eat dog world.  It’s not easy where you can start with $100 bucks,  throw up some campaigns and bank hard.   You need to put in hard work, be smart, and do things on the edge.      It used to be awesome when less people was doing media buys, but since Google did a phenomenal job in killing SEO more and more newbies enter the field every single day who come from an SEO past.

I come from an SEO past as well,  affiliate marketing helped me quit my job many years ago and provide for my family an amazing life with no debt,  tons of free time, and no BOSS breathing over my shoulder.   However, I got into the game many years ago when it was easier – but don’t worry it’s better now than never so you are not late.

At the moment mobile is exploding, everyone is rushing to mobile which means high click costs and CPMs.   Here’s a golden nugget, if you want to bank run the other way and exploit the fact mobile is the craze, yet there’s still mega volume on WEB.  Just because mobile is growing with more and more smart phones everyday doesn’t mean people stopped using their computers!

You won’t see me posting fake screenshots,   I am no paradox – I preach what I do, and I do what I preach!      Affiliate marketing is not thing where you learn how to run mobile, and it ends there you are set for life.  Things change SO fast,  that one day you might be pulling 200% ROI, the next day the campaign might get paused.     So you continuously have to read, and evolve and stay on top of your game.

For me, this means systems – I hate doing grunt work and employ a small army of workers to manage my campaigns,  test new campaigns, design creatives & landers and optimize them.  I focus on the big picture,  keep in touch with important people and set goals for the next day.

If you haven’t yet signed up for my mailing list, you should – I send out goodies all the time I don’t necessarily post publicly.     It is free, and it is good.   Ask anyone out there, I triple dog dare you 🙂

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment – I’ll try my best to answer as fast as possible.


Picking up my student – Henrik at the Ramada Resort in Budapest for our 1 on 1 mastermind.


Magyarul/in Hungarian 

Isten hozott a blogomon. Nagyon orulok hogy ram talaltal. Ezen az oldalon nagyon sokat birsz tanulni az affiliate marketingrol; egy igazi
penz kereseti lehetoseg az internetten ami nem kamu. En mar tobb mint 8 eve uzom ezt a szakmat, es lehet hogy Magyarorszag leg sikeresebb
affiliate marketingese vagyok.

Kanadaban notem fel, a magyar mint 2. nyelv beszelem ugy ahogy. Ezen az oldalon csak valos dologrol irok, nem szeretek csomagolni dolgokat
hogy jol hangazanak meg semmi olyat. Ha tiszteled az oszinte beszedet jol fogod erezni magad, de ha egy almodozo vagy akkor nem jo helyen
jarsz es melegen ajanlom hogy olyan oldalt keres ahol ossze vissza hazudoznak hamisitott screenshotokkal meg igeretekkel hogy milliardos

Az az igazsag internet marketing / affiliate marketing NAGYON NAGYON nehez, sokat kell izadni, tanulni, es penzt befektetni mielott barmilyen
sikerre talalsz. Elmultak azok az idok amikor $100-dollart befektettel es nagyot birtal kaszalni. Ha keszen alsz befektetni sok idot
tanulasba es kemenyen megdolgozni a sikerert akkor minden lehetseges.

Regen nagyon konnyu volt az internetten penzt keresni, de nagyon gyorsan valtoznak a dolgok. Peldaul amikor kezdtem, ossze birtal dobni egy
honlapot, tele rakni jo kulcs szavakkal es tradelni par linket, ez utan a google fo oldala kerultel es siman lehetett keresni napi 100-500$
ami kb 150,000 forint naponta.

Ja errol jut eszembe, internetten nem forintozunk, szoval ha erdekel ez a dolog kezd ell hasznalni az EURO + DOLLAR penz nemeket, es abban
gondolkozz. Egyik reklam network se fog neked forintba szamolni semmit.

Az en SEO hatarram hozza segitett ahhoz hogy ne keljen senkinek se dolgoznom ici pici penzert; es ennek koszonhetoen sikerult ki alakitanom
egy szep eletet a csaladomnak 0 adossaggal, sok szabad idovel, es fonok mentessen aki log a nyakamon. De amint mar emlitettem, nagyon
regen kezdtem es akkor ez sokkal de sokkal konnyeb volt. De semmi baj, job elkezdeni ma mint soha! Szoval van meg nagyon sok lehetoseg a
szamodra is!

A mai napon marketing mobilokon nagyon meno es popularis, minden nap tobb es tobb ember vasarol okos telefont igy nol a lehetoseg kinek/hol reklamozni. Emelkednek a reklam arai, es igy fontos resen lenni. Peldaul a laz az hogy mobil, mobil, mobilon kell reklamozni, de ne feledjuk el sok ember meg a mai napon is szamitogepet hasznal. Igy ott egy arany lehetoseg; desktop-on kell reklamozni!

Ne varj el hamis screenshot-okat tolem, en azt irom/mondom amit csinalok ahogy csinalom. Affiliate marketing az nem olyan hogy megtanulod hogy kell penzt keresni mobil reklamokkal es kesz, az lesz orokre a munkad es utanna a nyugdij var. NEM, affiliate marketing / internet marketing ter olyan gyorsan valtozik hogy egyik nap 200% profitot nyersz, masik nap pedig le alitjak es $0-t keresel. Ezert ahogy mar emlitettem ha nem vagy hajlando mindig tanulni, olvasni, es fejleszteni a tudasod, akkor ez nem neked valo.

Mar nagyon regota uzom ezt a szakmat, es egy megoldasom az hogy tobb munkast alkalmazok egy szisztemeket csinalok ami alapjan egyszerre tobb dolgot birunk csinalni/elerni. En kozben pedig birok koncentralni/fokuszalni a nagy kepre, mit, merre lesz a kovetkezo lepes.

Ha nem regisztraltal meg az email listamra, tedd meg – megeri. Nem sok emailt szoktam ki kuldeni, de amit igen abban sok jo tippet es trukkot birsz olvasni tanulni.

Ha barmi kerdesed van, ird a kommentekbe lent.

-iAmAttila (Internet Affiliate Marketer Attila)


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34 thoughts to “About I Am Attila”

  1. Hi, what’s your marketing agency name? U also gonna be at affiliate summon est 2014 nyc 10-11-12 august? i will be there

    1. Had a db crash and lost that widget when I changed the theme. I can’t get it back unfortunately 🙁
      If anyone has an old version of my site, where the list is saved I’ll be happy to put it back though.


  2. Was curious on how much web, mobile, fb, adult your running…(an example like 50%mobile 25%web 15%contextal 10% FB)? Thx

    1. I run on biggest traffic sources, and direct media buys – you can’t get volume out of little ‘pockets of profits’ mini sources. You need mass volume.

      How much mobile, how much web, etc doesn’t matter. Whatever makes money I run. There’s no % breakdown really.

  3. Hi Attila,

    I’m just entering the affiliate marketing scene and thanks for all the useful info and time you have put to this site.
    Pardon by newbie question, i’ve something to clarify. What kind of websites do i have to create to join a affiliate network? Is it best if i create websites focus on a niche and vertical so to be accepted but an affiliate network? i tried joining neverblue but got rejected.

    Looking forward to your reply.
    Jerm (Singapore)

  4. Hi Attila! Do you allow any form of advertising (guest posts or similar) on your blog? I believe I have an interesting deal to offer you 🙂 Send me an email at if you might be interested!

  5. Attilla I respect you and your accomplishments to the max and I have a very serious question to ask.

    Why does it seem that most forums (even the good ones) take this “just keep trying until you find something that works” approach? I totally understand the concept of testing to get enough data to know how to cut/scale but….being a newbie in Aff marketing I feel like I am walking around in the dark (with many other) searching for the right door to success. Some find it, most don’t and that approach can get expensive. I find that the reason most quit is not because of laziness, but the frustration of following everything to the letter for months and still losing money. I have followed some smart people’s start ups on STM and still see them fail and fail and fail. I know most would argue that’s the path to find what works but just from seeing the consistent success of some AMs I can’t help but believe there is more going on beneath the surface other than skill + luck.. When something doesn’t make sense I believe in asking questions whether I like the answer or not I like to know the mechanics behind why something works or doesn’t. One can easily get information overload in this business but I can digest as much information as needed as long as it’s the correct info. I would really appreciate some feedback on this, Thanks

  6. Hey Attila, Sent you an email just now, its from Josh. Had a question about WickedFire, which is where I found your site from. Thanks

  7. Hi Attila! I’m Alex from TemplateMonster. We would love to share a great giveaway with your readers. Please contact me and we’ll discuss the details.

  8. Hello Attila

    I think there is something wrong with your links below. It’s on your right bar.


    -Learn how to create your own info product

    -How to Make Money With TeeSpring on Facebook

    -Best video tutorial on how to run campaigns on FB

    It’s either

    “404 – File or directory not found.”


    “The site ahead contains malware” (I got redirected to another website)

    Sorry I could not find a way to private message you to let you know.

  9. Hello Attila

    we provide premium FB ad acc with high quality.

    our acc can spend huge money per day, fast set ad..

    Do you care about this?

    let’s talk with me on skype johnnydeep0211

  10. Dear Attila!

    First of all, I would like to thank you for all the tips and reviews you give us on your website, I’m sure they helped a lot of us. So, the thing with me is, that I have to get rich, and it’s crucial. I don’t want to go into my personal life too much, the point is that I have to make a significant amount of money, as fast as possible. I know, everybody’s aiming for this, but in my case, it really has vital importance. I don’t have time to build and popularize a blog or an affiliate marketing web presence, and honestly, I don’t really want to talk about products and courses all the time, and promote them. I would need a faster, more predictable and reliable way to become wealthy and abolish my problems. I thought of some form of online arbitrage, flipping domains or websites, or maybe ecommerce. And here’s why I’m writing to you. I would like to ask you to tell me, that with your insightfullness, what do you think is the best, most lucrative and relatively fast way to become rich online nowadays? If you could recommend me a specific course, that would be the biggest help. I have a capital of $800 to invest in total.

    Thank you very much for your help, really,
    Walter Hullesch

  11. Hello,

    My name is Anthony. I’m a freelance content marketing specialist who works for Max Exposure, an online marketing agency.
    I’m currently looking for sites in ENGLISH.

    Would you be interested in posting an article that is relevant to your readers, with a link to one of my clients, for a fixed fee that we would pay you?

    Another option is to place a link on an existing article.
    If so, please send me price quotations?

    Please also let me know if you own other sites available for advertising.

    Best Regards,
    Anthony Duncan

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    Look forward to hear from you?

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