Pay Per Call – Frequently Asked Questions Ringba

In this post, we’ll tackle the most frequently asked questions about working with Pay Per Call and using the Ringba platform. Ringba is an inbound call tracking platform specifically designed for tracking Pay Per Call campaigns.

So if you need troubleshooting or have any questions about Ringba, make sure to read this post.

Q: When calls show up as -no value- in reports, what does that mean?

A: “no value” on buyer/target column means the calls that weren’t connected to any target, so there is no value/name to be showing.

Q: How to troubleshoot the reason for “NO CONNECT” in Ringba


If you go to Reporting > Default page and expand the arrow icon on the left side of the call under “Call Details” you will be able to see on the “Events” tab the details for these calls.

All these calls have a different reason for not being connected.
The caller id +1786XXXXXXXX has one call that is not connected and another one that has been connected.

Here is an example of a call that was not connected. Once you expand the call, you’ll be able to see that the first 3 targets were closed due to the hours of operation and the last one did not match the state filter.

Pay per call tracking with ringba
Pay per call - frequently asked questions ringba 9

The only eligible target (XXX | XXX | XXX | 120s | Revshare | XXX) rejected the call , so you can go to “ring tree events” and check the response provided by their buyer, as you can see below:

Image 21
Pay per call - frequently asked questions ringba 10

This was error code 1006 inside ringba’s RTB documentation [here] that means they didn’t accept the call due to a tag, or lack of a tag when we sent it. To solve this reach out to the buyer to find out what tag was needed or not needed.

Q: How / Where Can I Access my API token to create custom tools for my Ringba?


you can refer to this page to create credentials for the API — This is the section for creating targets via API –

Q: How can I add more accounts to show here where it says “SWITCH ACCOUNT” on the top right corner in RINGBA?

A: Once the users from other accounts invite you to access their accounts as an admin/publisher/buyer user, you’ll be able to see the option to swap the accounts at the top of the page. But for this, you should use the same email as a login on all of these accounts.

Q: How to add Missing Converted Calls (Conversions) to my Ringba? Webhook failed to post, or the integration didn’t work with the Buyer. What to do?

A: In this case, you can adjust the revenue/payout of the call by going to the reporting page and clicking on “Adjust Call Payments” under Actions. Add the correct value for the revenue/payout and click on “Update Payout/Revenue”.

Image 22
Pay per call - frequently asked questions ringba 11

Q: What if I have 3 different numbers in my pay per call landing page, the Ringba call tracking tags do not work… how to fix?

A: If you have multiple phone numbers in your landing page code, IE: you are using a survey style lander which shows a different number depending on what the visitor answers, then you can use the following by placing this before the </body> closing tag on your page, and replacing the ringba tracking tags ID # in it. You want to make sure the ID of your <DIV> matches each tracking tag for this to work.

    function loadRingbaScript(scriptId) {
        // Remove any existing Ringba script
        const existingScript = document.getElementById('dynamicRingbaScript');
        if (existingScript) {

        // Create a new script element
        const script = document.createElement('script');
        script.src = //${scriptId}; = 'dynamicRingbaScript';
        script.async = true;

        // Append the script to the document

    // Event listener for buttons with class '15kbutton'
    document.querySelectorAll('.button1').forEach(button => {
        button.addEventListener('click', function() {

    // Event listener for buttons with class '10kbutton'
    document.querySelectorAll('.button2').forEach(button => {
        button.addEventListener('click', function() {

    // Event listener for buttons with class 'under10k'
    document.querySelectorAll('.button3').forEach(button => {
        button.addEventListener('click', function() {

Q: How To Track Facebook Dynamic Parameters like {{}}, {{}}, {{placement}}, {{site_source_name}} and more using Ringba to know which Ad/Adset/etc resulted in converting calls.

A: On your facebook ad you need to put in the parameters like this:

Image 23
Pay per call - frequently asked questions ringba 12

In Ringba on the left menu select Integrations > URL Parameters and add variables like this:

Image 24
Pay per call - frequently asked questions ringba 13

Q: How To Send Call Length More Than > XX seconds back to Facebook as a conversion so I can optimize for this event?

So Ringba’s tutorial at the time of this writing (02/02/2024) is outdated, in it they say you could create a custom conversion event, and then select RingbaConversions, and from dropdown select duration and then put how many seconds you want. Sadly this is NO LONGER possible, as FB changed their API version and RINGBA’s wasn’t updated.

When I asked Ringba Support they told me, dev decided they don’t want to focus on this and abandoned updating the integration so if we want to optimize for call length then we have to create a custom filter in Ringba and fire the converson when that’s met.

GEE GREAT, and HOW DO YOU DO THAT?! They left me hanging, but here I am to help you.

Okay so to do the workaround and get what we need, if call length is more than xx – we will need REDTRACK as it has native and free FB CAPI integration.

You send traffic through redtrack to your LP, it gets a redtrack click ID.
People call, and then the call converts, you get paid.

First, you need to create a custom URL Parameter under Integrations > URL Parameters

Next we setup Integrations > Pixels like this:

Image 4
Pay per call - frequently asked questions ringba 14

And setup the filter to fire this event back to redtrack via S2S postback.

Image 3
Pay per call - frequently asked questions ringba 15