, The 8 Books I Am Reading During the Next 30 days
, The 8 Books I Am Reading During the Next 30 days

The 8 Books I Am Reading During the Next 30 days

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I’m about to take off on a 22+ hour travel to NYC,  it’s a pain in the ass to get to any destination from where I live usually.  The ordeal is loaded with tons of travel by car, then switching flights and so on so forth.

I’m so used to it by now it doesn’t bother me, but in case you are about to embark on a big trip, here are some great books that will not only help you pass the time, but also help you improve yourself and become a better super affiliate or internet marketer.

Reading is very important, I believe where I am today has a lot to do with the fact I started reading biographies of successful and wealthy people during my teens.   It helped me separate myself from the 9-5 mindset and today enjoy a life far away from Bosses,  having to get up each morning, and live the same old boring routine for a salary and give my life to the company.      So read on, and become smarter 🙂

Let’s get the list rolling.. here are the books I’ll be reading in the next 30 days.

, The 8 Books I Am Reading During the Next 30 days#1 – The 4-Hour Body by the legendary Tim Ferris who brought us the 4-Hour Work week.

This book seems incredible,  from what I’ve read it’s about how to lose weight for real (no FREE TRIAL diet pills here!) , how to be a casanova in bed so women all over are going to want more, and becoming superhuman…

I don’t know what he means by being superman right now, but this post is about what I am going to be reading, not book reviews; so I’ll let you know.

#2  Brain Rules by John Medina
, The 8 Books I Am Reading During the Next 30 days

I am very interested on how the human brain works. I believe figuring out this will help me improve my productivity a great deal.    That’s why when I asked around on sites like Quora a lot of people recommend this Book.    Supposedly it talks about how brains are wired differently, how to exercise the brain to improve cognition function, how sleep is linked with the ability to learn and how stress can ruin learning and expanding yourself.     Looks real interesting!


#3 Awesomely Simple by John Spence, The 8 Books I Am Reading During the Next 30 days

One of the biggest reasons why I decided to buy this book, is because this guy says it how it is.    I know most of the people in the world love to package things, but I appreciate it raw and to the point.     Not only that, but he has some straight up awesome information on what it takes to improve yourself when it comes to business excellence.


#4 Contagious – Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger, The 8 Books I Am Reading During the Next 30 days

Ever wonder why some articles go Viral and some get 0 likes or shares?  I sure do!   It just doesn’t make sense for me why an article on The Most Expensive Handbags can outperform an Article on 10 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Makeup Bag      I am hoping after I read this Book I will find out.

This definitely looks like a great primer on how to be better at Social Networking and Advertising.

#5 Customer Creation Equation by Brian Massey

I’m always interested in increasing Conversion Ratio (CR) % when I run my campaigns,  aren’t you?   This book looks interesting because it talks a lot about website performance,  and landing page performance and what kind of content to use on your LPs and much more.     I’m a little iffy if it will provide any more knowledge than what I know, but as with everything we will only know if we try (in this case read the book).

Find out more about this book here

, The 8 Books I Am Reading During the Next 30 days#6 Deep Dive: The Proven Method for Building Strategy, Focusing Your Resources, and Taking Smart Action by Rich Horwath 

There’s nothing harder than running a company, I should know I own a few of them, and have over 45 full time employees.   Luckily I learned a lot on my own skin over the years, been screwed over by idiots who can’t come up with ideas on their own and then they still a wheel that’s already spinning,  and also betrayed by people who I trusted.   We live and learn,  through this trial and error I’ve learned a lot but one can never be too smart, that’s why I opted to purchase and read this book.   It seems to be a good primer on strategic thinking for organizational purposes and creating systems and setting goals.

, The 8 Books I Am Reading During the Next 30 days#7 Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham

What if there are some other strengths and talents we’ve got that we never knew about?  Wouldn’t it be cool to find out these hidden talents and strengths?

I sure as hell think so! That’s why I found this book,  and it shares a wealth of knowledge on finding out what other things you are good at.   The cover of it isn’t that attractive but there’s a good saying for that “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover”  hahaha

Can’t wait to read it!

, The 8 Books I Am Reading During the Next 30 days#8 Extreme Productivity by Robert C Pozen 

We all have the same amount of time no matter if you are banking $100,000 per day or $0.     They even made a movie about this with that singer from N Sync, had to think for a moment but yea his name is Justin.  Anyway,  I am always on the constant lookout how to boost productivity.  Ever little bit of new ways ads a bit of more output which results in more profit over time.    Here’s another book a friend recommended so I thought I’ll give it a read.

So there you have it, my reading list for the next month.      Hope you pick a few and read them too and tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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, The 8 Books I Am Reading During the Next 30 days

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