Do you have what it takes to be apart of the 2% that make money online?

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Happy Sunday!   Here I am working on doing competitive research and due dilligence on a couple of new hot offers that I’m about to setup.  What are you doing on this lovely Sunday?

The Cold Hearted Truth: Less than 2% of people who try making money online end up making money online.    I am not pulling this out of my ass,  it is a fact even the best super affiliates like Shoemoney can confirm right on his full disclosure page.   Here he is saying and I quite ” I would say less than 2% of people who try to make money online actually make anything.” -Jeremy Schoemaker

, Do you have what it takes to be apart of the 2% that make money online?So what does it take to be apart of this 2%?  Commitment, putting what you learn into practice, and doing, and when you fall getting back up and doing it again.

Don’t just read, read, and read.  Start taking what you read, learned and trying and testing.   Yes you will fall, and lose money and waste time trying – but if you never try you will never know; and you will never make it.   Rome wasn’t built in a day, and making money online isn’t a push button system only.  Whoever tells you its easy is lying and trying to make money of your ignorance 😉

Trust me, I know 😉  I’m living the dream for 9 years now;  it was exactly in 2005 that I quit my job over at YellowPages and started to make bank online.



Sharing is caring!

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