Are you following the advice in this quote?

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iAmAttila’s Success Quote Of The Day

I was talking to a guy and he asked me, does it really take a huge team to be successful in affiliate marketing? My answer was an honest HELL NO. One of my most epic campaigns it was just me, my assistant, and two designers working on it, yet it did seven figures over 5 months.

The reason? We were focused; highly focused on ACTION. I’d write down on a white piece of paper the geos I wanted to launch in the morning, and we’d all work together.

I was coming up with angles for each geo, designers were editing the video ads/banner creatives to localize them, assistant was putting everything into folders on G Drive and saving all the campaign links, and other campaign related stuff in trello.

I then went in and like a mad man was launching one geo per FB account, rinse n repeat. All the materials at my finger tips, as they came in, It was going live. I was able to launch 23 geos like this in one day – many failed of course, but the winners did really well.

This quote is super true; action == success!!! So take action and reap the rewards!!

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