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A very special New Years Greeting and Thanks

We are at the ending point of this year. Just thought I should thank all of you that read my blog. You are of one them so here goes…

Thank you very much for staying up to date with my content; I hope it provides value.

Even though affiliate marketing presents various obstacles and hurdles, be proud that you manage to overcome them and cross the bridge to continue building on the knowledge you’ve acquired. May you continue to be this firm and win many new successes in the upcoming year of 2017!

Remember, your journey is a diary filled with empty pages waiting for You. Fill them up with your trials as you continue towards successes; because many years from now you will look back at it as memories that helped you become the success you are.

Wishing you and your family a very happy new year!


STM London and Why You Should Be There

London 2015STM London is just around the corner.   It’s 3 weeks away and it’s about time I post about it.   I know, I know others already beat me to it but this isn’t a race and I’ve been busy growing my team since learning a whole lot of great stuff at ASW.

I’m sure you heard the term there are those who keep on learning, and those who take action.  Well I like to take action, so my blogging has suffered because I was busy doing just that [getting shit done].  Anyway,   with ASW in the past, and STM London being right around the corner I have to tell you about this event.

STM is one of the best affiliate marketing forums on the internet, and last year they tried something that exploded – their very own meet up.    Last year they took over Bangkok for a few days,  and now it’s time to conquer London.    This is going to be the biggest and baddest affiliate meet up yet.  Forget ASW which has all kinds of folks,   STM London is all about affiliate marketing and the biggest and most bad ass names in the industry are coming together for a few days to play hard, drink harder, and share some of the best knowledge you will ever hear.

In case you are thinking to yourself, that’s great but I have no money for an event.   I am pleased to share that this event is absolutely free as long as you are a member on STM.    Sure you will have to buy yourself an airplane ticket (you can get real cheap ones over at and you will have to dish out some cash for a hotel or airbnb,  but let me tell you this cash will be the very best investment you will ever make in your life.

Let me tell you a story,  there once was a time when I used to wake up everyday at 6AM so I could catch the 6:30AM train to downtown so I could arrive at work by 7:45AM.    I used to get up, go to work,  then train it home,   eat dinner,  watch some tv, and do it all over again.   All for a measly 40,000$ per year.      Fast forward to today where I don’t get up at 6AM,   where I don’t have to slave away everyday for my boss and give them 14 hours of my day in exchange for low $xxx per day.      Today where I am the boss,  I work as little or as much as I want and can earn what I used to earn in a month, in as little as a day.

Yup, that’s affiliate marketing.    And you can live this reality too; it isn’t a dream.  All you need is connections, knowing the right people, and knowing what’s hot.    So do your self a favor,   get an account on STM if you haven’t yet.  RSVP to this event, and change your life for the better.   You deserve it.      It will be the best investment decision your family will be proud of!

See you there!

OVER 372 PEOPLE REPLIED – Thanks for the GREAT feedback!

Last week I sent out a request for help to my mailing list and the response has been AMAZING! Thank you, you make blogging fun!

What was my request for? Well, if you are on my mailing list you already know I am working on a FREE ebook to detail advanced mobile media buys strategies and answer the most common problems of the aspiring internet marketer.

Hundreds of you wrote me to tell me your top 3 problems related to mobile media buys. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that many emails, and I’m sorry but I couldn’t reply to most of you yet because I am traveling atm.

Now, in case you haven’t received my email last week because you aren’t on my list (sign up on the top right) or you simply didn’t have time to reply – please get in touch via email [] and tell me the 3 of the most important problems you’d like to get the answers to on how to solve in mobile media buys.

Looking forward to hearing from you!