Looking for a cloaker? Here is the cloaker of all cloakers, the holy grail of supercloakers!

There’s a lot of interest around cloaking, and I am not surprised considering the big traffic source all gone crazy, banning everything and wanting us marketers to run ‘dry’ ads that focus on the offer/product’s features, and not benefits.   Jesus, have they gone mental?   In the world of marketing,  at university,  in marketing 101 and basic sales they teach sell the benefits not the features.            If we dare and sell on the benefits on the big traffic sources, we will get disapproved or banned for policy violations!

So what can one do?   They can cloak of course!!   Now, I won’t explain what cloaking is right here,  if you wanna learn about it read the article my good pal Charles Ngo wrote here -> 

People email me every single day, asking me what cloaker do I use, which one do I recommend.     Well, here’s your lucky day, but there’s a new player in town – a cloaker that combines the best features from the top 3 cloakers into ONE – and at a price you can’t beat!!!

Let me introduce you  LEAD CLOAK (awesome name right?)  – they gave me the following overview text to teach you about their awesome service that my team just loves!!

A lil history on LeadCloak…

Founded by an OG IMer with over 14 years of experience in the field, LeadCloak is a powerful state-of-the-art link cloaker, which was originally built in 2007, helps you cloak links from your ad networks to ensure that you only drive targeted traffic to your site and landing pages.

With LeadCloak’s powerful filtering platform, you can protect your landing pages from IP fraud clicks, generate high-quality leads, and instantly improve your ROI. And that’s what makes the difference between successful marketers and the rest of the sorry struggling crowd.

So What Can We Do to Accelerate Your IM Success?

  • Professional PPC/PPV Link Cloaking

If your business involves PPC or PPV paid ads then you definitely need the most professional link cloaking and management service or you could be flushing your hard earned money down the drain. We provide a powerful cloaker with hourly updates to help you stay ahead of the game. No more worries about IP bots and fraud traffic.

  • Geo-Targeting and Location Filters

LeadCloak comes with laser-accurate geo-location databases to ensure that your campaigns reach their targeted audience.

  • Block Bad IP and Fraud Clicks

We have a highly efficient system that identifies and blocks visitors with non-human attributes including bots, manual reviewers, and crawlers. Our system can identify unnatural visitors and IPs coming to your site via VPNs, both private and anonymous proxies, data centers, content delivery networks, and web hosting IPs. We help you filter and block junk traffic from your site.

  • Offer and URL Rotation

Want to run accurate A/B tests for your pages? We’ve got you covered. We’ll help you match traffic from specific locations or devices to specific landing pages and find out what works and what doesn’t, just like pros do.

Why Choose Our Cloaking Services?

There are many reasons why LeadCloak is different from other filtering tools out there.

Here are just a few of them:

  • Highest number of features compared to others.
  • Our filtering platform runs on powerful features and technology such as timezone detection, real device detection, WebRTC and PHP/Javascript-based cloaking solutions for different ad networks. Enjoy super-fast checks and evaluations in milliseconds. That’s what makes real-time real.
  • We have our own hardware and infrastructure that doesn’t rely on insecure cloud systems.
  • Our customers enjoy excellent customer support
  • We have an easy-to-use interface even for a complete zero-technical-skilled newbie.
  • We have the best prices in the cloaking industry.

As true believers in customer satisfaction, we have a professional team fully committed to your success.

If you want to know who’s landing on your web pages and the value they bring, start using LeadCloak’s powerful cloaker today. After all, that’s how successful IMers run their business.

Find out more about LeadCloak and what we can do for you via the link below.  

—This is where their marketing broschure ends and I continue…  I worked out some amazing deals with these guys so you can try em for cheap..

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