[Movie Review] LUCY with Scarlett Johansson

I’m a big time fan of sci fi, futuristic movies and waited for a while for LUCY to finally show up in HD quality so I could watch it.   Let me tell you, even though this movie is only around 90 minutes long, it is simply awesome.     The whole plot was interesting enough, and the fact that they talk about how people’s use only 10% of their brain, dolphins use upwards of 20% and what would happen if men would start using 100% of their brain blew me away.     They illustrated what an increment of 10% different in the human cerebral cortex would mean quite well and I was left with a WOW after watching this movie.

Only thing I didn’t like was the cheap splash screens showing the advancement in brain usage, and other cheap effects cut in among the amazing CG effects.  It looks as if the production ran out of budget and they decided to skip quality and throw in bunch of crappy solutions just to get the movie done.

Also, the speed at which the plot unfolded was too fast,  as if everything was rushed – they could’ve done a lot more by adding 30 more minutes.  For example the beginning,  there wasn’t much idea as to where she came from what she is and who her friend is – Lucy was just thrown at the midst of the Korean gangsters by some dude we had no clue who he was.

Anyway not bad, here’s the trailer, check it out