[EASY & FAST] Step by Step Guide on How to Setup Voluum from Scratch

iAmTeacher by iAmAttilaPart of my new FREE iAmTeacher series, I bring you another kick ass & long guide to help you setup your tracker (a must for affiliate marketing), get your CPA Network + Traffic Sources added to it, and setting up postback pixel tracking in this first part.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, or you have been using iMobiTrax, CPVLab, Prosper202 or something else and want to switch to Voluum, this guide will help you step by step get setup in no time!

In the second, third, and fourth part of this series, I will show how to setup a campaign from a specific CPA Network in Voluum, how to set the postback URL, and how to organize the link codes needed to set it up on your traffic source.

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[EXCLUSIVE] iAmAttila’s Ultimate Spying Guide for Mobile Media Buyers

All right guys, some of you remember me posting a spying thread that explains how to spy on your competitors using a proxy and android apps. That is one way but today I decided to go a little deeper to explore many other ways from cheap to expensive that can help you get a lot of great ideas to minimize your risk, and maximize the profits – I’m calling this iAmAttila’s Ultimate Spying Guide for Media Buyers – because really, it IS really bad ass! 

I plan to make this guide very detailed, so be prepared … it’s gonna be LONG!   Feel free to skip ahead if you want to the part that is most important to you.

Questions i’ll be showing you how to find answers to

A) What offers are running on a specific site?
B) What offers are being run on specific app placement?
C) Where/what placements/traffic sources/sites is the offer being advertised the most on?
D) What creatives are being used for specific offer and which ones are being used the most (sizes, angles, etc)
E) What landing pages are being used?
F) Exposing other affiliates trackers,  learning which ones send the most volume for an offer, and finding their landers/creatives
G) Spying on your CPA Network and finding out if they are re-brokering the offer, or you are really going direct to the source

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