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List Building – 4 Reasons WHY It’s Important to Pick The Right Niche

I’m a list building newbie just like anyone who wants to get into list building.  Well,  I’m actually a 3 week old infant in list building.   But I’ve learned a ton of stuff already,  because I took action.   One very important thing I learned is how very important it is to do your homework!  (Sounds like a cliche? You hear it when it comes to any kind of Internet Marketing, don’t you..right?)

Well, it is very important because we all only have 24 hours in a day.    If you don’t do your homework, you might head in the wrong direction and won’t maximize time invested vs profit gained.

I like to take action,  I read some stuff on list building on Day 1, day 2 I made and created opt in page, confirmation page,  thank you page with leadpages.     It’s what everyone uses like John Chow, Jeremy Shoemaker, and all the big IM millionaires including Frank Kern – The GOD of list building!  Sign up here if you don’t have LP account yet.

For the mailer I signed up with Aweber – get your account here if you don’t have one.  Again, my decision WHY i went with aweber is simple – all the masters of email marketing use it – so I follow their lead, why reinvent the wheel right?

Then, I had an eBook written by my copywriters at,  and also 10 x 500 word articles based on the most popular threads on the dog breed forum. And bunch of other stuff, but I’ll get into the details how I did it another day, another post.

After getting some leads, and running the extra mile I realized – I didn’t do my homework, and I didn’t prepare.   Luckily I picked a great niche,  can sell them tons of stuff so I hit the nail on the head there, but I realized I don’t enjoy this niche – even though I can relate, I sure as hell don’t follow this niche daily….

Here’s 4 reasons WHY its very important to pick the right niche from the start, and to do your due dilligence

Niche selection is of utmost importance when picking a niche to build a list for,  the second most important thing is whether you are interested in it or not.    My blog is about making money,  I love internet marketing – so i love writing about it and trying stuff in it to see what gets some traction and I share it, because I also like giving back – karma, you see.

Anyway, this is how you pick a kick ass niche to promote!

1. Pick a few niches that you like that are EVER GREEN.     Lucky for you, I’ve made a list and posted it here.

2. Pick a niche that has lots of products to promote.        If your niche doesn’t have many products you can sell to it, you are shooting yourself in the foot and wasting time.     I hope you were able to pick 3-5 from my list I’ve made, now the next step is to check which one(s) have a ton of products available.

Get an account on ClickBank – register at, then after you went through the whole shin-digs of activating your account login and click on Marketplace.
Now find the niche you picked on the left hand categories, or do a search for it and make note of how many products came up that relate to it.

If a niche has a couple products like 3 or 4, then it’s bad, but if you have 50+ products, you know the niche is solid.

3. Pick a niche that has healthy competition – you don’t have a niche with no competition, because that most likely means there’s no one really making money.  You don’t want to waste your time so it’s important to do your homework in this regard too.

Head over to,  do a search for your niche (lets say pet grooming)  and see if there are any advertisers.  If there are great, this niche is awesome.  If you don’t see any, run – this niche isn’t good.

4. Pick a niche you are passionate about or see yourself wanting to learn more about it –   I can’t stress how important this is,  think about it for a day or two – don’t make quick decisions.  Ideally you want one something that interests you otherwise it will be a pain and not enjoyable to write new broadcasts, emails,  hunt for new products/services to promote and the list goes on.

After you have your niche, the next thing to do is plan the back end, the auto responder series, and the products you will be selling to your list.   More on this later…






Making Money with List Building – A Primer

List Building 101There’s a shit ton of ways you can make money online, most people coming in to make money online 9 out of 10 pick the instant gratification one.     That may be mobile media buys,  web based offers, whatever –  in short;  they want to be paid right away there and then.    This is AWESOME! And I take my part in sending leads to CPA Networks; hell that’s how I made more than 1k/day consistently over the past few months after I finally figured it out,  ya ready?  golden bomb about to be dropped – that ANGLES are everything when it comes to media buying.

OK back to the subject,  so most people pick instant gratificationwhich has a ton of cons.

  • You have to micro manage campaigns
  • Campaigns go down
  • Campaigns cap out
  • Your traffic source can fuck you for unknown reasons to them (as did Google to me)
  • Advertiser cuts the payout
  • Advertiser tells you your lead quality sucks so stop sending leads
  • Advertisers end your cash cow offer

and the list goes on….

The above reasons are why many big time affiliate guys that made MILLIONS of Dollars (so they say) working from home turned into CPA Network owners,  started their own media buying paid forums are creating their own mobile offers and GOT INTO LIST BUILDING!

Just imagine, you are on vacation,  you have systems in place – everyday profits are steady and/or growing because your kick ass team, and well oiled machine in the office is doing a hella of a job launching new campaigns, optimizing them, testing new stuff…   then a policy changes,   offer gets STOPPED,  and you cannot run any other offers because they have an internal problem – where their own ad approval systems can’t tell which creatives adhere to their new policies, and which violate it.       IT HAPPENED TO ME!    So I mapped out the problem on a mindmap using mindjet for anyone who cares…

I asked myself.. What is an asset that I can build which is immune to traffic source fuck ups,   immune to advertisers and will make me money long term.  After searching around for hours and polling smart people on paid forums like STM ..I arrived at NICHE LIST BUILDING!

LIST BUILDING you see is the best type of make money online method there is, period!    If you do your job well, and plan it out it is the only way to make money consistently forever.   Yes, forever.        To build a list and get leads is the simple part,  and from what I’ve seen that is what people focus on the most and lose their attention from what really matters – monetizing the list.

And no, by monetizing the list I don’t mean make a list of emails in a certain niche, then spam the shit out of them with related offers for ever.  Hell No.    If you want a long term money making asset in list building then you MUST do it right.        What makes a list GOOD?  It’s YOU!     Believe it or not,  most marketers fail to understand that list building is about building relationships.  Yup,  you must build up trust,  engage your readers on your mail list – and provide them VALUE.  When you do that, they will trust you like they trust their friend and will buy anything you recommend to them.

So there we have it,  that is why LIST BUILDING is the best thing one can do.  Sure its not instant gratification,  but you only pay for the lead once, and if you do well – you will be able to sell products/services to that person for EVER!


An Oldie But Goodie – List Building 101 with Frank Kern

I am a major fan of Frank Kern,   he’s the kind of guy who you either love right away or you hate.   He’s straight in your face, yet not arrogant at all like some people.   He’s a true professional.      The guy is the god of list building,   something I highly advocate and recommend to people getting into IM.

Many people say the money is in the list; yet most of the newbies who get into affiliate marketing opt to go for the quick gratification,  rather than the only one that brings long term profits – list building.

Anyway, this video is from 2008!  Yes its 6 years old – but what Frank teaches in it, is still how email marketing and list building works today.    Definately worth every single minute, and it’s totally free.    Enjoy!

Frank Kern – List building 101 on how you can make money forever!