[MASSIVE How To Guide] Monitoring Your Landers, Tracker and Offers with Pingdom


Welcome to another one of my ultimate guides, this time for a tool I can’t live without, a tool I use to ensure I make more money at the end of the day.    This tool is Pingdom, and if you don’t use it – you are risking potentially losing a lot of money,   opening up yourself to a whole lot of unnecessary stress,and not keeping your systems and operations under control.

I wasn’t using Pingdom either, until the day when I lost over 2.2k running a CPS offer on AdCash and having ClickDealer switch the CPS $50 payout to an SOI $1.5 payout offer on XMAS, a day I don’t check emails.        When the problem happened,  I knew how to solve it (thanks Problem Solving 101 book!) – and part of the solution was Pingdom, which can send you a text message to your phone, numerous alert emails to various email addresses if shit hits the fan (like they swap a cost per sale to an SOI offer on you!)      And that is not all, pingdom can do a whole lot of more good, and that is why I decided to prepare this guide where I teach you all about it.

This is what I’ll cover in the various chapters in this super long ABSOLUTE guide to PINGDOM! 

#1 – What is Pingdom and how to Sign-Up?
#2 – Adding a site you want to monitor
#3 – How to setup monitoring for the path (transaction) a user makes to find bottle necks and fix them for maximum speed
#4 – Setting up PING monitoring to ensure server is up
#5 – How to setup RUM to monitor the latencies on your sites
#6 – Setting up additional users under your main Pingdom account (great when you have a team)
#7 – What are Pingdom reports and why they are beneficial

Are you ready to improve your affiliate marketing ways?    Then read on!

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An Easy way to $150/day with mobile pop traffic [CASE STUDY]

If you are struggling with affiliate marketing, then this might help you out.

I just finished a killer case study that’s getting raving reviews.   In it I talk about how I took a type of vertical I never ran before, ran tests and split tested a ton of landing pages, then built the campaign up to $150/day in profit.

It all started when aStarbucks Offer couple months back I decided I wanted to play around with the trends of today and current events and began thinking – how can I make money capitalizing on the fact that people like free shit, people are broke at the moment — so they want free shit, and that people are influenced by the media so much I can use it to get broad targeting and tons of cheap volume.

Well, putting everything together in an equation resulted in me throwing up a campaign about a celeb named Paul Walker, I’m sure you know the guy – he’s the dude from Fast n Furious that died in a car crash. May he R.I.P.

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[Campaign Giveaway] – LiveLinks PayPerCall is Up! – BANK NOW

Monster PPC Guide by IAmAttila

My new step by step guide where I give away keywords,  profitable placements, and pure data has been posted.   The case study details from A to Z what it takes to run a profitable Pay Per Call campaign.   You can follow it, and apply it to other PPC offers, or you can simply take all the data for LiveLinks (I give away the keyword file too, so you don’t have to research) and set it up and BANK!

Here’s a sneak peak

Step by Step – Table of Contents

Step #1 – Due dilligence
Step #2 – Coming up with the angles of attack
Step #3 – Generating the keywords
Step #4 – Getting the promo numbers
Step #5 – Designing the creatives (landers & text ads)
Step #6 – Setting it all up on adwords
Step #7 – Running data and observing
Step #8 – Analyzing data, and optimizing
Step #9 – Weekly Followup
BONUS: Exploring Advanced Adwords Ad Methods

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