How To Track Adult Paysite Link Codes generated by NATS Using iMobiTrax

Hey Guys!

I’m going to share a quick how to on tracking adult paysite links generated by NATS. These link codes may either be encoded link codes, or unencoded.

In this example I am going to show you the encoded way, but it is exactly the same with the unencoded NATS link code as well.

Step #1) Login to your adult sponsor, and click on Link Codes (it is usually always the same label on every adult sponsor using NATS)

Step #2) When you arrive on the link codes wizard page:

1) Click Create New Campaign – I typed in iMobiTrax TEST, and pressed OK
2) Select if you want PPS or Revshare (whatever you wish) and press Show Link Codes

Step #3)

Find the paysite link code to tour (that’s landing page in the adult industry); in this example it is [I][url][/url][/I]

Copy it to your clipboard (CTRL+C, or right click, copy)

Step #4)

Open your favorite web browser, and paste it in the address bar. Press ENTER. You will be taken to the landing page (paysite tour).

Now look in the address bar, you see your link code has been converted to something that looks like this:

[U]Pay close attention to the parts highlighted[/U]

a) nats
b) that random series of letters and numbers in all kinds of weird cases. – example: MjIwNTExOjI6ODE,0,0,0,0


copy both to a text file

Step #5)

Now lets open up iMobiTrax and create a new campaign.

For campaign name put whatever you want, I usually put paysite name.
Select the group, traffic source, CPC, etc.

Then scroll down to the fun part, the Token & SubID Setup section.

a) Select USE Tokens: YES
b) Use Source Tokens or Create Custom: TRAFFIC SOURCE
c) Field Name (c1) — in this field put nats
d) Value (%carrier%) — in this field paste that weird set of numbers/digits IMPORTANT: Make sure you don’t put an extra space on the end or before or some extra numbers/letters because you will fuck up the tracking!!
e) Name (carrier) — this can be anything, I just simply put nats
f) Select SET SUBID + TOKENS MANUALLY — this is where the magic happens, if you select any of the other options IT WON’T WORK!!!!

Step #6) Finishing off..

A) Add in the link to the tour (landing page)
B) Click the lil green thing to make it 100% split
C) Click Update Campaign to save the campaign, and get the tracking URL.

Step #7) Testing, Testing, Testing

To ensure that the tracking code works properly, click TEST LINK next to it. When you click it, you should be taken to the tour (landing page) and in your address bar it should be EXACTLY like how the sponsor gave it when you dumped the link code.

Now if you get something like this [url][/url] (note: the ?nats=MjIwNTExOjI6ODE,0,0,0,0 part is missing) then you fucked up. Do it again, and read this guide in detail.

Until next time 😉